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  1. Looking for Nova/Gencon promos. Mainly double sided ones.
  2. Nym. 2 words: war criminal
  3. I think it’s more of a whoa chuckle moment. When you set the Starhawk son the table next to an mc75 or 80. Just completely dwarfs them. We all knew the SSD was huge. But the Starhawk hits different.
  4. When I see this topic headline: littering and....
  5. What’s your favorite line/scene? Mine is Vader finally getting rid of Ozzel. Guy repeatedly defies the dark lord like nothing will happen to him. Then gets used as an example. Piett learned really quick.
  6. For commanders off the bat my predictions: separatists: Trench, Grievous, Durd in addition to those announced republic: Anakin, windu, yoda in addition to announced. Other named cards: plo kloon, anakin, kenobi(all aces), Asoka, gonna be hard to finds separatist aces or unique officers except the commanders.
  7. The 4th will be awesome. But the 5th?! Will be apocalyptic. Cinco de mayo on a taco Tuesday. 🤯🤯🤯
  8. Looking for spot gloss cards. Already have the profundity/chimera and mc30/interdictor.
  9. I have not seen so much in-deference in one forum. How some conclusions are made by font and card size is beyond quantifiable. Look, these cards came from(I’ll say this slow) CAME FROM AN FFG EMPLOYEE!!!!!!!! Why would they release stuff that will just be changed. Please don’t use Dodonna example, that was 3 plus years ago and the play testers are much better now. So if they gave us stuff for the public it’s good enough for me.
  10. SSD Command Prototype (220) • Moff Jerjerrod (23) • Agent Kallus (3) • Damage Control Officer (5) • Admiral Ozzel (2) • Gunnery Team (7) • Quad Laser Turrets (5) • Leading Shots (4) • Linked Turbolaser Towers (7) • Ravager (4) = 280 Points Onager Testbed (96) • Strategic Adviser (4) • Ordnance Experts (4) • Orbital Bombardment Particle Cannons (5) • Sunder (10) = 119 Points Squadrons: = 0 Points Total Points: 399 this is something similar. I like sunder on onager to help out the SSD with anything that may have ecms or anything really nasty. It’s pretty decent against squads. Qlts combos with kallus. And ltts combo with him as well. Ravager still adds dice for damage output.
  11. With Coronas running amuck I think it’ll be june next year
  12. LITKO SW: Armada Multi Range Gauge Set, Fluorescent Blue (3) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01DMUGM24/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_LCxwEbD4Y07D8 these are more accurate than the ffg promo ones. These match the cardboard exactly
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