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  1. I can see everything, even if I'm not signed in.
  2. Thanks :-) I know the side. I'm already registered here. ? :-)
  3. Thanks, I am glad you like it. It's just my 2nd painting project. So I'm still learning :-) My first project was minis from Talisman - board game: I watch a lot of videos on youtube, a lot of pictures with painted minis. My "painting guru" :-) is Sorastro. His videos are really great. As I said, I'm only at the beginning and there is still room for impovement. You wish any close up shots. OK, next time I'll start with Grisban the Thirsty. I have one more question (I'm new here) - Why is here so small the max total size for new pictures?
  4. Hi all, I would share some painted Descent miniatures with you. I start with the group of heroes...
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