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  1. Thanks mate, but please don't forget that alternate force traditions (DoH, counselor splat) remains undone (if you plan to do that).
  2. If you could post the adventure afterwards, that would be awesome.... (I live in Michigan, so no gaming for me ). Anyway, there is an error in the name of the mastery upgrade for alter. Can we clone you? Thanks for your epic work.
  3. As have I. The problem is that 1st level wizards (I am aware that they are technically called Magic-Users), might roll crap for their initial 4 spell rolls (5 if your Dm was generous). Compared to the typical 2 first level spells and 3 cantrips of 3.5th edition, your 1st ed 1st level MU is possibly going to get shafted at the start. Granted, after about level 5, the 1st ed wizard starts to get a lot more viable (nearly equaling 3.5 ed), the cavet remains the 1st level. Back on topic. (I do miss those level titles, nothing like being a prestidigitator, lol, seriously though, back on topic) Do you think that 15-20 xp sounds reasonable? As far as Ainz is concerned, if we use the estimation method, we would get 1200-1600xp. This would be rather large. (The 10,000 xp is the estimate I use for a Star Wars force sensitive with maxed out specialization trees, force powers, and skills [in the career]). If I only consider genesys rules, maybe 10xp per level sounds better? Obviously Ainz, is a power-fantasy character (that is half the fun of trying to PCify him). Nonetheless, I am still putting this forward as a thought experiment. (The more difficult challenge [if your up for it] is to try and create a conversion into Anima: Beyond Fantasy). An idea to import epic spellcasting: I was thinking of adding what I dub an Advanced Skill to the game. A special 5th tier talent is required, with GM permission (and with an ingame quest after maxing out the basic version of a skill), that qualifies you to start taking ranks in the advanced skill (note: that it is never [most likely] a career skill). Each rank of the advanced skill gives 1 boost die to every use of the basic version, but also allows what would be considered impossible checks to be made with that skill. Basically, instead of flipping a destiny point to do an impossible task, you would roll against an advanced check (it would have its own version of impossible [god-tier miracles and the like, that require a destiny point flip]). In keeping with the absolute disorganization and lazy writing with my usual response, I had a question about Super-characteristics. What is the max number (if any) of additional yellow die? This is just an out-of-topic side question. I was thinking it works like the World of Darkness rule set in allowing for potentially infinite rolls, but I can also see the interpretation that seems to suggest a max of 2 additional yellow dice. Which do you think? Thanks for your response.
  4. Makes sense, but I am thinking that a rough 15-20xp per level seems somewhat right for now. I would imagine Ainz-tier to be about 10-20Kxp. Naturally they are only rough estimates. (3rd edition 1st level wizards are combat powerhouses compared to 1st edition. You might have 14 intelligence (got to get that wish spell, `approximately 5 times to even get access to 8th level spells, and to have a prayer at learning all of them), the spell dancing lights as your 'attack spell', have only a single use of it, and have about 2-3 hp if you are lucky (it could be worse). Have fun with that, lol (But, 1st ed was balanced specifically to turn the tables around in late game [if you lived that long]). Sigh* nostalgia.... (still remember partying with a 18/00 strength fighter, good times).
  5. I have been looking around the forums, but I fail to find the 'stat' of level. I am curious about how much x.p. you would give to convert a higher then level one character into genesys. (3.5 if possible). Do you think epic spellcasting should even be attempted? And if I may ask one more question, If one was trying to import a character from either anima or from world of warcraft (I consider these to be close enough), what would the level equivalence be (if any). I ask this because (just as a thought experiment, not actually planning on incorporating into a game) I was curious how to express Ainz Oul Gown into genesys fantasy stats (is it even possible to convert his spellcasting?). Thank you for your time.
  6. I am necroing an earlier comment, sorry. But, I wanted to ask if adding the different mentorship bonuses from disciples of harmony would be difficult codewise. P.S. Apparently it wasn't an error with shock boots, I must have gotten the item mixed up, my bad.
  7. Some other things to note are that shock boots has an error with its rarity, and second, in Disciples of Harmony you have the ability to get various mentor bonuses. The ability to add that would be a requested feature. Thank you again for all of your hard work.
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