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  1. I'm working on a new big project from a YT-1300. Beside, I did 3 more obstacles :
  2. I'm not fond of most Legend ships, especially the K-Wing, which seems ridiculous in my opinion, so I tried to mix it with a B-Wing : I used the remaining parts of the B-Wing to build a debris cloud in additions to my home-made asteroids : Obviously, I have build my obstacles respecting the cardboard tokens included in the official boxes.
  3. You are very good at inventing nex paint schemes without following the existing ones. And your choice of colours catch the eye. Well done !
  4. Last but not least, my Rebels squadron : Got inspired by Rogue One for the X-Wings. I prefer my B-Wing in this configuration. For the second one, I didn't change anything but the colour, to match the Blade Wing from Rebels :
  5. My version of the YT-1300. The idea is to play it in my Scum squadron when Lando's Falcon will be released next september. The inspiration comes from Rob Jedi and Zombie Hedgehog.
  6. Thanks ! Now let me show you my Empire ships. I wanted to respect the original black and grey colour scheme, but I added yellow for the contrast :
  7. I love your use of bright colours. And even if your Kimogila is mostly black and white, the use of spray effect is pure genius !
  8. I actually wanted to represent an octopuss-like creature, more like a Rathtar , but yeah, let's say this is this a space spider... I need to improve my free-hand skills. Thank you for your comments. Here, two Scums I did for a friend :
  9. Hello there ! I'm posting here my repaints and conversions of X-Wing's ships. I play mostly Scums but as I also like painting Rebels and Empire ships, Ican play any faction. Let's start with my beloved Scums and Villainy : At fist, I didn't plan to gather enough ships to play, I just wanted to paint the ones I like. But then I decided to have a consistent squadron with a recognizable color scheme.
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