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  1. That was a great answer, thank you!
  2. Ok, deep breath. Can anyone explain this one? The official ruling states "You cannot resolve effects with The Mirror’s Gaze if those effects are dependent upon the triggering condition " I have no idea what that means... Also, can it be used on Glorious Victory or For Greater Glory? Both are dependent on breaking a province... so...
  3. Ah... well that takes him from overpowered to just... powerful! It's good to see the card gain a purpose, even if only in Enlightment mode.
  4. As I understand it, four players can each be holding a fistful of rings. Does he get a boost from all of them? He seems much more powerful than the Matriarch.
  5. If I interrupt a sacrifice with Reprieve or Iron Mine, do the effects of the sacrifice - such as Vengeful Berserker or Tainted Hero - still trigger? Thanks!
  6. Lol, I guess your fate depends on which Clan you belong to. The Lion would have you publicly beheaded. The Crane would pretend you never existed. The Dragon would encourage you to learn from it. The Crab would just be disappointed you got caught.
  7. I dont get this guy... 4 fate, but he can only have a max of 4/4 skill when he attacks on the 3rd conflict. Why would I ever use him?
  8. If I intentionally lose the duel, can I FORCE my opponent to deploy another character to the front?
  9. If I use Charge to put a charachter in play, and he has a reaction ability "After you play this character...", does it trigger? Im wondering specifically about the recently teased Aranat mythical unit for the Unicorn Thanks!
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