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  1. So I had a situation tonight that I could not answer as a judge because I have seen other judges rulings on different, but similar issues. So here it goes lol I have a +2 ranged die, 1 melee Zeb die, and a 4 melee vibe cutlass die. I know I could resolve the +2 and the 1 together, or the 2 melee dice together, but because they are SHOWING the same symbol, I should be able to resolve all 3 because the one is only acting as a ranged die. Now, if you do say that all 3 can't be resolved together because it is effectively changing its symbol to ranged, then answer me this, if my opponent hits me with a 1 ranged die, because of said ruling, I should be able to use Counter Strike with one of Zeb's dice because it is changing its symbol to ranged, correct? Thank you for the clarification in advance
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