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  1. ???? Saga had plenty of era-specific books: the Old Republic (KotOR era; this one was in high demand and went quickly out of print), Clone Wars, Force Unleashed (a bit OTT, but definitely covering the earlier years of the Empire), Rebellion Era, and Legacy Era. There were also tidbits about other periods tucked away in various rulebooks (like Mara Jade, Odan-Urr, and Nomi Sunrider in the Jedi Academy sourcebook). All from the old Expanded Universe canon. While FFG's different core rulebooks do indeed have different flavours, FFG so far has not done much in the way of era-specific sourcebooks. Dawn of Rebellion is one (based on the Rebels animated series which is part of the new canon). Rise of the Separatists is coming next year (2019; supposed to be focused on the early Clone Wars), but we don't know yet how much it covers. On the other hand, I will agree with DurosSpacer on most of the rest of his reply.
  2. I'm sure that this post will annoy some people, but since the spelling problem was repeated, I'm going to stick my neck out nonetheless in the interest of clarity. Dragons gather a "hoard" (also a verb). Orcs gather in a "horde". While they sound the same (being homonyms) they don't mean the same thing.
  3. Bellona

    Systemizing a Debate

    The FaD splatbook for Consulars (Disciples of Harmony) has a section devoted to diplomacy/negotiation, etc.
  4. Bellona

    Jetlag. Star Wars Style.

    It's also possible that arriving spacecraft - assuming that they know to which planet they're travelling - adjust their on-board clocks* gradually and time their arrival to coincide with local morning at the destination. Cruise ships here on Earth do things like that. * By which I mean the ones that the passengers use to control their daily circadian rhythms. Naturally all ship-board electronic systems are running on a standardised Galactic Time (probably based on Triple-Zero/Coruscant/Imperial Centre), or else the computers would go haywire.
  5. Bellona

    Clone Wars Questions

    Ignore this empty space, please.
  6. Bellona

    Clone Wars Questions

    IIRC, in the Legends/old canon version of SW history, defence did indeed play a part in the formation and continuation of the (Old) Republic. Multiple wars with the Sith Empire, for example. The lack of a real military only developed during the recent "1000 years of peace" since the Sith were "definitively defeated and destroyed" (yeah, right) and Ruusan Reformation caused the Jedi Order to retire from government and warfare.
  7. Bounty Hunter (Gadgeteer) and Hired Gun (Demolitionist).
  8. Bellona

    happy to be wrong

    (For that last suggestion): or Soldier-Medic.
  9. I don't know if you want ideas on the game mechanics side, but I'd suggest adding later a dash of Prophet and Seer specializations to the the Alchemist, to represent "vision quest" inspirations. This could represent ideas taken not from the "safe drugs" that she sells, but from special brewed-to-order when-necessary-for-plot-reasons potions.
  10. Building on what Ghost suggested, maybe a rank in Charm and Negotiation too (and Presence 3 from the start) so as to be the "face" that can back up the sliced credentials that get the group past the blockade/inspection point and into the Imperial base/building? And Stealth maybe? Now I'm thinking of an Agility/Intellect/Presence 3 human filling this role. Maybe for my next character!
  11. The plans for the Death Star were first seen on a background computer screen on Geonosis in Ep. 2, i.e. in the hands of the Separatists. Under the Empire (between ep. 3 and 4), the population of Kashyyk was enslaved by the Empire and forced to work on the Death Star's construction (and other Imperial projects). According to Wookieepedia there seems to be a divergence in the history of the project after Ep. 2 , depending on whether one goes with Legends/old EU or with later canon. So maybe the late Republic was involved at a certain level (while keeping the Jedi out of it), or maybe it wasn't. (O canon re-sets/retcons, how I love thee - not! They do make it frustratingly difficult to ascertain SW facts.)
  12. As long as it includes a stylish cape ...
  13. Very happy to see these reference sheets! One tiny spelling nit-pick: on the General Information tab you have listed SoF as being "Sons of Fortune" ... it should be "Suns" instead. Otherwise there might be some very annoyed Correllian women! I was wondering about the Toughened talent on the "Specializations by Talent" tab: would it be easier at this point to give that one talent two lines in the document? As it stands, when I download the PDF version that line gets cut off partway through "Agitator (Diplomat)". I was also surprised to see so many species on the unofficial list, and was wondering if they might be lurking in module/adventure/scenario books or elsewhere. Does anyone have have any input on this question? Despite all these questions, I am really grateful that you took the time to do this work. It makes character creation and future planning so much easier!
  14. @JamesRBrown: Thanks for the Google drive link. The sheet looks good! I'm always on the look-out for b/w printer-friendly character sheets, preferably with as little decoration/watermark as possible so that I can make notes on the sides, etc. One spelling nit-pick: the skill is "Xenology" (not "Zenology"). Any plans to expand it to cover FaD and AoR? It would require the addition of the Lightsaber skill to the combat skills, and Warfare to the knowledge skills, plus a box for Force Rating (and possibly committed Force dice), and some way to track Morality and Duty. (Maybe instead of the character sketch box?) Thanks for posting this for general use!
  15. @JamesRBrown: That link doesn't work (for me at least).