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  1. Maybe change the wording of what Sanguis said to "When a friendly small base, non-flotilla ship is defending, if LoS to the defending hull zone is traced through a friendly large base ship, it cannot be the target of an attack."
  2. Honestly, I did not take a lot from canon, EU or otherwise, for the design of the VnSD. I wanted something that felt like a Venator(carrier-battleship hybrid) that was balanced, then something that was a Venator but unbalanced. That being said, I did just slap names on them without too much thought.
  3. This is my variation of the Flak Guns upgrade that I made all the way back in June. I also made and playtested a Venator-Class SD along with a full host of upgrades. Venators are Large Ships, to give Imperials another large ship to build with. The VnSD's are squishy, they have a worse defense suite than the MC75s and Interdictors. Furthermore, there hull is pretty eh, the same as an Interdictor. After testing them, the VnSD's feel weaker on their own than ISDs, and most of their combat capabilities come from squadrons, or the titles Vigilance and Majestic.
  4. I like the concept. I made a similar card a while ago but 8 points is a lot. Compare that to flechette torpedos(3), extra damage is nice but not 5 points more than an activated fighter. 4 is a reasonable cost I'd say.
  5. What's the size of this boat? It seems like a pretty reasonable medium ship.
  6. Figured I'd contribute with a huge ship. The Bellator is an SSD that loses squad, hull, and shields for more maneuverability and a more dangerous frontal region. Since it does lose about 6 hull and some defense tokens, I dropped to 190 points. This means you can take two of these and Ozzel, which is not a particularly effective tactic I don't believe, but sounds fun to me. I like these lancers, but they really should have at least one redirect or they'll be eaten alive by squads before it can impact the battle meaningfully. 55 points is a meaningful investment for a ship that is only reasonably effective against squads, and you'd want to tease as much effectiveness against squads as you could from them. Maybe a title could add a redirect if you don't want to buff them outright.
  7. I took a crack at a stupid fleet build. Behold the command 1 SSD! 399/400 SSD 220 Thrawn 32 Brunson 5 Tactical Expert 6 Engineering Captain 6 Gunnery Teams 7 Leading Shots 4 XI7 6 Morna Kee 27 Dengar 20 3x Decimators 66 The idea is you fill the stack with navigates, thrawn is filled with squads, then throw out engineering or concentrate whenever you want. And viola you have a command 1 Super Star Destroyer
  8. If there is a variant with 3 officer slots you can fake a command 1 SSD just by filling those with Engineering Captain and all his friends. Which would be hysterical.
  9. If there is a variant with 3 officer slots you can fake a command 1 SSD just by filling those with Engineering Captain and the like.
  10. Did some play testing. The VnSD-I operates like a large quasar, and is wholely reliant on squads to do damage. Tenacious is a good title and I've settled on it costing 6 points. The VnSd-Imps are good, with their titles they can throw out impressive amounts of damage. However they are extraordinarily fragile due to their subpar defense tokens. Majestic is a great title and is even better if you time it with a concentrate command. Might be a bit strong, but I'd reckon it's a little less good then Avenger, so it's fine. Vigilence is ok. Might be priced a bit high currently though. Hanger Mounted Turbolaser is also ok, it is a nice option to have while building fleets and is not crazy in game. Overall, my friend I was playtesting with and I agree that the Venators are a solid "Alright" which is what I was aiming for.
  11. I recently made a homebrew Venator and threw it up on the forums. I then played two games with a friend who is significantly better at armada then me (spoiler: lost both) to test it. Go to the linked thread to see what upgrades do what. Game 1: My list: 391/400 Marek Jendon Howl Soontir Mauler 4xTIE Squads 1x Tie bomber Venator I - Sloane - Boosted comms - Expanded hanger bays - Flight controllers - Grint - Tenacious Gozanti - boosted comms - Vector - Isard Glad - Demolisher - Ordnance Experts - Exracks - Intel officer His list: Luke Skywalker Wedge Antilles Dutch Tyco Keyan Farlander 3x X-Wings HMC80 Command Cruiser - Rieekan - Defiance - ECM - Leading Shots - H9 turbolasers - Boosted comms Neb-B Escort - Yavaris - Raymus Antilles GR-75 -Bright Hope - Toryn - Bomber Command I won the bid and elected to go first, in order to give my Demo the best chance at killing Yavaris. I chose Precision Strike as the objective. Lacking an actual Venator model, I opted to use ISDs to simulate them. Setup: I had a slight deployment advantage and used that to deploy Demo in a position where it could pounce on either Yavaris or the HMC80. Round 1: The VnSD-I advances slowly, it is not a combat ship and it's flack is very weak. The HMC80 turns to put its broadside more towards Demo and the VnSD. I seperate Jendon and Marrek to strike the HMC80 while positioning the rest to deal with his fighters. Round 2: A squadron bloodbath. I activated the VnSD first and threw 7 squads around. The initial alpha from my ties wipe out Wedge, who gets rieekaned, and 2 generic XWings. I used Tenacious, dealing two damage to my tie bomber to deactivate Soontir and Mauler Mithel. Yavaris responds by tapping a generic x wing and wedge. This kills howlrunner and two generic ties. I activate the Gozanti to move Jendon and Marrek to strike the HMC80. The HMC activates and pushes squadrons, killing all my squad ball except Mauler and a generic TIE. It then fires into Demo for minimal effect. Demo activates, fires into the HMC doing about 4 damage. Demo then moves to block the HMC and throws its side arc into the front of the HMC. Mauler activates and kills Luke. Round 3: Demo activates, throwing a large chunk of damage into the HMC80, putting it on half health. The GR-75 activates squads, killing a generic and hurling Tycho into Marrek and Jendon. It then slides in front of the VnSD inside its 3 dice arc. The VnSD activates next, and has Marrek attack Tycho twice with Jendon. Then taps the TIE bomber to deactivate them both. It then flacks the incoming bombers, rams the GR75 putting it on 2 health. The HMC activates, flacks Marrek and Jendon, putting them on low health and then fires its front arc into Demo, using defiance to add a black. This does decent damage and wipes out most of Demos shields as well as dealing a facedown. Then it rams demo. My Gozanti activates with a concentrate fire command and uses it to take a wild stab at bright hope that does a whopping no damage. Yavaris activates the two bombers which strike the VnSDs shields, removing them for the most part. It then shoots my Gozanti dealing one face up that happens to be structural damage. Yay. End of ship phase, Marrek kills himself trying to kill Tycho, with help from Jendon. He does succeed in putting Tycho on one health. Round 4: Demo activates and kills the HMC, which gets rieekaned. Unfortunately Demo couldn't get around the HMC and takes another facedown. The HMC activates, and kills Jendon and Demo. I activate my VnSD and attempt to kill the incoming Yavaris double tap bombers. This fails and I ram the GR75. Yavaris activates and brings the pain with Dutch and Keyan, wiping out its shields and dealing one damage. Yavaris then kills the Gozanti with its front arc. End of the ship phase, Tycho zips over to start helping kill the VnSD. Round 5: I activate the VnSD, again flack the squads for minimal effect and ram the GR75 again, killing it. Yavaris activates, has Tycho, Dutch, and Keyan all double tap. This burns through all of the VnSDs defense tokens and does 6 damage, leaving it on 2 health. Yavaris shoots the VnSD, killing it. Hindsight, my squadron composition was not great. Mauler on his own isn't that effective. Also I should've kept Marrek and Jendon to help kill the squad ball. Performance wise, the VnSD-I is a larger quasar, less fragile but hits like a wet noodle and is entirely reliant on squads to do damage. Tenacious is good, and should have its point value up to 6.
  12. Forgot to rework Indomitable. I have two ideas for further balancing it. The first let's the attacker spend an engineering token to avoid the effect, the other completely reworks it so it spends two of the attackers tokens. It would be worded like "After defending against an attack that deals a damage to this ships hull, you may exhaust this card to choose and spend two of the attacking ships defense tokens." 13 points
  13. Thanks for all the feedback. Seems like the consensus so far is undercosted for how good they are, and I agree. I won't increase the points of the VnSD because having a combat ship between an ISD and a VSD was the goal. Anyway, changes All Variants: Defense token suite changed to one brace, one redirect, one contain. This should greatly reduce the survivability of all the variants as they'll be particularly vulnerable to accuracies. Yaw at speed one is now only one click, to balance out engine techs. Yaw at speed three is now 1/1/-. Since reducing its speed one yaw, it'd have the same movement chart as an ISD and that's a bit boring. VnSD-I: Removed the red flack die. Rear hull zone dice is now 1 red 1 blue. The VnSD-Is flack was a bit much and coupled with the rest of the ships carrier focus, was probably game breaking. Also reduced rear dice as @GhostofNobodyInParticular suggested. VnSD-II: Removed one blue flack dice. Removed weapons team slot. Rear hull zone dice is now 2 blue. Again reduced flack per reasons above. The weapons team is removed to help differentiate it from regular ISDs as well as to keep overall squadron potency down. Majestic: Increased cost to 7 points to better account for the extra dice available. Tenacious: Reworded the card to be less confusing, it is now "After you resolve a squadron command, you may choose a friendly squadron at distance 1-3 to suffer two damage, if you do, toggle the activation slider of two friendly squadrons you activated. The squadron that will suffer damage must have at least two hull points remaining." Colonel Yularen: Renamed to Wullf Yularen. His ability is now an exhaust ability. Clarified ability in similar way as Tenacious. The rename is so he can't be taken in the same fleet as his officer version. I changed his ability to an exhaust because being able to reduce all incoming damage by up to two is silly to be able to do constantly. I didn't want to reduce the amount he can reduce by as I felt it would be less 'fun'. Flexible Payload Officers: Added the Escort keyword to requirements to reduce rebel fighter potency. It now reads "When a squadron you activate without swarm or escort is attacking a ship or squadron and is within distance 1 of another squadron without swarm or escort, before rolling attack dice, the attacked may replace up two dice in the attack pool with an equal amount of dice of any color or colors" That's all the changes on this first pass. I'll re render the cards around lunch time and post them up. Thanks for all the feedback.
  14. Hello there, In the current drought of Armada news and lack of better stuff to do, I've designed a homebrew Venator Star Destroyer expansion, complete with a Commander, upgrade cards, and titles. I tried to keep it as balanced as possible with respect to the ISD and other vessels, such as the MC75. The purpose of this thread is to gather opinions on this before I start to playtest it. Starting off, the Venator is a large Imperial vessel. Large for two reasons, first it is 8m longer than an Interdictor and the Interdictor is at the top end of what, in my opinion, a medium ship should be, second, Imperials need a large base ship that isn't an ISD and what better candidate than the second most famous Star Destroyer. It is imperial because it was used quite extensively in the early years of the Empire and remained in use up to A New Hope, also because Imperials need some variety in Large ships. Arc-wise, it's a broadsider with a narrow front-arc and large rear arc. This is done because Imperials have no broadsider ships outside the Arquitens as well as a Venator performing a pretty impressive broadside in Ep.III. All three variants have a hull of 9, which is reasonable. A Venator(VnSD) should not be able to handle a slugging match against an ISD. It has no contain, only one redirect to represent it's weaker shields, and two braces to compensate for the lack of a Defensive Retrofit on most variants. Asides from that, the speed chart is just a slightly better ISD one, you get two clicks no matter what speed you go. Most variants have squad 5, which is considerable, but reflects the absolute ridiculous (400) amount of snubs a VnSD can throw around in lore. Venator-I: The "super-carrier" of the three. It sacrifices a ton of firepower in order to have two offensive retrofits and weapon teams. It also loses a point of Engineering to balance out the pretty silly amount of potential squadron ability. This is the variant I'm most conflicted on, sure it loses a lot of firepower and durability, but being able to activate 7 squads at long range with Ruthless Strategists/Flexible Payload Officers/Flight Controllers seems a bit crazy to me. Venator-II: The "ISDII" of the bunch, well rounded, but still pretty carrier focused. It has a nice spread of upgrades, the standout being a support team slot. I figured this slot would play into the flexibility of this platform, letting you choose between better squadron mobility, better ship mobility, or other nice upgrades. I am a bit worried it's overcosted for the amount of dice you get, but at the same time, it still has squad 5. Venator Imperial Refit: The required black dice variant, it is considerably more combat focused, gaining a defensive retrofit slot, as well as both a turbolaser and ordnance slot. To my knowledge, there are no other ships that have both turbolaser and ordance slots which gives this ship a niche between the power of the ISD-Kuat and the ISD-I. Again, I think I may have overcosted it a bit, or that it needs one more dice out the sides to bring it into parity with the HMC. That wraps up the variants. Next there are the titles, most are not squadron focused at all, as any more to boost a VnSD's squadron power would get out of hand real quick. Majestic: The most vanilla of the bunch, it just gives itself and ships near it a worthwhile concentrate token. Thinking on it, I may need to clear up the wording to show that if you do so, you can't reroll a dice as you normally would be able to with a con token. Tenacious: The Imperial Adar Tallon, also the only squadron focused title, you get to untap two squadrons you activated, but you have to seriously hurt a squadron that is hanging around near the ship. The damage requirement is to balance out some proper silliness that could be done by quadruple tapping a squad with Jendon, since each time you use that ability you are nearly killing a TIE Fighter. Balance wise, if it's too powerful, it can be reduced to only affecting one squadron. Vigilance: A combat focused title, this one plays with damage cards that you deal. The title has the benefit of circumventing Contain, but it's effects only apply to the damage cards you deal that attack. Its cost is its primary balancing factor, and could easily be increased if you guys think it's too strong. Indomitable: This one is an interesting one, in my opinion, the idea is to make it a risky proposition to take a long time to kill a VnSD. Note that it is not triggered by squadrons and it's price is quite high. That being said, I can see this one being too powerful and if you guys think so too, I could add the 'escape route' by letting the attacker spend an engineering token to avoid the effect. Since this is supposed to be a full expansion, it of course comes with new upgrade cards. Again, not too many squad focused upgrades to prevent VnSDs from getting too silly with squads. Flexible Payload Officers: It's Sato, but only for squads that don't have swarm, which should keep it from being an auto include in every squad based list. It also helps provide an alternative to Sloane, as Sloane really likes swarm squads. It also provides some competition to Flight Controllers, which again brings an interesting decision to building squadron fleets. Looking on it, I designed this upgrade without remembering that rebels exist, it might be wise to prevent it's ability on squads that also have escort to prevent what amounts to hyper TIE Defender X-wings with 2 blue 2 black and also a black dice bomber. Hanger Mounted Turbolaser: It's external racks but works at medium range and adds red dice. Not a whole lot needs to be said about this one, it's a bit more expensive then exracks because it works at medium range, but not too much more because it only adds red dice. Diamond-Boron Missiles: An anti-squad upgrade meant to give flechette's a bit of competition in the flak ship role. Forcing a choice between more damage, and less squads being activated against you. Now there's only the commander left, and I chose Colonel Yularen, as he is a pretty prominent captain of Venators. That being said, if there's a better character for this card let me know. I built the card's effect before I chose the actual character that would be on it. Yularen keeps your ships alive at the cost of killing your squads. Since he could be combined with the Seventh-Fleet SD title to reduce incoming damage by three, he costs a lot and hurts your squadrons. I'd reckon he'd be potent early game as his meat point squads are at high health, but as the game goes on he'd lose effectiveness rapidly as his meat points either die or get on too low health for it to be wise to use his ability. If you think he's overpowered, some solutions would be to make it an exhaust effect, or limit his ability to only work against ships. And that is all that there is. The hope is for these cards to be interesting to play with and play against. Again if you guys think there's something quite broken with a card, let me know. The point of the thread, after all is to do an initial balance pass before I playtest these cards.
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