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  1. From what I have read so far in the lore it feels likely that its the elemental master that are trying to instigate something. Meishodo's just happens to be a convenient ruse to divert attention from what is actually going on. Clearly unicorn and lion lands are not experiencing anything strange. The elements are most imbalanced in phoenix lands and phoenix practices. The kami themselves are clearly angry with them the most as more and more phoenix shugenja are unable to invoke them.
  2. What are the likelihoods of ever having online tournaments. I know people don't want to travel to conventions but this is also a format I personally don't mind entering every few months. Especially if it can win me something like a pass to grand kotei's. Other digital games have been doing good and I think making the game more accessible to players at the highest levels is a nice idea.
  3. There is a clear lack in players attacking as is, I doubt restricting attacks will be any more fun. The game will literally devolve into 3+ players holding 20 cards in their hands spending fate to do nothing until the last player decides he can attack. Some brainstorming has led to this suggestion how about something random. Roll a die. Or have each player make an honor bid, and attack based of the result
  4. I am no expert and claim no such thing. But in my honest and humble opinion I don't like it when products are released that can only be used in certain formats of the game. I know that such products are fun but they are essentially white elephants. From a design perspective I love cards that are playable in every format. I absolutely admire cards that are good in single player but scale in multiplayer. And the best of both worlds is already an integral part of this game. This part i mentioned are the keywords and rules text. For example the rules text, "opponent", "player" and "each". By carefully wording cards, you can make really nice multiplayer cards that are also viable in single player formats.
  5. Some trend my play group has noticed include, Passing conflicts > A lot of the time most players are passing conflicts although they invested fate. It makes sense as there are more enemies on the table than there are friends. What we all agreed on after noticing this was that players should be allowed to make deals with each other while defending. And allowing players to defend for other players. We think this will be a nice dynamic. We cant have the defending rule be the same as that in magic cause unlike magic defenders in L5R get bowed. We also agreed defending other players in rings that match keeper roles is an advantage. I would have loved as Unicorn moving a bowed unit to a conflict my opponent defended successfully against Isawa Kaede just to benefit of the ring bonus. Creative deals > In our game I had a deal where in exchange for assisting in a conflict I asked for having one of my characters honored. I quite enjoyed this. I also loved how I gave my opponent an ornate fan to help defend and got it back with my giver of gifts. We hate that we can't declare multiple conflicts of a certain type. Here is a nice idea lets create a shrine to the <insert element> kami token. Lets use this to attain enlightenment instead of rings. Let the rings return to the pool. Lets also give buffs to the kami tokens when contesting a ring of a certain type. It fits with lore, you create a shrine to appease a kami when you win. When a province is lost to an opponent they can stake claim on your shrine. Putting fate on rings needs a little revamp. Lets make the rule you place a fate on a ring of a player who has the least amount of fate on rings they control. Need more incentive to attack. Make kami tokens give buffs. Bonus tag team rules. 10 rings. 5 military elemental rings and 5 political elemental rings all shared by players. Single player rules for the most part. No additional fate at the start. Attacking and defending can be assisted.
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