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  1. I can't blame you in the slightest. Even three green dice and four shields can only last you so long.
  2. Not having a bid isn't as bad when your ships have Juke; when you attack first you will definitely have the Evade, as opposed to having to decide whether or not to spend it defensively before you fire.
  3. I adore the Defenders, but their biggest problem tends to be their predicability. I like to add a ship with Coordinate; a boost or barrel roll before a 4-K lets you come in at all kinds of attack vectors, and you can still get a modded shot (something you can miss with Advanced Sensors). This is what I've been enjoying recently. If you do it right, Sai can have a Focus and a Lock, and Rexler can have a Focus, Evade, and a Lock: TIE/D Defender: Rexler Brath (82 + 5) + Juke (5) + Jamming Beam (0) Lambda-class Shuttle: Lieutenant Sai (47 + 4) + Jamming Beam (0) + ST-321 (4) TIE/ph Phantom: "Whisper" (54 + 5) + Juke (5)
  4. I get your logic, hargle. Though I'm hesitant to fly only three ships, I struggle with 4 or more guns on the other side.
  5. Hello everyone. I've been working on polishing a list for an upcoming grudge match, and I'd love to get some feedback. TIE/ph Phantom - •“Whisper” - 70 •“Whisper” - Soft-Spoken Slayer (52) Juke (4) •Darth Vader (14) TIE/sk Striker - •“Duchess” - 49 •“Duchess” - Urbane Ace (42) Juke (4) Seismic Charges (3) TIE/sa Bomber - Scimitar Squadron Pilot - 34 Scimitar Squadron Pilot - (28) Barrage Rockets (6) TIE/sa Bomber - Scimitar Squadron Pilot - 34 Scimitar Squadron Pilot - (28) Barrage Rockets (6) Total: 187/200 The theory is pretty self-evident; your now-classic Whisper/Vader combo, Dutchess for some unpredictability, and pair of cost-effective Barrage Bombers, keeping points low as per our local meta. It's done okay, but it feels lacking, and I'm hoping you might give me your suggestions!
  6. I've been thinking about this since getting my grubby mitts on Second Edition, and I'm still not sure what to fly with the new Darth Vader. Like a lot of Imperial players, I want to fly him with Supernatural Reflexes, Afterburners, and Fire Control, but that takes up so many points I don't know what else you could effectively run with it. I've tried a couple of low-level Gunboats to decent effect, and have considered three Barrage Bombers, or even just a fully loaded Rexler Brath, but none of that seems like it's going to be worthwhile. So I don't know, what is the best way to be Anakin's wingman?
  7. That's an intriguing thought, Greebwahn, and one I'll consider. I might brainstorm another 20 point ship in lieu of the Bomber, but I'm curious how the stress/Ion workings could interact on the mat. Thank you for that!
  8. Hello all. I've been racking my brains on fine-tuning a favored list of mine, and I'm hoping I can get some input from the rest of the community. Usually I'm running this at 99 points: "Quickdraw" with Veteran's Instincts, Fire Control System, Primed Thrusters, Harpoon Missiles, Lightweight Frame, and Title Colonel Vessery with TIE/D title, Tractor Beam, TIE Engine Mark II, and Trick Shot Scimitar Squadron Bomber as a TIE shuttle with Fleet Officer, Operations Specialist, and TIE Engine Mark II Between the crew handing out a lot of Focus, and the ships able to shoot multiple times a round, it's a lot of fun to fly. But it feels a bit lacking, and with the new toys in the Reaper I'm mulling over choices. I've been thinking about swapping QD's Harpoons for Expertise (though I hate to lower PS in this meta), switching the Fleet Officer for a Tactical Officer and giving the Bomber a LWF, fitting in VI for Vessery and/or swapping for an Ion Cannon, or if I'm feeling saucy, switching the Ops Specialist for a System Officer, and changing Vessery for an X7 Rexler Brath with Juke. I'm going back and forth on a lot of ideas, without much time to playtest them. Any input you folks are willing to give, would be greatly appreciated!
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