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  1. I don’t think this ship will have experimental upgrades like the interdictor. Rather, I think it’ll have a 4th type of weapon upgrade for its experimental super weapon.
  2. In ESB the falcon is barely as large as one of the Exogorth’s teeth. Per wookiepedia, they can grow to over 900m long. So they would dwarf any small ship, are probably larger than any of the mediums, and are nearly as large as some of the large ships.
  3. I don’t think anything can save a VSD antenna. They break off with a light breeze.
  4. In all seriousness, though, I’d love to see Katana Fleet Dreadnoughts with a new type of upgrade slot: slave circuits. So I’m really bored in a work meeting and started daydreaming about possible expansions. I thought “Katana Fleet Dreadnoughts would be cool.” The defining trait of those ships was the slave circuits that let one ship control another. I think a slave circuit upgrade slot could provide interesting options: Title: Katana Fleet Dreadnaught- at the beginning of your activation you may discard this card to activate the slave circuit upgrade on another ship at distance 1-3. (Maybe make an officer or offensive retrofit give the same ability) Slave Circuit upgrades: Navigational circuits- when this card is activated perform a speed 1 maneuver with a yaw value of “-“. Weapons circuits- when this card is activated, the player who activates it may perform an attack from any hull zone of this ship against a ship or squadrons in range of that hull zone. During this attack, accuracy icons have no effect and the dice cannot be modified. That hull zone may not perform another attack this round. Command circuits- when this card is activated the player who activates it may choose new commands for this ship, up to this ships command value. Bringing a fleet of ships with slave circuits could give you some real advantages. But since the upgrades don’t specify friendly or enemy, your ships could potentially be hijacked by the opposing player. Figured it could be appropriate for Katana Fleet Dreadnoughts, which I would want to have an Imperial and Rebel variant, but could also be utilized by CIS droid ships when the Clone Wars comes to Armada.
  5. We’re not out of ships that appeared on screen until we get the tennis shoe, the yogurt cup, and the wad of chewing gum expansions. They’ll be bases and cards only. You’ll have to supply the “ship” yourself and see if anyone in the audience, I mean FLGS, notices.
  6. In modern Navies ships are routinely in service for 40-50 years. The USS Enterprise (first nuclear carrier) was in active service for 51 years. The USS Kitty Hawk (one of the last conventional fuel carriers) was in service for 54 years. The USS Frank Cable (sub tender) has been in service since 1978. USS Bremerton (attack sub) was in active service for 40 years and is still part of the reserve fleet. Thematically, there’s no reason why TCW era ships would not be around during the GCW era. If it helps, you can pretend they’re reserve fleets, sector defense fleets, or pirates with old technology. As far as characters not matching, there have been continuity issues since day one. Luke Skywalker and Raymus Antilles could never have fought together, for example.
  7. And in modern Navies it’s not unusual for ships, especially large ships like carriers, to have a service life of 40-50 years. There’s no reason why an ISD can’t be in service during episodes 7-9. For the same reason clone war ships vs GCW ships wouldn’t break continuity. You could easily have an older sector defense fleet fighting against rebel terrorists or Imperial tyrants.
  8. Yes, but that would have been way too powerful. It would advanced projectors would 3 additional shield zones instead of just one. Apparently advanced projectors would break the game.
  9. Can you deploy a ship you set aside because of Raddus and/or Profundity at the beginning of the first round? I did this the other day with a fleet ambush objective, so we started trading shots during round one. It seemed wrong somehow...
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