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  1. Kind of upset to see Autoblasters and Angled Deflectors locked behind a Resistance Transport paywall. I dont have a better idea, but it still bugs me...
  2. Not even bowing the target... does anyone run these cards?
  3. Can I use Naval Tokens to attack even if I dont own any coastal terretories? The rulebook isnt clear on this but it seems thematically wrong...
  4. So Im splashing Crane in Pheonix... Can anyone clarify some rules? 1. Can I attach Formal Invitation to a character that only temporary has 2 glory? For example, can I use my stronghold (Isawa Mori Seido) to grant an enemy 2 glory, then give him formal invitation and harpoon him into an unfavorable fight? 2. On a related note, does Fearsome Mystic gain 2 glory during an Air conflict even if she isn't actively participating in the fight? 3. Assuming I can attach Formal Invitation to a character with temporary glory, does it get discarded when the glory wears off? Thanks!
  5. Lets talk Provinces... Im using Seeker of Water, so that I can access Press of Battle and Mantis Tenkinja. Conveniently, This allows me to include Riot in the Street, which works perfectly with the swarm cavalry playstyle Im going for. I also want Along the River of Gold, because it just seems like such a powerful province, with an ability that can help cover for the Unicorn's poor diplomacy and which can can be triggered at any water province. What else would you guys recommend?
  6. I actually thought it was very intresting. I asked you guys for advice, remember? :-)
  7. Ah thanks. I actually prefer Shiro Shinjo, especially combined with Border Fortress
  8. Hmm... I hadnt even considered Chagatai/Charge... wow that IS powerful... Still, I wonder if I cant use Cavalry Reserves to send in Moto Chagatai as well! For 3 fate I send in in 3 Battle Maidens and Chagatai! Only 2 Fate if I use the Mantis Tenkinja.
  9. Im actually more intrested in talking this out... I like hearing the why's and what's that go into deckbuilding, rather than reading off a list. Wont we have Seeker of Water for a while still?
  10. Working on a Unicorn Deck, looking for help! Key to the deck is Cavalry Reserves to unleash an absolutely overwhelming military crush and then solidify the attackers with For Greater Glory, which will serve as my splash from the Lion Clan and is my restricted "greylist" card. So 3 copies of Cavalry Reserves and 3 copies of For Greater Glory. Battle Maiden Recruit, at 0 cost, seems like a logical fit for Cavalry Reserves, so 3 of them go in as well. Young Warrior seems like an excellent choice as well... she has fantastic stats for her cost, and her weakness - the need to deploy during the first conflict - doesn't apply if she's sent in from the Reserves. Since the deck will focus on outnumbering the enemy, Utaku Infantry and Shinjo Shono are in as well. So far we have... DYNASTY 3 Battle Maiden Recruit 3 Utaku Infantry 3 Young Warrior 3 Shinjo Shono CONFLICT 3 Press of Battle 3 For Greater Glory 3 Cavalry Reserves Thoughts? (Be gentle. Remember, the Unicorns are kind!)
  11. It could be a Scorpion card: "Brush your sleeve gently against your honor dice." Ah well, I see your point. What about the Othello pieces are those tournament legal? And the Poker chips were a LOT easier to handle than FFG's cardboard fate counters...
  12. Why not? (What I men is: Is there some cheat that can be done with dice? Or is it just company policy: you use the ingame products for offical events.)
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