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  1. player1397720

    is this game dead?

    Not to me. Played three games this weekend but it would be nice if FFG gave us an update on the game in some form or fashion such as the rebel/empire game wins splits like FFG did after they released the base game. There hasn't been any news in slightly more than a year.
  2. Could you share the link for the Facebook group if it’s public?
  3. I have two friends who enjoy it as much as I do but would love to create a larger community or play in a tournament.
  4. player1397720

    Drop in and say "Hello!"

    Hello, I've got a doubleheader with a friend coming up soon and looking forward to it. Still trying to figure out which deck (base or expansion) goes best with expansion set-up for balance purposes but still enjoying and thinking about the game quite a bit.