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  1. Our OL claimed that the cost increased while we were paying the stamina to use it. In other words, since he's causing the effect he gets to decide the order in which they happen, so he could increase the cost before we even used the skill, keeping us from using that skill in certain situations. That didnt seem right to us. How could the skill be considered "used" if we havent even completed the payment of stamina yet?
  2. when activating Worn Down, does the threat token increase the skill cost immediately? in other words, if a hero had 1 stamina left and used a 1 stamina cost skill and the OL activated Worn Down, would the cost increase immediately, making the skill unusable? how would the hero suffer 2 stamina while activating the skill if he cant? if the skill was an action would he now lose that action since he was no longer able to spend the stamina for the skill? i was under the impression that Worn Down is played after stamina and skill abilites are triggered due to the skill being "used" and the threat token would increase cost for the skill for every turn after that, instead of tacking on extra cost immediately like doom does with damage.
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