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  1. I may end up doing a mix. The Affect rules are cool but they don't feel different enough from "magic" since anyone can get them. So I may use the magic rules from the core, but require amber to use that magic. Something like a hard or lower spell has a chance to deplete the amber, but to cast something above hard may always deplete. I'll have to toy around with it. Overall though, really liking the system the deeper I get into it. Thanks for the advice!
  2. SotC doesn't really cover (or at lest I couldn't find it) how a PC could be a wizard (or witch). There are Affects - but those don't really work well for a variety of spells. So I figure I have a couple options. I could use the magic rules from the core book an add the magic skills for this purpose. If I do that, maybe I should add in amber requirements where you have to have an amber and there is the possibility of depleting it (like Affects). Or, I could add one new skill Ambercast (or something like that) and then use Affects, but it doesn't feel all that spall casty. Or, I could make everything tech based (there is no magic, only tech so advanced it seems like magic) - but it doesn't appear that the gear building rules are as robust as the spell rules. I'm new to the Genesys system - so any advise would be welcome.
  3. To add to what Jack said, No collecting. No deck building. Just open a two decks and play (which is why you can treat this more like a board game than a collectable game). In concept, you could open a deck that will let you win a high level tournament after only spending $10. In reality, most people love buying new decks, hunting for the perfect one, but outside of tournament play... you really can get by with just a few decks (3-5 per player tends to be a nice sweet spot) and be happy just playing the game. And there is a pretty active secondary market at decks of keyforge, so even if you were hunting for a particular deck, you could just find it there for a few dollars instead of playing the lottery.
  4. Bought! And very well done. I'm new to the Genesys system, so seeing how these items and advisories have been created is a great help.
  5. I wouldn't really call the setting "wacky" at all. But I can see where you could get that idea from the art and what seems to be a mishmash, kitchen sink, setting. The thing I was most impressed by was that within the first couple dozen pages, that feeling was replaced with, "wow - there's a lot here I want to explore." I think the hardest thing to really wrap your head around is the science fantasy nature of the setting. High tech is easy to invasion (lots of tv and movies to source), fantasy is obvious. When you mix the two, and then thrown martians, talking plants, and angels - well yeah, it's a lot to try and wrap your head around without thinking of it as "cartoony." But the cool thing about the setting is the they all have a real reason for being there (or at least have their own beliefs as to why they are there). And your campaign may or may not even address a fraction of what's possible. In the end, if you wanted to run a wacky campaign in the setting you could, but the setting itself does not present that way by itself. (Oh, and KeyForge is not a CCG. Buying a 2 player start set would be the same as buying any 2 player board game with cards. But it is a great game, and that could open you up to wanting to buy many more decks to explore, so yeah, there's still that...)
  6. We have a couple... 1) Draw 2 pick one for weaknesses (and I strip out some of the ones that make the game just not fun) 2) Universal adaptive (we swap out level 0 cards for 0 xp) - this isn't to optimize the deck for the next scenario, it's to tweak the deck overall while learning how it plays. 3 (not really a house rule) We almost always play on easy, basically "story mode" - in that case being at +2 above the target basically passes any test except the auto fail (and some scenario effects). It's just more fun for us. You can ramp up the difficulty later if you like to optimize deck building. But that's about it. The game isn't really that punishing for failing, in fact it's part of what makes it cool. You just have to get out of the mindset that you can "win" or "loose" the game. In most cases you fail forward as opposed to just being killed outright. Oh, that might be one more house rule. If we do get killed outright, we just reset that scenario and go at it again.
  7. CSteele

    The Brad emails

    Well since that sticky thread only has a single reply (to date), and I believe the intent of this thread is to post replies people have personally gotten - seems like a valid thread idea to me.
  8. “Waaaah waaaah waaaah, it’s not me! It’s you!” I don’t need to be a fanboy to recognize a child. If you think you can do it better, go do it better. And for the record I both play and run OP. When I run, I set the rules. OP guidelines are just that, guidelines. If there was an issue at your OP event, talk to your organizer. I bet they’d love to hear from you...
  9. Wow. Feeling entitled much? It's a game. FFG is a game publisher. If you don't like how they are handling the game, that's fine. But they don't owe you anything. They made a game. They made a rule set. They make rulings on that rule set. You choose to buy and/or play the game. If you don't like what they are doing, change YOUR choice. But being so upset because they are not doing what you think they should do is not productive. These are real people you're railing on about. Not cool.
  10. Bad Penny has so many ways she can be great. Very far from the worst card in the game. Worst card: EMP Blast Always an anti-synergy card (since it stuns the creatures it comes with) and more often than not, hurts you just as much if not more than your opponent just to try and play it for amber. Too many "best" cards to pick though.
  11. I don't see the rulings as exceptions. They are clarifications to the rules as intended. What we do need is a timing flow diagram to highlight how the rulings came to be. But right now there seems to be a consistency to these rulings and no real exceptions to speak of.
  12. I agree. But since there is an outstanding question to these issues, and the person that writes the FAQ has clarified the rule - I'd say it's safe to use these rulings.
  13. This is fantastic work - and an amazing resource. Thank you for doing this.
  14. I just put damage on the top of my deck to track chains
  15. Oh oh, it’s like jeapordy... 1) What is, Can Protectrix target a creature with no damage on it to make it immune to damage for the remainder of the turn? 2) What is, If I have 3 amber in my amber pool, and 3 amber on Safe Place, do I have to forge a key at the start of my turn? 2) Or what is, If I have 3 amber in my amber pool, and 3 amber on Safe Place and my opponent plays bait and switch does it count all 6 amber or only the 3 in my amber pool?
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