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  1. Not a full Battle Report, instead this is a cliff notes battle summary, followed up by an after action analysis of the game. Hope you enjoy,
  2. Angry Ewok vs Aresius just finished, Ewok had the bid ant took second, we played my Most Wanted Objective Scared of the speed 0 think my CR 90s were trying to engage late but missed out on several shots early by a few inches, Only the ASF got to consistently hit the Star Hawk starting on turn 2. Aresius won, I conceeded after the first activation of round 5, Dropped the ASF to speed 0 because he waited Bail Organa Out and then a round from 4 Rogue bombers with no tokens and then a second push from those same squads, paired with the Starhawks guns finished off the ASF, I was trapped at speed 0 by my own Bail move, well played to Aresius.
  3. Ewok vs. Karneck Ewok had bid and chose to go second, we played my Intel Sweep Ewok wins, Table plus Intel Sweep (475) to 20 (lost Comms Net GR-75) Onager again is an interesting ship that requires new play styles, Bail Organna showed up big for me on the end of 3 and top of 4, double tapping the Onager from medium and close range in its side. without ECM a pair of clutch Acc rolls locked the brace and poured on the damage. The rogues were able to sweep up the Onager and help the CR-90s chip down Avenger on turn 5.
  4. POD F Angry Ewok vs antisocialmunky Ewok won 6-5 229 to 224 Score so a massive 5 MoV pts... Ewok was 1st player and played PIC I have never played an Onager before and it is a large and interesting addition to the game, learned a lot about how it functions, well played to antisocial, would play him again any time.
  5. I'll play, USA East Coast, submitting list now.
  6. thank you for your efforts in the vassel module, it is basically the only way i get to play armada most of the year.
  7. Very frustrated by the Star Hawk. It cannot take ECM... (Anyone see VIC's being played ?) Its 140 points minimum and is objectively worse then the ISD 2 which has similar dice, but has speed 3 and access to ECM. In a world of Revager SSD, this thing is a joke. Even with 2 Brace tokens it will have its brace locked out and ignored unless its run with the new commander, who still only lets you use it once like getting intel officered. Super weapon comparison anyone? Rebel version is a speed manipulation gimmick which has never been competitive (see Adm. Constantine, Tractor Beams, etc.) how many of them do we see getting played these days...? Compare that to a stand off weapon that can easily kill small ships outright before they even come close, projecting 7 dice attacks beyond long range and it can simply choose to set still and turret to insure that the ships approaching it can't get in behind it. WHICH ONE OF THESE SEAMS BETTER AND MORE LIKELY TO SEE ACTUAL COMPETITIVE USE?
  8. Angry Ewok vs Realadmiralsdoitinspace Real was given first player We played Sensor Net Ewok 313 Real 44 269 MOV so a 9-2 to Ewok Looking to push in quickly and prevent token farming Real's Battle Cruiser got focused down by squads and Red Dice shooters, Rogues and CR90s finished off all the other ships except the MC80 Assault Cruiser and the fleets moved apart. Shout out to Real for playing at what was a very late time for him to accommodate my work schedule.
  9. I plan on going hope some of the NC and GA people make the trip
  10. Also, to agree and add to JediPartisan's statement, Infiltrate is marginally powerful when paired with Blue player because the infiltrating unit can set up on the middle box. I point you to all the vast numbers of ppl using Jyn/Pathfinders to box grab as an example of how useful that has turned out to be. Jyn has never made the top 8 of any major event I am aware of. Infiltrate is of less use in other missions, it still helps to get into position but the opponent can, through a combination of their deployments and scout moves block out and restrict where these units can be placed. The key take away is how there is counter play against it. Also Recover the Supplies is 1 of 5 possible missions where KP, MV, and RS constitute 3 of the 5 options. One mission can usually be selected around unless it is in the far right slot and the opponent digs down to it. when 3 of the 5 options can be greatly affected by a rule like bounty, it is a much bigger deal with a much higher chance of being leveraged and with less counter play to stop it. The statement, "its hard to collect bounty," is not a concern. It is not if the VP is hard or easy to get, it is that the VP is POSSIBLE for one player and not the other. This is compounded by the fact that Bounty is NO THREAT to the one using it, but a CONSTANT threat to the one playing against it and must be accounted for. Make jokes all you want, bounty is a fire and forget weapon that is easily employed without much thought, but places a large mental load on the opponent with poor counter play options.
  11. aside from pointing out how badly this can swing games, and how both sides don't have access to it, I want to offer a suggestion to amend this issue: 1. Remove Bounty all together, just play the game like it was set up, no VP adding 2. Make it a risk to use, if a player uses bounty and does not collect it their needs to be a consequence, so there is a thought process there of "is this worth using," instead of using it because why not its on the card... 2.a maybe make it optional to use and if the marked unit survives and the bounty hunter dies bounty awards a VP to the other team, this creates a meaningful decision about when/how to use bounty that has real consequences, it also offers the opportunity for counterplay against it 2.b maybe make the bounty act like it currently does but a collected bounty doubles the value of the marked unit when calculating MoV. this is still a huge edge in a lot of games that go to tie breakers, but does not force one player to extend their units forward to tie VP, losing attrition in the process. 3. create rebel alternate VP options of similar type. (if this was going to be done it should have been done already, releasing stuff that intentionally creates this VP scoring issue, even to 6-9 months does not respect your players) The main issue is what ever is done, it needs to force decisions on the user. Right now Bounty is a fire and forget threat that Imps can fire off without thought and it may win them a close game. In order to counter that minimal brain power tactic, players on the other end of it must constantly play around this threat from turn 0 through turn 6.
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