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  1. Thanks for the feedback! Everyone in my area (myself included) likes to run numerous squadrons, so I didn’t know if 2 scatter aces or more squads whould be better at delaying the swarms of fighters, but I think I’ll try out your suggestion!
  2. Being a big fan of the LMC80 I recently purchased a second one and was brainstorming a list to run em and this is what I came up with, I was hoping I could get some suggestions on what to change.? Here’s the List: FACTION: Rebel POINTS: 400 SHIP 124 MC80 Battle Cruiser 103 • Strategic Adviser 4 • Gunnery Team 7 • Leading Shots 4 • XI7 Turbolasers 6 SHIP 20 GR-75 Medium Transports 18 • Comms Net 2 SHIP 154 MC80 Battle Cruiser 103 Endeavor 4 • General Madine 30 • Gunnery Team 7 • Leading Shots 6 XI7 Turbolasers 6 CR90 Corvette A • Turbolaser Reroute Circuits 7 • Jaina's Light 2 53 points SQUADRONS 49 Tycho Celchu 16 3 × A-wing Squadron 33 Objectives : ASSAULT: Most Wanted DEFENSE: Fire Lanes NAVIGATION: Intel Sweep
  3. Good tip! I'll definitely donate because its a really well-made site.
  4. Yo that one is really easy to use! I really dig it, Thank you!
  5. Lets hope, most seem to like the ISD's and Arquitens unfortunately. Btw that link is super awesome, thank you!
  6. Super useful! Eventually that'll be part of the dream list! Just sucks that a lot of those upgrades are in the interdictor expansion
  7. Great advice! Lucky for me my friends are Imperial players!
  8. Thank You! Ill definitely be investing in the nebulon-b expansion and get another fighter squadrons I (can't have enough b-wings ), Yavaris seems like a must have!
  9. Ill probably soon get Home One probably after the MC-75, do you think I could hold off on Correllian Conflict? Or are those ace cards really essential? Its just Id want a decent rebel fleet before I invest in non-ships packs for now.
  10. Heavy Bombers, but it doesn't seem possible at the moment haha.
  11. Thanks for all the replies! The MC-75 will likely be my next purchase! Should I get rogues and Villans pack as well? I hear Jan Ors is quite useful lmao.
  12. Hey Guys! So im super new to armada, I havent even played a game yet. But after watching countless videos on youtube, I caved in and bought a core set and some of my favourite rebel ships (I plan on getting an ISD and Gladiator later on I wanna focus on rebels first), the MC80 Liberty, GR-75 transports and Rebel fighters I (Because B-wings are sexy) expansions. Any ideas on what a good fleet would be with these components? Or/and what should my next purchase be? Any help would greatly be appreciated!
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