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  1. Quick question. I been running a home brew campaign for a few months now. We meet about twice a week. I usually always reward player 5exp at the end of every session and few more exp during game for good rp, etc. I'm wondering, how long does a campaign last for before my players become too powerful? They are starting to get to the point they got pretty decent gear and fulfill most of their talent tree. Did I give out too much exp during my campaign? Personally, I'm only halfway done through my story. Thanks!
  2. @Roderz This! ^ Great idea. I'll start to think about it a bit more narratively. A real shop keeper would see through this charm real quick after the 1st one. Increasing difficulty is a good idea if they decide to use other skill after failing the previous one.
  3. @2P51 @Magnus Arcanus So, if I allow the charm test for PC#1. And he failed... -No one is allow to charm the shop-owner this session. -PC cannot use other skill like negotiation or intimidate on the same shop owner What about borrowing/taking other player gear for "Boost die". (I often reward player with boost die for having tools to help with skill check) I get that MANY TIMES. Thanks!
  4. I often run into this issue during my session. It's a bit hard to describe... During Skill check, they would attempt multiple tries. For example, they attempt to charm a shop owner with a rose (i give boast die for rose) but fail. So PC#2 take the rose from PC#1 and attempt the same check until they pass. When they don't pass...They want to try again, but with different skill. "Okay, lets immediate the shop owner." Example: GM: The shop owner rarely give our discount PC#1: I attempt to charm her with this rose. GM: Ok, make a charm test, with boost die from the rose. PC#1: -fail roll- ****, Hey PC#2 you try. Take this rose for boost die. PC#2: Ok, I take his rose and attempt Charm. -Fail roll- GM: Um...ok. You both fail to charm her. PC#1: Let's just threaten her now. I'll Intimidate. -Fail roll- PC#2: Ok, I'll try my Intimidate -pass- Is this allow? I feel like this is similar to "Passing the strongest gun between player" per turn. "Here you try. Take it." Thanks in advance for your input!
  5. Thank you so much everyone! (whafrog, themensch, SavageBob, ThreeAM, 2P51, kaosoe, Scotboyd, Varlie, EpicTed ) I see that I have to accept that some player may not that be all into it. But its important to maintenance the FUN factor above all else. I didn't know I can reward player with Boast Dice or Setback Dice or even Exp. I'll keep that in mind! I'm also glad I'm on the right track to ask the player on ,"What does that look like" to incentive player to narrate. Although I describe the scene. I tend to make it broad as to avoid forcing their character into doing something they would normally NOT do. Thanks for all the replies, its worth its weight in Kyberite and exactly what I needed. If anybody else have more input. Please let me know!
  6. Hello everybody! I ran my 2nd session for Star Wars: Age of Rebellion. I'm having a little trouble getting my player to narrate. They would give me their intent, and just roll for it. They almost never interact with each other. Example: PC - "I want to shoot the StormTrooper" - rolls triumph- -awkward silence- "I take cover" Often I end up narrating for them... "________ draw his heavy blaster and quickly fire a round before the trooper can react. The shot was dead on as it smash through the trooper visor . Before even the trooper body hit the ground, _____________ takes cover behind the speeder." During both my session, I'm narrating about 90% of the time. I figure, roleplaying is about "Story Telling" and I want my player share what their character are doing/saying. I've watch the Geek&Sundry Roleplay session, these guy character often talk to each other. Encourage or even force one another into an action. I always end my scene with keyword, "What do you do?" Or follow up a player action, "Okay, how would '__________' do that action?"
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