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  1. Thank you, I'll have to pass that along to him. Though I don't know how you'd export data as a file to share or to explain how to import it. I've got a more technically minded player who's going through the proccess of actually putting the data in. [I'm assuming what you've said will tell him what he needs to do] Danka, and as above I'll have to share this info with the guy who's actually doing it cause most of what you said could have been said in swahilli and I'd have understood just as much of it *lol*
  2. New Question. I'm a storyteller for a SW game and I'm trying to add one of the talent tree's from the newer books to my Character Generator. Once I've accomplished that, is there a way to transfer this information over to my players so that they don't have to go into it and recreate it themselves?
  3. Okay I have a quick question. In the editor I can modify the text in a talent so that I don't have to keep referencing the books so I've got that part down. Now, I've gone on in an attempt to create a race for the game [Miriluka just becuase] and it LOOKS like I've got it made in the editor, but it doesn't show in the character generator. I'm don't have the computer smarts to know what it is that I'm doing wrong.
  4. Weird, for some reason when I looked at the page before I thought it said 3.0 *lol*
  5. Alright, I just tried to download the updated version of the Character Generator twice. Once from the link in OggDude's profile and again from the front page link after reading that it updated in a later post. Both times it re-installs the 2.3 version. Can someone send me the link for the 3.0 version or explain why it keeps downloading the 2.3 version instead of the 3.0 version for me?
  6. Cool deal man I forgot about the rest of that whole folder. *lol* Thanks I'll have to look at it now when I get home see what I can do.
  7. I've looked over the generator and this leaves me with a question Where is said Data Editor for me to update the sheets with while I wait for Ogg to come back and do it right after I've screwed it up?
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