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  1. @Glucose: I will use small red dice for damage and my FFG token for Æmber, stun and power status. Or I make some sticker for poker chips. In Future there will be more geekstuff on the market to bling the game. I‘m hoping on Æmber gems, which fits in the keys.
  2. Normally I try to complete my games, but in this case... ? I don‘t think that I buy a starter, but 4 decks for me and my wife. If we like the game and depending how often we play , I expect to buy up to 2 decks a month + decks for „sealed“, if there are enough player in our area.
  3. I love this box, it does not just look great, but has enough room for a whole cycle like Dunwich or Carcosa in thick sleeves like FFG or dragon shield. I hope FFG will continue soon with the next cycles and boxes for player cards with motives of the classes. I'm so thankful you made the box so big. Thank you FFG Those who do not sleeved their cards can house their deckboxes, basics weaknesses or all BGG's card-based instructions there or the tokens and the Chaosbag for the actual Campaign. Otherwise, the stand-alone scenarios fit in well there as well.
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