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  1. In KOTOR 1 and 2, your party has at the most 7 non-droid members. But the wookiepedia says that there are only 6 beds on the ship. Hmmmmmmmm...
  2. The Luxury Yacht would be my choice, but that's just me. Funny though that a "Luxury Yacht" is as cheap as an extremely common YT-1300 that almost everyone has.
  3. One of my guys suggested a Firespray and I pointed out that it can hold the entire party of 7...IF 4 of them slept in the prison cell. 🙂 Not that a YT-1300 is that much roomier. We get by on the issue of beds because one of the characters is a droid and one is a Chadra Fan and doesn't take up much space.
  4. Let me add that their not having a large enough ship has advantages for me, the GM. Since they don't have reliable ground transportation I make them pay for an UBER everywhere they go. Makes a nice way to make credits disappear. 😉
  5. Asymmetry. Capital ships can't chase a starfighter, but a starfighter can't fight gun to gun against a capital ship. Not without a really nice GM...
  6. I would've put all the gunners in a group. That would've allowed me to get one of the stats above 4 and actually do SOMETHING. With 7 gunners your ability is capped at 5, but then rolling GGGYY is way more effective than rolling GYY, YY, YY separately. I'm assuming medium to long range at that point. Don't be afraid to throw some hard punches at your party. If they have a skilled mechanic they can probably do something to keep themselves running. Besides their ship would've been out of the Capital ships firing range in another turn anyways so no 'real' threat of danger.
  7. Just read a good article about how the Falcon's interior is totally unrealistic and out of proportion. Made me remember the look of shock when my guys found out they couldn't fit a Skiff they had stolen into it! At that point I did an "I told you so" and said "I bet that Wayfarer Medium Transport is looking pretty good right now huh?" Made me wonder did anybody else's party NOT take the YT-1300? Which one did they take?
  8. One good use for an NPC droid is to have someone be the bus driver and take care of the ship when it's apparent that no-one wants to play that role. That way you don't have someone unhappy with the role. No fights over who should pay for what repairs. Essentially the droid does the flying, and fixing, and all the boring stuff. You as the GM would play the NPC and say we will need 10,000 credits to restore the ship to full functionality. In other words a great way to make credits disappear. The rest of the players can focus on kicking *** and bringing in credits.
  9. My current campaign is a mystery disguised as a generic star wars campaign. There is a secret known only to one of the PCs. That is that the 3 other force sensitives were former inquisitors who lost their memory. First step was an escape from a blockade on Taris. I chose it so I could safely try things out without fear of the story getting too far off the rails. Now that the party has escaped Taris they have a number of different options: Meet the Mentor on Dantooine (KOTOR again) Bring Macguffin to XYZ planet Settle debt with Hutt Investigate an abandoned base on Saleucami Investigate the wherabouts of several old friends. Find a way to "uncancel" some credits that were reported stolen by an angry gangster after the party botched a mission. Along the way I'll drop bread crumbs to see if the guys can figure out who their characters really were.
  10. I suggest you research the animals and creatures of the Star Wars Universe. There are a multitude of possibilities like the Voxyn. It's a force sensitive creature that was actually a hybrid of two other animals. I believe it also has poisonous abilities so you "could" use the blood for poison items. Just remember to apply appropriate conflict where necessary. Along those same lines KOTOR had a "poaching" mission where you could kill and strip Tatooinian Wraids for their skull plates and sell them at the local hunting lodge. Yet another KOTOR mission was retrieving the sword of Bacca on Kashyyyk. To do it you had to lure out an ancient Tarantatek and kill it. When you looted the body you would find the Sword of Bacca. What is the lesson we can draw from this? Use something in the Creature as a Macguffin (plot device) to move the story. e.g. "Only the blood of the Jabberwocky can send you back home". You can even be so evil as to use the creature to supply a Macguffin to get yet another Macguffin, to get another,...and so on and so forth. Every plot resolution should open more doors.
  11. I would say don't do it unless you're doing it for the right reasons. Do it to benefit the players first and yourself last. As the GM your primary duty is to the viability of the game and setting up an adventure to make your character powerful might seem self-serving to the players and cause bad feelings. You're already the Narrator, you don't need to be the star. If you really want to do this make sure you take care of ALL the other players first. If there's a guy who's a great shot find him an awesome gun. Give them an adventure for a super-duper hyper-drive. Do literally anything else before you make an adventure to benefit your character. If it were me I would forget about buffing my guy completely and just take scraps from the players and let your GM-PC be wallpaper until called upon.
  12. Nah, You da GM bruh! It's your game. I did something in the same vein. My guys won a crap load of credits on a Swoop race. Paid in part by a local gangster. The local gangster being so confident in them had a mission for them which unfortunately they really botched up. I take partial responsibility because I set a plot-trap to see if they'd fall for it and they ran right into it not even thinking. Thus I had the Gangster report the prize money as stolen. Mind you, they still have the credits, but they're pretty much unusable because if they try to spend them it will alert the authorities. This was particularly hard on the pilot in our group because: 1) He was the guy that won the race and the credits. 2) He was going to use the prize money to pay off his debts to a Hutt. So even though they messed up, and the credits are worthless it opens up a lot of possibilities. 1) They could try to pass off the credits as legit. In other words, pay and run as fast as possible. 2) They could try to "launder" the credits. Make up a logical theory of how the credits work and work out a logical way to circumvent the banking infrastructure. 3) Find an expert that can "launder" the credits for them. For a price. The price could be a cut of the action or a very deeply needed personal favor.
  13. That would really fun. If he tried to sell the armor have the shop keeper say "What are you trying to pull here? This is Laminate Armor with a coat of paint!" I'm gonna let him have it though. I just want to see his face when the townsfolk mistakenly sic the cops on him. And, it gives me the chance to speak some Mandalorian in my game: NPC: Yooba Tab Mando'a? PC: ...? NPC: That's what I thought. Now die!
  14. Oh, no issue for me. There is no problem to fix here. I was already going to have the NPCs react accordingly. Say if they were to walk through a town previously raided by Mandalorians the locals might not be too friendly at first. As well any Mandalorians might take offense to his ghoulish procurement.
  15. Just wondering what was the best use of a Triumph your players ever pulled? For me it happened early in a game. I had a pair of Mandalorian bounty hunters try to collect a bounty on one of my players. It didn't end well. My players rolled very well and proceeded to blast them a new orifice and they were quickly overwhelmed. I tried to get them out of there but then one of the guys decides to take a pot shot at them with his blaster rifle while they were fleeing. He Triumphs, which he uses to crit, rolls the percentile...97! Crippled! I roll my eyes because I realize that it's only the 2nd session and I just gave them a suit of Mandalorian Armor.
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