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  1. As the title suggest I'm having difficulty of understanding what does means keyword "matching result". How does work when opponent rolls a die for ship that are in range 0-1? Does he gets hit/crit for each result of my attack dice results?
  2. Hello, I'm having issue understanding with this specific pilot. The ruling on this card: Rigged Energy Cells: During the System Phase, if you are not docked, lose 1 [charge]. At the end of the Activation Phase, if you have 0[charge], you are destroyed. Before you are removed, each ship at range 0-1 suffers 1[hit] damage. With this, I have no issue on this but when deployed: A docked ship is able to deploy from its carrier ship during the System Phase by performing the following steps: Choose a non-stationary, non-reverse maneuver on the docked ship’s dial. Using the corresponding template, the docked ship executes the maneuver using the front guides or the rear guides of the carrier ship as if those guides were the docked ship’s starting position. The ship may perform one action. So my question to this. Can Autopilot Drone lose charge after it's being deployed in the mat? If so, how it is possible?
  3. Depends on the matchup but probably on Redline since he has the most attack dice of all. This is just pure theory build of consideration for Hungary nationals.
  4. Could in theory remove Reaper and SU and put punisher there Lieutenant Sai (47) Advanced Sensors (8) Darth Vader (14) ST-321 (6) “Whisper” (52) Juke (4) Collision Detector (5) Director Krennic (5) “Redline” (44) Proton Torpedoes (9) Cluster Missiles (5) Total: 199
  5. What about now? New Squadron (47) Lieutenant Sai (6) ST-321 (8) Advanced Sensors Points 61 (49) Major Vermeil (14) Darth Vader (3) 0-0-0 Points 66 (52) "Whisper" (4) Juke (5) Collision Detector (5) Director Krennic (6) Shield Upgrade Points 72 Total points: 199
  6. Very interesting approach for Lambda. I need to consider this idea for wave championship in my local store. What about ruthless on Vermil, Could be very powerful on dice roll?
  7. Hey guys I need opinion for build I did for Whisper/Lambda/Reaper. Any opinion is welcome. New Squadron (52) "Whisper" (4) Juke (5) Collision Detector (6) Agent Kallus Points 67 (49) Major Vermeil (14) Darth Vader (3) Elusive Points 66 (46) Colonel Jendon (6) ST-321 (5) Director Krennic (10) Grand Moff Tarkin Points 67 Total points: 200
  8. Yeah I realized Vizier is odd so i dropped to Scarif Base Pilot but for now i will try 6 AP
  9. This is my idea for interceptor and defender (40) Saber Squadron Ace (8) Shield Upgrade (8) Afterburners Points 56 (40) Saber Squadron Ace (8) Shield Upgrade (8) Afterburners Points 56 (84) Rexler Brath (4) Juke Points 88 Total points: 200
  10. As I said this is purely theory craft. Yes it would be nice to change BSA for AC and change pilot Vizier for Majot Vermeil and add EPT Ruthless.
  11. Hi, I was doing some theory craft for Swarm Here's the list “Vizier” (45) Minister Tua (7) Admiral Sloane (10) Shield Upgrade (4) Black Squadron Ace (26) Black Squadron Ace (26) Black Squadron Ace (26) Black Squadron Ace (26) Black Squadron Ace (26) Total: 196 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0
  12. What you would recommend? More T/F's?
  13. Hi, I wanna share the build I did for Swarm with Krennic. Here's the squad: "Howlrunner" (40) Swarm Tactics (3) Del Meeko (30) Crack Shot (1) Black Squadron Ace (26) Academy Pilot (23) Academy Pilot (23) "Vizier" (45) Director Krennic (5) Stealth Device (*) Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 Any suggestions to this build?
  14. I actually played similar but for replacement Nu played Countess Ryad with x7 title. Vader and Feroph died first after 4th round (kinda sad).
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