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  1. I guess this explain how the Scorpion gained this much power. They send their Ace Players to the Imperial Palace where the Crane send the B-team. Every Crane outside Otosan Uchi seems to have more brain, more court understanding and more long time politic vision than the ones we saw set foot in the imperial palace... Perhaps the Scorpion used a shugenja to place a "Ward of Bird Brain" around the clan rooms in the capital...
  2. OK... the situation of the Crane just took a turn and go to a next level of problems... And I really hope we can have a tale of the reception of Kuwanan's letter by Tsukune.
  3. I asked with a "ok, if i go full ettiquette you'll have me monologing for 45min to do the full course with the delegations, your opinion?" they answered "go for it" I don't know if i must love or hate them
  4. thx a lot. This is a good way to handle that, and will probably help to introduce lesser officials to the game for my player interaction with npc.
  5. Hi A small question came to my mind about gift giving and the 3 refusals. I started a court game and my court start with presentation of each delegations gift to the local Daimyo. Is he supposed to refuse in this case? (in the same order of idea, if i play one day a Winter Court, is the Emperor suppose to refuse gifts in this sort of "official ceremonies"?) If someone with a better understanding of Etiquette can help me.
  6. It seems to me that there is a tru here to stop the "monopoly" on certain category of concepts. The Wasp were the only archery specialist, now you have the Kaito to. The Scorpion had the only Shinobi, now the Cat is here. The Crane were the matchmaker, now you have the deer... I think it's a good idea to let a little more option to a player who want to play with a concept but not be limited to only 1 Clan because "there are the only ****** of Rokugan"
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