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  1. I don't mind paying a bit more for good stuff.
  2. Dear FFG, Can you include something more than just cards and dividers in your return to boxes for future releases? I suggest cardboard punchouts for encounter and discarded card holders (simiiar to Arkham horror 3rd edition). Maybe even include an active investigator token.
  3. With the 6th deluxe expansion coming along and player base increasing steadily, don't you guys think is time for new gamemats to be introduced for this awesome card game?
  4. If FFG can develop an expansion for the starter deck gators, it would be great! Matt and team please think about this!
  5. Maybe they will have starter decks that come with its own dedicated standalone scenarios? That would be awesome!! They may even come out with dedicated standalone scenarios for all the previous issued investigators??
  6. Can you give us an estimation of how many more cycles are forthcoming as the years progresses?
  7. kongg

    AMA with Andrew Navaro

    Hi Andrew, Where will the team look to inspiration for new scenarios for Arkham Horror The Card Game once all the Old Ones are used up? Will there by new gamemats for Arkham Horror The Card game?
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