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  1. It certainly is not my intention to cause confusion. Quite the opposite. In a 2.0 Imperial list, there are no TIE/FO or TIE/SF. So using these variant models to differentiate the various pilots in a list looked like relatively good idea. If people aren't happy with that, I have enough TIE/LN models to avoid it.
  2. I can see the problem with T-65 / T-70 as they are actually different sculpts. But the TIE's are effectively repaints. I am considering using LNs for generic pilots & FO / SF for named pilots. In a similar vein to how the Aces packs gave repaints for Defenders & Interceptors.
  3. For example, if I presented a TIE/SF pilot on a TIE/SF baseplate with a TIE/FO or standard TIE/LN ship model, would this cause problems? Or a T-65 pilot & baseplate on a T-70 model?
  4. Still Twitter only.... https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/7/31/the-essential-galactic-empire/
  5. These are just the spares, over & above those I want to keep.
  6. OK, If no-one else wants to start, I will. REBEL HAVE: 6 x T-65 4 x Y-Wing 3 x YT-1300 2 x B-Wing 1 x A-Wing 1 x E-Wing 1 x Sabine's TIE WANT: 2 x Phantom 2 1 x Auzituck 1 x K-Wing IMPERIAL HAVE: 11 x TIE Fighter 7 x TIE Interceptor 4 x TIE Bomber 3 x Lambda 3 x TIE Advanced 3 x TIE Punisher 2 x TIE Defender 1 x Inquisitor's TIE WANT: 2 x Alpha Starwing 2 x TIE Aggressor 1 x TIE Striker SCUM HAVE: 5 x M3-A 5 x Z-95 4 x Jumpmaster 4 x Kirhaxz 2 x Fang 2 x Firespray 2 x IG-2000 2 x Quadjumper 2 x Starviper 2 x YV-666 1 x Mist Hunter WANT: 2 x Kimogila 1 x Scurrg
  7. I used to eat wookies for breakfast. Now I find they are too chewy...
  8. My wallet has just declared an intention to leave home & take to street begging....
  9. This was my plan. However, my enthusiasm rolled crits vs my caution & budget blanks. So far spent about £700. I need 22 more ships to fill out all 3 faction conversion kits. But then I've also recouped £80 so far selling on the 1.0 dials, baseplates & cards.
  10. Newbie getting ready for 2.0. Based in Guildford, Surrey.
  11. I'd love to see a "beginner's guide" to each of the 2.0 Waves. Probably easiest broken down by faction. Which upgrades work best with which ships? Which ships work well together? Which are the "traps" that look great on paper but don't actually work? Something more objective than the FFG Marketing news.
  12. I'm in the same boat. My suggestion would be to pick a faction & try to grab the ships to fill out your conversion kit from Ebay or similar. You can find them pretty cheap with a bit of patience.
  13. Just a shame I would rather be dumped out an airlock than resort to Twitter.
  14. It seems FFG want our input: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/7/17/swz-special-modifications/
  15. I am thinking something along the lines of: To begin with, you have a list of ships with generic pilots & no upgrades. If any ship flees the area, it is assumed to have survived the battle / mission. After the battle, you get replacement bare-bones ships with generic pilots for free. You also have a number of points that you can use to add upgrades to ships or turn a generic pilot into a named pilot, but these can only be applied to ships that survived the last game. Exact missions, points for initial lists, post battle upgrades, etc still to be determined.
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