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  1. I've adjusted the post to reflect no Flow use, plus the change in Strain (gain +1 Strain taken that round as I used the one Advantage for Strain reduction, as per your suggestion). That's interesting that one can split the Force pips between different Force powers. I must keep that in mind for another time! (I do have the necessary upgrade to use Flow multiple times ... just no pips left over for that this time, as you pointed out.) And thank you for not inflicting the two setback dice post facto.
  2. Barring any GM changes to that latest turn, I'm ready to do a small victory dance because of Mireska's success. Finally!
  3. Next round Mireska intends to move closer (Engaged) to Kenobi and see if he needs Medicine or Heal this time. Aside from the one just removed, does he have any other Critical Injuries, and is he suffering any status effects?
  4. Gritting her teeth against the pain of being shot, Mireska attempts to Force Leap into the stands from the arena itself, but the countless deaths that have bloodied the sands in the past have also darkened the Force there, and Mireska goes nowhere. I'm too wrought up - I need to calm myself, she thinks to herself. Taking a deep breath (and wincing at the resulting wave of pain from her wounds), Mireska tries again. Success! Mireska is now up in the audience seating, among the other Jedi and at Short range to Obi-Wan. She bends down to look at him and closes her eyes for a moment as she calls upon the Force to heal Obi-Wan. I am with the Force, and the Force is with me. The Force flows through Mireska and outwards towards Obi-Wan, and her knowledge of the medical arts directs it towards the worst of the damage. The most life-threatening wounds start closing on Obi-Wan's body and some of the pain-induced strain leaves his face. Mireska breathes a sigh of relief as she feels some of her own stress leave her. Mission partially accomplished? Force Leap (man.) into stands: 3eF 3 Dark Side Force Leap (2nd man., +2 strain) into stands: 3eF 5 Light Side Heal on Kenobi combined with Medicine vs. Crit.Inj. (Heal: Control - Critical): 3eF+3eP+1eA+3eD 2 successes, 1 advantage, 2 Light Side, 1 Dark Side (One LS pip used to activate Heal power, one LS pip used to activate the Range upgrade from Engaged to Short. Kenobi heals 7 Wounds [Intellect 4, Medicine ranks 3] and 7 Strain, and one Critical Injury is removed - preferably the most life-threatening one. This counts as one of the five daily stimpack uses. One Advantage used to heal 1 Strain for Mireska.) (Total Strain taken this round = +1, which means a total of 9 Strain taken so far during this encounter, along with 8 Wounds in total.)
  5. Since Mireska is using Strain so much for extra manoeuvres, I think that she'll simply bite the bullet and take the damage that gets past her Soak (+5 Wounds, new Wounds total is now 8/15). Will the droids that shot at Mireska use their 4 Advantages for anything affecting her? Unless I'm mistaken, it will now take just one Force Leap (single manoeuvre, hopefully!) for Mireska to reach Short range to Kenobi, at which point she can use her Heal power (assuming that she gets the second necessary Force Point for range).
  6. This comes under the category of a "quality of life" request ... My tabletop GM is planning on setting the xp price for out-of-career specializations at a flat rate of 30 xp (the in-career specializations are free in his game). I know how to make a specialization free via the GM Grants system, so that's not an issue. But would it be possible to add something to the GM Grants so that one can set a specific price for a specialization, please? (I know that it's possible to fiddle with the amount of xp given, but in general that makes it harder to track xp at a glance as different players will be adding specializations at different rates.)
  7. I have nothing so epic as the above-mentioned tales, but very recently one of my characters suffered 3 dark pips on her Force dice while trying to make a Force Leap action/manoeuvre ... three times in a row. So she's currently still in Petranaki Arena on Geonosis (uncomfortably close to the nexu which was previously trying to snack on Obi-Wan Kenobi), while Jango Fett is taking potshots at various Jedi.
  8. When I came to this point, the fate of Isadora Duncan came to mind. The Enforcer was lucky that he didn't roll epic Despairs while riding the bike and wearing a chain scarf!
  9. I posted some thoughts/requests about that in the Misc thread (so as not to clutter up the OOC one).
  10. Some thoughts about the suggested post-Geonosis limited re-spec in the OOC thread ... I suspect that part of my problem with Mireska (apart from being a system noob) is that I'm trying to cover too many concepts with her. Right now she is aiming for three different things (super-healer, Force wizard, and - admittedly lagging behind - sabre-monkey-to-be). I was probably too distracted to focus her build properly, due to the nifty new material in RotSep and CotR. Now I'm thinking about dropping the sabre-monkey concept completely (she'll still have a lightsabre and swing it if necessary, but I'll save the Knight/Ataru stuff for another character), in favour of focusing more on the super-healer/Force wizard aspects. That means looking for more Force Rating ... and changing her career from Jedi to Consular. I'm looking at a Healer/Sage/Doctor combo with a side of CW AU Padawan (early FR +1, extra class skills, some lightsabre crafting help), and later the Niman tree. That would punch up her Force Rating from 3 to 5, with the possibility of getting it to 6 once the Niman tree is opened. Force powers would still include the same heavy investment in the Heal tree, plus Enhance and some others. Would this be acceptable to our GM and the rest of the group?
  11. My table top group is pretty new to the whole FFG Star Wars system, and I'm curious to hear if there are any pit-falls which we can avoid. In particular: what about the rule sub-systems introduced in all those career sourcebooks? For example, I've read a few different threads about a campaign where apparently a player proved that the general crafting rules in Special Modifications are broken. Admittedly, the GM was relatively new to the system and probably did let the player get away with more than he should have, but it sounded like the point still stands. I know that there are lightsabre crafting rules in Endless Vigil and armour crafting rules in Keeping the Peace, but lack the system familiarity/mastery to evaluate them properly. How much room is there for abuse by power-mad munchkins, and are there any needed fixes? What about new stuff introduced in the era books (DoR, RotSep, CotR), or the compilation sourcebooks (Allies and Adversaries, and - when it comes on sale - Gadgets and Gear)?
  12. Weird. I haven't noticed anything like that; my PDF print-outs look fine to me.
  13. And yeah, I'm definitely realising that I should have dropped one little-used tree (like Ataru) and instead gone for more Force Rating. The perils of being a system noob! Speaking of my system noobishness, why did the nexu have 2 set-back dice? And so many upgraded Proficiency dice - is it some kind of "advanced adversary" nexu?
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