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  1. My Zabrak Executioner character in my current Force and Destiny campaign - Lana Skye. The most cheerful psychopath you'll ever meet. Also probably the deadliest. Facial tattoos aren't accurate, per se, but I created this using The Sims 4 and had to work within the limitations of the pre-rendered art assets.
  2. Just started GMing online the other day - a duet with a close friend who's helping me learn the ropes. We're playing knight-level pre-Clone-Wars FnD, and taking turns to GM. Relationships like ours mean a lot of teasing, which is why I sent his character on a resource acquisition mission for the Jedi Council. Translation? I sent a trained Jedi Knight to get coffee, because Obi-Wan is hungover. In all fairness, he HAS encountered a Death Watch bombing en route - so there may be a plot here somewhere.
  3. Star Wars is fun, no matter how old you are - all you need is an open mind and a taste for cheese. I say this as someone who watched the Original and Prequel films for the first time in my life just a few months ago - well into my 20s. It's a gloriously tacky space opera. IMO, this series looks VERY fun.
  4. Seems we're all on similar pages RE stat expectations. Personally hoping we get basic rival/minion stats for all the commonly used models of CIS battle droids, and for the various types of Clone/ARC trooper. Named characters are fun, but some versatility would be much appreciated too. (And there's no telling which side of the war a group might want to be on). Wouldn't mind if they tossed in some Sith "freelancer" stats, though - Maul and Savage were pretty epic in the later episodes of TCW.
  5. Been spending more time looking over the announcement. Got to say, the new Obi-Wan stats are ridiculous - and pretty much exactly what I expected. He's THE bada** of the Clone Wars Era. Hoping that, in terms of content, they actually DO collect some of the scattered Clone Wars gear/vehicle/adversary bits that are scattered across the three product lines, because they're usually found in expansion books rather than in Core. Droidekas, which IMO are a pretty staple CIS adversary, only appear in the back of one of the FnD Adventure Module books - not something that the majority of people necessarily own. Pouting a bit that we're not getting playable stats for some of the more unique species from the Clone Wars TV series - Harch, Zygerrian, Karkarodon, ect. Sure they're "villain" species, but they'd be fun as heck to play. The only thing about the Rise of the Separatists book that sort-of worries me is the idea of a "Jedi" Career. I kind of thought the FnD product line WAS the Jedi career. Still 100% looking forward to the book, though. *more happy cyborg noises*
  6. *happy cyborg noises* Seriously, though. This is exactly what I was hoping for. Now excuse me while I pre-order, even though the shipping to Canada literally costs as much as the book itself.
  7. Inventory tracking can get pretty detailed, and that's not a bad thing - a LOT of items have dedicated stats and costs, and it doesn't make sense to be able to pull them out of nowhere. One thing to think about though - are your players doing this because their characters just forget to buy the appropriate equipment, or because their characters can't AFFORD the appropriate equipment? I only bring it up because my FnD group is so perpetually cash-strapped, and our GM is so detail-oriented, that we've had to start taking talents that replace the equipment we can't afford. Pretty sure the whole party has Spare Clip and at least one rank in Stimpack Specialization, our techies both have Mental Tools, and the only reason our characters don't starve to death is because our Seeker has Forager and we've all put three ranks in Survival - EXP that we all would have preferred to spend in more diverse ways. Just my two cents.
  8. Definitely have my fingers crossed for a Clone Wars sourcebook, as well. I've only been able to find bits and pieces of relevant gear and stats across the three book lines (prototype ARC trooper armor, IG-100 Magnaguards and Droidekas, a couple of Republic dropships) - not exactly enough to run my dream GAR campaign.
  9. Now that sounds like one heck of an adventure! Always cool to hear stories about others table experiences, and it definitely sounds like your players had fun, Mercenary. (And TBH the limitations of comlinks have always confused me, as well.)
  10. Literally just finished watching all six seasons of the Clone Wars with a close friend on Tuesday. Today, I wake up to this news. Couldn't be happier. Hoping that they release the unfinished Admiral Trench storyline!
  11. Thanks both for your feedback on this. We don't in fact have a dedicated healer, or any healer at all - two green is our best for medicine - and well, we get into a LOT of fights. Our seeker got all of her critical injuries over three in-game days. Let's just say that our GM's policy is "when in doubt, throw stormtroopers at them." Will definitely look into that backpack that you suggested, Darzil. Also good to know about the critical injuries! I kind of like the rough ride - keeps things from getting boring - but it's great to hear other perspectives.
  12. Now this is an idea I'll have to suggest to my GM! Even at a couple hundred CR, it sounds like a very reasonable option to be available on a civilized world. On Ord Mantell, our party's essentially been keeping ourselves in one piece with stimpaks and staple guns. It's not uncommon for us to stumble into an encounter at 1/2 wound threshold - and stumble out with half the party on stretchers. I think our Seeker currently has 4 uncured critical injuries? Still fairly new to F&D, so I hope you don't mind if I derail a bit to ask a question - is this level of suffering normal, or are our characters having it unusually rough?
  13. Well, if Wookipedia is to be trusted, Master Gallia is a Tholothian. The species appears in the F&D source book Unlimited Power. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Tholothian
  14. Somehow, that didn't even occur to me. Oops. Will try to muster up the courage to ask. I've got a pretty bad case of new group nerves.
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