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  1. "I'm definitely with you on that one," Armatta replied to Carth. "I'm really missing my armoured robes. They're meant to be worn, not carried around like excess baggage!" She tossed the second backpack onto the locker room bench with some irritation. "I wonder if we can find a ladder. I've heard that one can get in anywhere when carrying a ladder ..."
  2. @Rabobankrider The Engineers already have a tool kit (Armatta's own, upgraded one) ... yet another big Encumbrance item and reason for why she doesn't want to lug around all those heavy dataspikes! So unless the Engineers need to borrow one due to our need to blend in (it has the spaceport insignia or something like that), or if a second one would improve our disguise chances, we probably don't need it. However: is there a ladder available?
  3. "I never leave home without it," Mireska quipped, echoing a well-known holonet advertising slogan. "A small, quick-reacting group consisting of myself, Ker'see, Jorin, and Camoflage, on BARCs with sidecars, mine with a stretcher attachment in case our downed pilot needs it. Ker'see with the Duchess - if you want her along - and the rest of us riding solo with the sidecars. That way if there are any ... errr, mechanical ... issues, then we have a better chance of bringing everyone back. And Jorin needs the practice. "Let's go for a stealthy departure from the base, to confound any observers. I don't like how those snipers found us so easily yesterday."
  4. If @ShockHelix (Condor) and/or @jhh3 (Shin Ethan) are available for posting over the next few days/week, then I will happily amend Mireska's IC suggestion regarding the make-up of the group rescuing @Von3679's new character, Kain Eldar.
  5. I suggest BARCs with sidecars: Ker'see/Duchess, Camo/Jorin, and Mireska/empty sidecar (for the return trip with Kain). If @ShockHelix is available, then we'll add Condor/empty sidecar to the list.
  6. I just realised that one of my recent IC posts was slightly incorrect - we have the codes to the secure areas, just not to the actual impound hangars. (As per the quoted text above.) I'm amending the IC post to reflect what information we do have.
  7. It would have to be very mini if the group wants to reach the downed Jedi pilot in time ...
  8. In general when parsing the Force power descriptions for relevance/irrelevance to droids, one should note the absence/presence of the term "living target". It might be in the general description of the power, or it might be in a particular form or upgrade. For example, the Misdirect power works only on living targets. Other important terms include "mind-altering" or the like. One Force power to keep in mind when debating this question is the Ebb form of Ebb/Flow (from Disciples of Harmony p. 38). The underlying theme of the Ebb/Flow power is that of playing with the flow of the Force as it affects probability and prescience, and therefore it is more related to the Unifying Force (as opposed to the more biologically-focused Living Force). However, some GMs believe that the basic form of Ebb shouldn't affect droids. The main reasoning seems to be that droids as mechanical beings "cannot be affected by mind-altering Force powers" (EotE p. 47) and that suffering Strain is a mental effect. I disagree with that reasoning in relation to Ebb. Ebb does not alter the minds of the user's enemies (unlike Influence), instead it affects the flow of the Force as expressed in probability and prescience. Did the living enemy accidentally over-extend himself and therefore suffer physical stress? Did the droid suddenly have a circuit misfire and therefore suffer physical stress? Droids are not immune to suffering from Strain (see, for example, Ion damage), and Strain does not come from just mental sources. As per its description (EotE p. 216, FaD p. 222), Strain includes physical effects - minor electrical shocks, being violently shaken, suffering from overheating, etc. - as well as the more commonly remembered mental/emotional effects and Stun damage. If a droid is subjected to electrical shocks, to having its "circuits shaken" from being thrown around, or is overheated, then it too should likewise be able to suffer from the related Strain. The Ebb form of the Ebb/Flow power "hinders" those around the user. Who's to say that that hindering doesn't manifest itself as Strain from an accidentally mis-firing circuit or some other (im)probable factor? More Ebb-related comments in the spoiler ...
  9. Loth-wolves (Allies and Adversaries p. 124) are found on Lothal and have a definite Force connection. There's no picture of them in that sourcebook, so you'll have to look elsewhere for that. The planet itself is described in the Dawn of Rebellion era sourcebook. You could introduce a pack of Loth-wolves, or a single older/larger version of one. There's nothing preventing Loth-wolves from being found elsewhere. (Maybe they're not really native to Lothal.) Maybe a more powerfully Force-attuned version can even use its Travel ability to travel literally between planets.
  10. Yeah, definitely not worth losing another Destiny Point to the Dark Side!
  11. Armatta slouched her way into one of the spaceport's many shops, looking like a luggage-burdened mechanic on her way out to a longer job in the Colonies. She bought an extra datapad and re-joined the others in a discreet corner behind some potted plants. The necessary maps and other information were copied from her own datapad to the new one, and a swift 75-credit transfer was made between Zoroku's and her own identity-free credit sticks to pay for the new datapad. "Alright, there are some staff changing rooms here and here," Armatta pointed out on the maps. "The Engineers will use this one, and the Flight Crew can use that one. Once we're properly disguised, we'll go through these secure doors into the spaceport's non-public areas - I do have the access codes for these doors. The Engineers will then visit the impound hangar doors to slice them for the access codes. When I've got those codes, I'll pass them on to the Flight Crew. After that, the Engineers will move on to Flight Control and see what we can do about releasing the mag-locks." She looked around at the others. "We've got each other's comlink info, so that covers inter-group commuications, I believe. Andja, Krios, and Carth - ready to raid the laundry for some uniforms?" she asked with a grin.
  12. By the way, would any of the Flight Crew or Engineers like to take one or more of the dataspikes which we got from the Order? There are 7 of them, and I've just realised that they officially have an Encumbrance value of 1 apiece!!!! (They must be the equivalent of mini laptops or something similar to earn that Encumbrance value.) Armatta can only carry one dataspike at the moment, as she's also lugging her Armoured Robes in one backpack (that's an extra 5 Encumbrance for that alone!). It would make sense for the dataspikes to be split between both groups, and then just hand one to the designated slicer as needed.
  13. Great. I'll narrate something IC to explain how he obtains one and how Armatta copies the map(s) and other pertinent information for him to use.
  14. @Shlambate: Would you be averse to having Zoroku purchase a datapad (75 credits) at the spaceport's equivalent of a bookshop? Otherwise I'm not sure how Armatta would copy the map(s) that she found for his group to use.
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