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  1. Droid programming is always fun when you can take it to the n-th degree.
  2. I apologise, I never expected this post to be so popular. I was just lamenting how limited my powers of persuasion are. I was heavily lobbying for them to take the Wayfarer Medium Class to hoard all their loot, but I guess I can't out-sell an icon like the Falcon.
  3. OggDude, sorry if this has been covered. I am adding the text into the talent and force power trwws. For the coding for the different dice and pips, [FORCE] is the Force Die. What is the code name for generated light or dark force? Force and destiny uses a half dark half light symbol. What is the code text for that symbol?
  4. Generally I do not like using any characters in the existing universe. I find them limiting in the fact that the players already know what to expect from them. Thus I have to play that character as NPC. I would rather my players not know what to expect. It forces me to be more creative and in the end its more fun. If you do choose to use a Canon character choose one with a small enough part that you can be flexible with them. For instance I used the KotOR gang boss Gadon Thek. I found him interesting and at the same time he was very flexible. Turns out it was a good call because my players failed the mission he gave them and now he's an antagonist. He will eventually have to be killed.
  5. I run a campaign that uses 2 of the core rules EotE and FaD. There's a group of smugglers and a group of Force Sensitives that are working with them while trying to stay hidden. I find mixing FaD into the other books is easier because Force Sensitives get all the drama and no real objectives. It will eventually evolve into all three books once they start working for the rebellion and our smuggler team resolves their ties to the "Boss" Cabana the Hutt. I just track morality and obligation where necessary. It gets interesting when the need for the smugglers to whack someone conflicts with the moralities of the Force Sensitives. Eventually I will add Duty to the mix.
  6. I did something very similar except: 1) I made the point totals based on speed for each leg. Roll a piloting check, add Boost Dice for maneuver. Score = Base Speed + Successes + Modifiers (eg Full Throttle). Thus the faster vehicles and better pilots get the advantage. 2) Each leg I preset a recommended speed and had the pilot guess what the proper speed should be based on the information I supplied. Going too fast adds black dice. 3) Failing a check means you take strain and reroll at a slower speed. If total strain > character strain + vehicle strain thresholds then pilot crashes and takes a critical injury. 4) I also allowed for "shenangians". Like I had the rival gang plant a mine at the last leg of the race and also sent a guy out to snipe at the racers. The party had to fight off the sniper and disarm the mine.
  7. A smaller ship can certainly pull on a larger ship depending on the relative forces. We see this in real life with "Tug-Boats". If the larger ship is disabled and just floating out in space no problem. Now if the larger ship is NOT disabled the question is really, who has the "larger" engines? Who can put out enough force to overcome the other ship's momentum + engines AND not tear itself apart? Usually the larger ship will win because not only is it more massive, but the larger platform allows larger engines too...but not 'always'. I'll leave the rest up to you.
  8. Thanks. That's a good point. Fun should be the priority and not what I think "makes sense".
  9. Thanks this actually makes more sense than a Juyo-Sith going hulk because he's consumed with the...light-side???... It will have the effect of the players being less inclined to use Destiny. Especially if they think I'm "saving it up".
  10. You mean I could totally go the other way and allow my party to use destiny until it's all Dark and then drop the Juyo Berserker on them using DS for the NPC crit bonus?
  11. Going to create some pain for my guys one of these days. Say I have them fight a Juyo Berserker. I have to assume then that since he is an NPC that his bonuses will be opposite of what they should be for a regular PC. Meaning since he is on the GMs "side" his crit bonuses should come from the number of LIGHT SIDE destiny points? Is this correct?
  12. One thing to think about are living expenses. Most games forget about this because they have other priorities. They're off saving the Galaxy so they assume that the credits they have will cover it. But since you're basically playing a domestic setting I would add in the challenge of upkeep. Sure you have a base of operations. Presumably a large domicile. How much is the rent/mortgage? Did they pay for it in lump sum credits? What about taxes? What about food? Is there a vehicle on the premises? If they have jobs do they have aliases? They would need fake IDs. While your players are all busy presumably plotting against the Empire would you run across the law? Maybe the ISB? It's the principle of keeping your players busy and hungry.
  13. I would've Home-brewed something using AD&D rules.
  14. I would've Home-brewed something using AD&D rules.
  15. Knowing that my guys were greedy treasure-trolls I really tried to sell the "Wayfarer Class" medium transport. They wouldn't bite and went with the YT. The buyers remorse is starting to set in and I'm going to make it a real pain for them to walk across the Plains of Dantooine on foot. "Roll initiative..."
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