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  1. Before activate can she barrel roll then link it to the red evade to get the token? Then reveal a blue maneuver removing the stress and doing a regular action? Does it work like this?
  2. Hera Lando (72) Hera Syndulla [VCX-100 Light Freighter] (8) Magva Yarro Points: 80 (34) "Zeb" Orrelios [Sheathipede-class Shuttle] Points: 34 (79) Lando Calrissian [Modified YT-1300 Light Freighter] (5) Nien Nunb Points: 84 Total points: 198 Flying within range 3 of each other giving each other actions. Hera needs the locks from magma with 4 dice and should focus and reinforce ideally every turn. Lando gets focus and either TL or rotate turret. Doing mostly blues with nien. Thoughts?
  3. Good updates and yet... Lots of italics coding still. The variable upgrade costs are fixed but the totals when looking at the saved squads list still treat it as 0. Ex, 200/200 when building, but shows 192/200 when looking at the list of squads.
  4. Pdf says this pilot has a missile slot, it is not there on the App.
  5. Seems to be online only, tried in airplane mode and nothing loads. Some ships upgrades don't match the pdf or are not loading upgrade slots. Can't do collection for conversion kit based on what ships you actually have, it just assumes you have all the ships in the conversion kit. Further to this you can't build based on collection at all it seems. Variable point cost upgrades are showing as zero cost. Finally, there are quite a few names that have code before and after for italics.
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