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  1. The Nebulon-B2 it's called. It would be a nice addition for sure. The imperial gunboats, are the Alpha class Starwing, they are in x-wing and I'd love them to come over to Armada. I'd love to have the transports, also would love Sentinels, even if they do cross over with the Lambda a bit. Absolutely want Dreadnaughts, would have preferred that over the Onager tbh, I'll keep holding out hope they will show up eventually.
  2. Despite their lack of effectivness in the movies, I do admit they look nice on the table, will look great having four or so flying in formation
  3. I generally play asymmetric 'missions' with my son at home where his rebel forces have an entirely different objective, something where once achieved his ships can flee to hyperspace with a nav command. I usually play the numerically superior but slower to react imperial forces and have reserves that show up every couple of turns to put the pressure on
  4. That is an entirely different situation, that was a bridge who's shields were down. The executor didn't get killed by the a-wing, it got killed by falling into the death star before the secondary bridge could assume command.
  5. How do you expect huge ships to replenish ordnance? It makes sense for them to convert energy into weapon charge. Also explains why they ditched the energy tokens but are putting charge tokens in the huge ship packs.
  6. keeps the system similar to the old way it worked just using the charge tokens for uniformity with 2nd. Plus keep in mind ordnance uses charge, so this way you can still use ordnance and effectively 'reload' it via energy to charge. In first edition the missile hardpoints were just 'don't discard' this way you use energy for reloading ordnance without having to have new cards.
  7. Never a single fighter smashing through three supposedly heavy bombers though
  8. Man, Vindicators and Dreadnaughts... A man can dream right?
  9. The sad thing is a single dead TIE took out three just by crashing into them. What are they made out of? Cardboard?
  10. It's possible, they're streamlining it by using charge tokens for energy distributed to hardpoint weapons? Would make sense right? Spend 1 energy to add one charge to this weapon sort of thing?
  11. The Starhawk looks like something from Homeworld more than a Star Wars ship to me. But at least it's new ships right?
  12. Personally I think the Starhawk is kind of ugly looking and not at all what I was expecting. Good thing I'm an imperial player.
  13. I spoke to the place mine is pre-ordered from, they told me it should arrive late July-early august, so I'm expecting to get it this week or next at the latest. I'm in Australia btw
  14. I prefer this design of the dreadnought more than the rebels look https://img00.deviantart.net/3b50/i/2017/364/2/3/dreadnaught_class_heavy_cruiser_by_startourstraveler-dby8j9p.jpg
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