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  1. Luke (160) Mind Trick (5) Force Push(10) E-gear (3) Rebel Troopers x2 (80) (+2) Z-6 (44) Rebel Troopers (40) G-Hooks (3) Concussion Grenade (5) The idea is to use Luke to run/jump in and kill Veers, thus leaving the troopers open to suppression panic more easily. The shorter game field (3x3) causes me to think it will be easier to engage CC and thus the Force Push/Mind Trick combo (instead of trusty Reflexes) to interfere/eliminate troop units more effectively on the more condensed battlefield. I am assuming I will not be seeing ATST's at this point and am unlikely to encounter a Vader. They all roll those dang red defense dice...grrrr. So taking off the head off the snake should leave the body writhing...
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