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  1. Being a big fan of the LMC80 I recently purchased a second one and was brainstorming a list to run em and this is what I came up with, I was hoping I could get some suggestions on what to change.?

    Here’s the List:

    FACTION: Rebel

    POINTS: 400
    SHIP 124

    MC80 Battle Cruiser 103

    • Strategic Adviser 4

    • Gunnery Team 7

    • Leading Shots 4

    • XI7 Turbolasers 6

    SHIP 20
    GR-75 Medium Transports 18

    • Comms Net 2

    SHIP 154
    MC80 Battle Cruiser 103

    Endeavor 4

    • General Madine 30
    • Gunnery Team 7
    • Leading Shots 6

     XI7 Turbolasers 6

    CR90 Corvette A
    • Turbolaser Reroute Circuits 7
    • Jaina's Light 2

    53 points 


    Tycho Celchu 16

    3 × A-wing Squadron 33

     Objectives :

     ASSAULT: Most Wanted

    DEFENSE: Fire Lanes

    NAVIGATION: Intel Sweep


    2 minutes ago, R4Pi3R said:

    Well to keep the fleet in the builder, sure, but you can hit print and save it as PDF file on your local machine or on a cloud.

    The UI allows pretty quick building, so rebuilding a fleet and adjusting doesn't take that long. I too donated after all while, but just because I really wanted to support the site.

    Good tip! I'll  definitely donate because its a really well-made site.

  3. 1 hour ago, EbonHawk said:

    Again proxying helps, but yeah it does :( :( 

    I know for tournaments, that my Imp friend @PodRacer doesn't use those cards in his list and kindly has allowed me to use them for tournaments in the past when I have used them, this could also be an idea if your Imp friends decide to get the ship :) 

    Also if you haven't checked it out already http://armadawarlords.hivelabs.solutions/ is really useful for building fleets and seeing what upgrades to use! It can be some fun trying to figure out what to put in at 400pts and a headache sometimes ;) 

    Lets hope, most seem to like the ISD's and Arquitens unfortunately. Btw that link is super awesome, thank you!

  4. 13 hours ago, EbonHawk said:

    B-wings are the bringers of death! 

    Upgrades that help them alot:

    Fighter Coordination Teams (FCT) - allows them to move speed 1 after the ship equipped moves (up to the ships squadron value, ex: Neb-B moves 2 squads with escort variant)

    Flight Commanders - Allow your ship to activate squadrons after moving

    Bomber Command Centre (BCC) - Allows your 'bomber' squads to reroll 1 black die. (cannot use multiples of this card)

    Rapid Launch Bays - May store squadrons (up to ship value) before you deploy ships and then deploy them in game distance 1 of your ship with a squadron command (least essential of all the upgrades mentioned, niche) 

    Yavaris Neb Title - Sqaudrons that don't move can attack twice (taking Flight commander makes this easier, as does FCT although the Title cannot benefit from it's own FCTs)

    Other Officers that help:

    Toryn Farr - Rerolls 1 blue dice if it's range 1-3 within her. Stack with BCC to reroll both B-wing anti-ship dice

    Adar Tallon - allows you to move a squad and un-activate it after to move again, helps to get a good squadron ready for Yavaris

    hope that helps :) always good to have another rebel

    Super useful! Eventually that'll be part of the dream list! Just sucks that a lot of those upgrades are in the interdictor expansion :(

  5. 2 hours ago, EbonHawk said:

    I'd hold off.. if you can play casually.

    If you're playing with someone who doesn't mind you 'proxying' a card(using one you don't own) don't get it just use the squads (Rouge Squad, Gold Sqaud, Green Squad, Dagger Squad, Shara/Biggs/Ten Numb/Norra) and learn them and order the CC when you start playing competitively. 

    Also if you play with a friend who plays imperials you could go halves as it comes with cards for both sides.  

    Great advice! Lucky for me my friends are Imperial players!

  6. 2 hours ago, EbonHawk said:

    The MC-75 is a good choice, one variant 'can' be a carrier if you really want it to be, the other variant wants to be a bruiser/tank. It also works well with most generals for learning the game.

    The GR-75 is a must buy, but no more than 2 as that's all you're allowed at one time in a list.

    Assault Frigate, and Pelta are personal choice really, maybe better getting later on.

    MC30 is a great ship, alone with the Admonition title, or as a pair (or more) with mothma. Great ships worth their bang for buck

    The home one MC80 is a good ship for as is the Lib both for different styles.  

    Neb-B is a must I'd say, helps to not only learn to pilot ships but also a great start for learning squadrons and carriers. Especially keeping in range without boosted comms!

    If I was to list a top 5 ships to get to get you going in no order.




    MC-80 Home one


    Squadrons wise

    2 normal packs of squads (1st edition, a,b,y,x wings)

    1 rouges pack.

    You could run:

    Luke/Wedge/X-wings/Jan Oars

    A-wings, Tycho

    Neb-b with B-wings

    Hope this helps :)

    Thank You! Ill definitely be investing in the nebulon-b expansion and get another fighter squadrons I (can't have enough b-wings ;) ), Yavaris seems like a must have!

  7. 1 hour ago, The Jabbawookie said:

    Just for reference, things you’ll need if heavy bombers is the plan:

    That R&V pack you mentioned (Jan Ors)

    2 Rebel Squadrons I

    (X-wings, B-wings, Y-wings)

    At least one GR-75, more likely two

    (The ship itself, Toryn, BCC)

    Home One

    (The ship itself, Boosted Comms)



    The Corellian Conflict

    (Ten Numb, Gold Squadron, Norra Wexley)

    The Pelta

    (Flight Commander, Fighter Coordination Team)

    Rieekan comes on the MC30, but you can make a perfectly good fleet with Dodonna.

    Ill probably soon get Home One probably after the MC-75, do you think I could hold off on Correllian Conflict? Or are those ace cards really essential? Its just Id want a decent rebel fleet before I invest in non-ships packs for now.

  8. 1 hour ago, Mostly_Harmless_Species said:

    Ok, I’ll give you some ideas. If you don’t want to proxy a ton of cards, a bomber list is not going to work out with the ships you have. Thus, you should take an interceptor wing to defeat enemy bombers. So here it is:

    First Fleet (390/400)
    Rebels  - Author: M0N0RAIL

    Commander: General Madine

    [flagship] MC80 Liberty Star Cruiser (96)
     - General Madine (30)
     - Mon Karren (8)
     - Overload Pulse (8)
     - Defense Liaison (3)
     - XI7 Turbolasers (6)
     - H9 Turbolasers (8)
     - Gunnery Team (7)
    = 166 total points

    Nebulon-B Escort Frigate (57)
     - Skilled First Officer (1)
     - Spinal Armament (9)
    = 67 total points

    CR90 Corvette A (44)
     - Electronic Counter Measures (7)
     - Leia Organa (3)
    = 54 total points

    GR-75 Medium Transports (18)
     - Bright Hope (2)
     - Comms Net (2)
     - Toryn Farr (7)
    = 29 total points

    Squadrons (74/134):
    1x Wedge Antilles X-Wing Squadron (19)
    3x X-Wing Squadron (39)
    1x Dutch Vander Y-Wing Squadron (16)

    As you can probably see, it isn’t great. The options you have are pretty limited. The next expansion I would recommend is profundity. Raddus synergises well with the liberty MC80. Also consider getting the CR90 expansion. That’s about £60 of expansions. If you are willing to spend another £50, you can get the nebulon expansion and an MC30. The nebulon wil give you Yavaris, which is heavenly for pushing bombers, and the MC30 will rapidly murder enemy ships. So here are two more lists to try. The first it with admiral Raddus:

    First Fleet (397/400)
    Rebels  - Author: M0N0RAIL

    Commander: Admiral Raddus

    [flagship] CR90 Corvette A (44)
     - Admiral Raddus (26)
     - Jaina's Light (2)
     - Turbolaser Reroute Circuits (7)
    = 79 total points

    MC80 Liberty Star Cruiser (96)
     - Endeavor (4)
     - Leading Shots (4)
     - Bail Organa (7)
     - Engine Techs (8)
     - XI7 Turbolasers (6)
     - H9 Turbolasers (8)
     - Gunnery Team (7)
    = 140 total points

    MC30c Torpedo Frigate (63)
     - Admonition (8)
     - Assault Proton Torpedoes (5)
     - Caitken and Shollan (6)
    = 82 total points

    GR-75 Medium Transports (18)
    = 18 total points

    CR90 Corvette A (44)
     - Intel Officer (7)
    = 51 total points

    Squadrons (27/134):
    1x Tycho Celchu A-Wing Squadron (16)
    1x A-Wing Squadron (11)

    Ah, much better. Anyway, hope this helps, and have fun!


    Many thanks!

  9. Hey Guys!

    So im super new to armada,  I havent even played a game yet. But after watching countless videos on youtube, I caved in and bought a core set and some of my favourite rebel ships (I plan on getting an ISD and Gladiator later on I wanna focus on rebels first), the MC80 Liberty, GR-75 transports and Rebel fighters I (Because B-wings are sexy) expansions. Any ideas on what a good fleet would be with these components? Or/and what should my next purchase be? Any help would greatly be appreciated!

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