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  1. Let them eat a crit or spend focus to fill instead of using to defend or attack.
  2. TIE/ln Fighter - Academy Pilot - 23 Academy Pilot - (23) TIE/ln Fighter - Academy Pilot - 23 Academy Pilot - (23) TIE/ln Fighter - Academy Pilot - 23 Academy Pilot - (23) TIE/ln Fighter - Academy Pilot - 23 Academy Pilot - (23) TIE/ph Phantom - Imdaar Test Pilot - 44 Imdaar Test Pilot - (44) TIE Reaper - Scarif Base Pilot - 41 Scarif Base Pilot -(41) TIE/ln Fighter - Academy Pilot - 23 Academy Pilot - (23) Total: 200/200
  3. Vultures are 2 agility practice so your obstructed as much as possible on asteroid that creates more agility.
  4. I like the grappling struts list, alot of people are unfamiliar with struts take advantage.
  5. 4 zeta squadron survivors with special forces gunner and 1 zeta squadron survivor naked. 200pts
  6. Collision detector and afterburners is great, boost threw gas clouds and chain actions with force. Try out in future.
  7. Ive played mostly empire I'm playing first order now they are excellent.
  8. How about arvel crynyd or a kwing? If the kwing slams its has easier time to block 2 speed 3 manouvers cover distance.
  9. How do the tie bombers get a lock on anything above initiative 2 in first round of shooting?? Also if its range 3 no cluster missiles.
  10. Its alot of text could have been shortened.
  11. At the end of text it says after you execute manouver flip card that means the 2 straight that gets you off debris or asteroid.
  12. Struts says skip your execute manouver step, I think this rotate 90° is moving threw asteroid but not a real dial manouver.
  13. 4-lom is great with advanced sensors and 0-0-0, use the new auto blaster on 4lom when it's out only 2 pts.
  14. IG88D is 3pts after points adjustment, I think 2 calculate is good enough considering you save 5 pts.
  15. Predator only works on primary.
  16. Hux is now 6 points in the points adjustment, I might try and make him work.
  17. The sweet spot is a named swarm, howl, iden, gideon, del, wampa and academy. Put swarm on howl and iden ps kill stuff. I do like the lists with maarek or a striker.
  18. Practice with the squad around 20 games, get sleep bring water and several snacks. Sit down when you can.
  19. How??? T70 has no system slot. Vader moves first then reposition at start of combat or poe moves first and Vader has easier time ark dodging him.
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