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  1. More fighter packs 1 and 2 both imperial and rebel as well as at least one rogues and villians At least two more arquitens A couple of gozanti flotillas Another ISD and a Chimera A light carrier A gladiator At least 2 raiders, maybe four An onager Two more cr90s and Nebulon-bs Two MC-30s At least one hammer head pack, maybe two Two mc-80s An assault frigate mk2 One mc-75 Probably two of the rebel transport flotillas I dunno about Starhawk, might get one when all the others are fulfilled.
  2. The new Magen Defense Grid also seems more useful
  3. My son literally snapped the antenna off the first time we played. I have a second with the antenna intact.
  4. 'Ghost' squadrons don't exist though. The card specifies friendly squadrons, but there are no squadrons at all, its just a title card effect saying the enemies behave as if engaged. They are not actually engaged with any squadrons, because there are none, they dont exist. so therefore it seems like HFZ should work.
  5. Doesn't help much, since I'm in Australia, shipping costs from the US are pretty insane man
  6. At this point i can't even find overpriced second hand ships I need. Plenty of cr90s and Nebulons and victorys, but can't find ISD, Chimera, light carriers, Arquitens, raiders, gladiators or fighter packs. When the majority of my chosen factions ships just do not exist for sale, how the heck am I supposed to play?
  7. maybe legit rules wise, but stupid and illogical in practice. I would have have made it so wings have to all perform the same action, would have avoided all this silliness.
  8. Agreed, that Motti art is so bad. It's annoying because I like Motti but the art looks nothing like him lol
  9. yeah, they're getting better. A card pack for Armada would be nice though.
  10. It's crazy hey? Comic book artists had one job and couldn't even remove the pegs while tracing lol
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