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  1. I'm very proud to announce that the expansion that me and a group of friends have been working on for the past 6 months is almost ready to be shown on YouTube! I'll give the channel name when I finish the rule book in Photoshop and then get it printed. However, while Im typing this, if any of you want to give any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to do so. In this custom expansion we've added a 3RD PLAYABLE FACTION (Scum and Villainy), new heroes, units, planets, custom scenarios and a few other things that I'll keep a surprise until the video is released. Here are the new units and their stats as they currently stand: Key: RD = Red Dice, BD = Black Dice, GD = Green Dice, RH = Red Health, BH = Black Health, BT = BLUE TRIANGLE, BO = BLUE CIRCLE, BS = BLUE SQUARE, OT = ORANGE TRIANGLE, OO = ORANGE CIRCLE, OS = ORANGE SQUARE, CAP = CARRYING CAPACITY Empire: BT- TIE DEFENDER: 3BD, 3BH BT - TIE BOMBER: 1RD, 1 BH BT - TIE PHANTOM: 1RD, 1GD, 2BH BO - Arquitens: 1RD, 1BD, 1GD, 3RH (CAP: 3) BO - RAIDER CORVETTE: 2BD, 2RH (CAP: 1) SPECIAL UNIT: BS - EXECUTOR SSD: 3BD, 4RD, 7RH (CAP: 5) SPECIAL UNIT: BS - CHIMERA: 2BD, 3RD, 5RH (CAP: 5) SPECIAL UNIT: BT - DARTH VADER'S TIE X1: 2BD, 1RD, 3BH OO - LAMBDA SHUTTLE: 1GD, 1BD, 2RH (CAP: 1) OO - YT-49 DECIMATOR: 2GD, 1BD, 1RD, 3RH (CAP: 2) OS - TURBO TANK: 2BD, 1RD, 4RH REBELLION: BT - E-WING: 1 BD, 1 GD, 2BH BT - A -WING: 1 BD, 2 BH BT - Z-95 HEADHUNTER: 1RD, 1BD, 1BH BT - B-WING: 1RD, 1GD, 2BH BO - MON CALA FRIGATE: 2BD, 1RD, 1GD BO - HAMMERHEAD CORVETTE: 1BD, 1RD, 1GD, 2RH BS - PELTA FRIGATE: 2BD, 2RD, 1GD, 5RH SPECIAL UNIT - MILLENIUM FALCON: 2BD, 1RD, 1GD, 4BH SPECIAL UNIT - GHOST: 3BD, 1GD OO - V-WING: 2RD, 3RH OS - AAT: 1BD, 2RD, 4RH Again, if anyone has anything to add, please let me know! May the Force be with you!
  2. Which is why so many people (including myself) are doing custom expansions to add stuff that WE want and gives us new stuff to play with.
  3. This game is only alive in the community and not in FFG's design studio, unfortunately...
  4. Clone the Y-Wing's stats into the TIE BOMBER Keep the stats for the base fighters, they provide a necessity for other vessels and screens against large ships. (but give all rebel ships 1 shield dice because of rebel fighter superiority and to combat this, each TIE Fighter built puts 2 minis on the board to account for the Empire's INSANE mass production of TIE Fighters.) I'm also currently working on a custom variant of my own, and I have a ton of the same units, but had never considered using green dice as shields... Very clever idea. For the larger ships, I would suggest that for the Imperial Star Destroyers and other capital ships and the Mon Calamari cruisers, their shield value should be double or slightly under their hull value. I think that we may have a lot in common for our expansions and we may be able to help each other. If you wish to contact me, here is my email: lordvader50120@gmail.com May the Force be with you, always.
  5. I am actually about to play a game with some friends tomorrow. (I have an epic victory strategy for the Empire which i shall employ to flush out the Rebel base) Anyways, I am actually working on a COMPLETELY custom expansion for Rebellion. Ive decided to call it "A Spark of Hope". I will be adding new leaders, units, cards and even PLANETS! (Yes, I will be expanding the map to give the Rebellion more places to hide) I'm mostly doing this because there are planets that are in the galaxy that shouldve been added or could be added. Some of the planets Im adding would be The Maw, Kamino, Trandosha, Scarif, Crait and others. I will be redoing how leaders work (which might not make it to the final expansion). I have got a lot of it figured out, but I dont have a lot. Im also working on a website to receive (all, if any) donations to help. Once i have it completely finished, I will give it to the community! I hope to give some life to this mostly dead game. I want your guys opinion! Any ideas for anything that needs to be added? Im open! -Captain Rex
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