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    The Brad emails

    Well since that sticky thread only has a single reply (to date), and I believe the intent of this thread is to post replies people have personally gotten - seems like a valid thread idea to me.
  2. “Waaaah waaaah waaaah, it’s not me! It’s you!” I don’t need to be a fanboy to recognize a child. If you think you can do it better, go do it better. And for the record I both play and run OP. When I run, I set the rules. OP guidelines are just that, guidelines. If there was an issue at your OP event, talk to your organizer. I bet they’d love to hear from you...
  3. Wow. Feeling entitled much? It's a game. FFG is a game publisher. If you don't like how they are handling the game, that's fine. But they don't owe you anything. They made a game. They made a rule set. They make rulings on that rule set. You choose to buy and/or play the game. If you don't like what they are doing, change YOUR choice. But being so upset because they are not doing what you think they should do is not productive. These are real people you're railing on about. Not cool.
  4. Bad Penny has so many ways she can be great. Very far from the worst card in the game. Worst card: EMP Blast Always an anti-synergy card (since it stuns the creatures it comes with) and more often than not, hurts you just as much if not more than your opponent just to try and play it for amber. Too many "best" cards to pick though.
  5. I don't see the rulings as exceptions. They are clarifications to the rules as intended. What we do need is a timing flow diagram to highlight how the rulings came to be. But right now there seems to be a consistency to these rulings and no real exceptions to speak of.
  6. I agree. But since there is an outstanding question to these issues, and the person that writes the FAQ has clarified the rule - I'd say it's safe to use these rulings.
  7. This is fantastic work - and an amazing resource. Thank you for doing this.
  8. I just put damage on the top of my deck to track chains
  9. Oh oh, it’s like jeapordy... 1) What is, Can Protectrix target a creature with no damage on it to make it immune to damage for the remainder of the turn? 2) What is, If I have 3 amber in my amber pool, and 3 amber on Safe Place, do I have to forge a key at the start of my turn? 2) Or what is, If I have 3 amber in my amber pool, and 3 amber on Safe Place and my opponent plays bait and switch does it count all 6 amber or only the 3 in my amber pool?
  10. After opening one deck, the odds of opening the next deck with the same set of house is 1 in 35. Your two decks matched, but 34 other people that opened 2 decks likely didn’t match. It’s the exceptional cases we notice though. I haven’t seen any posts about “I opened two decks and they had different house combinations” yet. As for variability in booster boxes. Since decks are randomly generated digitally, I’d say any patters found in a booster box is purely coincidental. It’s not like they are printing all the Mars/Sanctum/Dis decks at once and then another set and another set and then putting them in a big bin to shake up. Random numbers just work in fun, random, ways. Heck, there could be an entire booster box of Brobnar, Mars and Dis. Statistically improbably, but not impossible.
  11. "Use" is defined in the rules. There's no need to try and come up with outside definitions for it or assume any other definition applies. When a card says you can "use" something else, it is referring to the definition given in the rule book. i.e. you can fight/reap/action/omni with that card.
  12. So you're implying you can't have 0 damage tokens on a card?
  13. Nothing in the rules says it needs to have damage on it to be destroyed by damage. It states damage is tracked by tokens and that "If a creature has an amount of damage on it equal to or greater than its power the creature is destroyed". 0 is indeed >= 0 in modern math. The philosophical mean of 0 does not apply here
  14. I hate you for being awesome... (also these look amazing)
  15. Lack of “up to” means you do as many as you can up to the number listed. If Lost in the Woods said “Choose 2 friendly creatures to destroy and if you do, destroy to enemy creatures” then you have to choose 2 creatures. As written, if you have no creatures you can still destroy 2 enemy creatures.
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