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  1. I believe there is already an option to make all hits roll as crits. because, you know, explosions
  2. Three ion tokens then? They all fall off after you do your ion move anyway.
  3. Super fun troll build: Padmé with Chop (flavored to taste with Juke, Passive Sensors and Protons) Because anytime anyone in your arc shoots or gets shot at, they can only modify one focus result. Which is hilarious. C1-10P to throw jam tokens around for giggles.
  4. Thanks for the feedback! Will think about expanding on it in a follow up article
  5. Going to Worlds? Hoping to win? I wrote a thing that might help https://medium.com/@Looryl.Louie.Qrygg/how-to-win-worlds-in-4-easy-steps-5a7a25a54734
  6. Couple photos of the bases with foam edit: compressed so maybe now viewable..? 😕 WhatsApp Image 2019-06-04 at 16.34.01.jp2 WhatsApp Image 2019-06-04 at 16.34.01 (1).jp2
  7. In the UK you can neoprene foam cheap as chips - for less than £3 delivered I got 5 metres of self-adhesive foam. 3mm thick is the exact thickness so it grips the mat but doesn't lift the base off. 30mm width is perfect to sit inside the base. 5 metres means you have enough for a EVERY SINGLE ONE of your bases, or half a dozen small, medium and large bases for EVERYONE in your squadron. As others have said, if you get a washer to glue under your base, you can add some weight. Make sure to get the ones with a hole in the middle so the small bases stack neatly. Cut the foam into triangles and stick them into the corners.
  8. Changing the arc rules so you can't double tap out of the same direction (ie turret facing forward counts as the same arc as a forward primary arc) would be a really good change. Or adding some kind of cost to using VTG - like stressing the ship. Both of these options would of course then need VTG to come further down in points, given they're outright nerfs..
  9. Simple list: Howlrunner (40) Sienar Specialist, Ion Cannon Turret, Veteran Turret Gunner (40) x4 Total: 200 Howlrunner gives your primary attacks a reroll, and you'll have focus (and/or TL if you can get one) for the turret second tap. Being able to rotate means you can cover flanking aces and you should still be able to get double shots off. 5x two dice with reroll attacks plus 4x 3 dice ion attacks. Viable?
  10. If you drop your Ys to Gray Squadrons, you can get Proton Bombs and even a shield upgrade to boot. Gray Squadron Bomber Ion Cannon Turret Veteran Turret Gunner Proton Bombs Shield Upgrade Points: 50 Joust that
  11. As a fellow Echo/Whisper fan (with plenty of Echo table time), here are a couple of lists I'm experimenting with that might have legs. If you fly them, let me know how you get on and what you'd change! 1. Echo and Whisper do their thing. Two I2 blockers with fairly strong ion threat. Double tap Aggressor has enough threat, and the Phantoms are lightly equipped enough, that in each of the half dozen games I've played, people go for the Aggressor because it's easy prey and threatening enough. Which is just perfect Small bid for Whisper or to add stuff like CD/Afterburners 2. New list I'm trying out. Originally had Sloane and Vader on a shuttle to draw fire and tank while the Phantoms do their thing.. But this is cheaper and gives the Phantoms the one thing they really wish had - rerolls. Using Jendon means you don't need to take the patient approach (Tarkin is in systems phases, so you need to have gotten the lock the round before) - just TL first round, pass second, and off you go. Enough points to get ST-321 on shuttle, but in the few games I've played, Phantoms want the space around them and are usually far from the shuttle who's busy drawing fire and blocking. edit b/c HTML doesn't work
  12. Nice find. Thanks. Does leave open the interpretation of just the one ship.. but it does seem to imply it would immediately detonate. But I hate it when the rules implies something ?
  13. Question: If a Proximity Mine is dropped underneath a ship, does it detonate? If that ship then activates and moves, but its template does not overlap the Proximity Mine, does it detonate? I seem to recall in 1.0 you could drop a mine underneath a ship's base and it would immediately detonate. But a strict reading of the Rules References suggests in 2.0 this no longer applies? Have I missed something? Per the Rules Reference: Proximity Mine: "After a ship overlaps or moves through this device, it detonates." "Overlaps": "While a ship executes a maneuver or otherwise moves, it overlaps an object if the ship’s final position would physically be on top of an object." "Moves Through": "A ship moves through an object if the template is placed on that object when the ship moves."
  14. How about this for 4-LOM? Opens up more of the dial but does lose the IG88 synergy. 4-LOM (49) Elusive (3) Advanced Sensors (8) Seasoned Navigator (5) Seasoned Navigator allows you to turn all your whites into reds so now your two banks/turns (and 3 straight) can be red moves. Reveal -> Action -> Change to red -> Stress -> Gain calculate token and Elusive charge. End of turn pass the stress on.
  15. Thanks guys. Haven't looked at 2.0 builds much so it's great to have some thoughts on how it could actually be reasonably brought to table. Indeed, though I liked the thematic "progression" of pilot skill as we went upwards through the ships ? the upgrade to Storm Squadron fits that perfectly though ? Wanted him in the TIE/D but they removed him ? hence the title of the list being about you the pilot. And those memorable first instructions barked at you when you started the game.. I also wanted an Interceptor in there.. But my goodness did Defenders get expensive ?
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