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  1. Base Camp Scanners: 2eP+1eA+2eD 2 successes, 1 threat, 1 Triumph Ooooooo scanners
  2. Elas zoned out, disinterested in the political climate Panaka was discussing, but he lit up when he entered the base camp. He admired the virtual map of Dee'ja Peak, and took a look around to size up the other electronic equipment in the tent. Hearing Panaka’s request, Elas gave a glance towards Investigator Deckard and then Captain Tillis--almost as if he were about to ask their permission--and went over to the base scanner console. Elas produced a datapad from his pack and gave a small curse of his own as he failed to find the correct connection for it. A few moments later he had dug through his pack some more and managed to find a working adapter and to get hooked up. Before beginning, Elas attempted to set up a route to record the scanner data on his datapad so he could hopefully bring it with him for later. He thought for a moment, and decided to attempt to check the most current scanner data, and maybe some recent data from the past days as well. "Investigator, do you think there's an interesting time period we should look at?" Elas questioned as he attempted to access the data. "Well, I'm not sure that this thing is saving data," he thought aloud.
  3. Not sure whether I was supposed to roll this or not but there it is lol Underworld Airgang: 3eA+3eD 0 successes, 1 threat
  4. Standard Skill Check Perception: 3eA+1eB+2eD 0 successes Competitive Skill Check Perception: 3eA+1eB+3eD+2eS 0 successes
  5. Elas stood nearby, zipping pockets on his matte gray backpack. He relaxed for a moment but quickly resumed his fidgeting, unzipping just as many pockets and rifling through his own supplies to make sure he would be ready. His head-tendrils swam upwards of their own volition into the air, excited from their normal droopy state by the foreign sense of mountain air. They form a sort of maroon-and-blue mohawk against his bright saffron skin tone. Aware of his brightness, Elas wears a lot of dark blacks. He glanced around, uncomfortable and wondering sarcastically if mission brief details are customarily shared on landing pads on Naboo. Elas listened to Panaka’s answers to Commander Tillis nonetheless, reminding himself that Crysenia might actively be in danger. In preparation, Elas had read a few HoloNet reports of the Trade Federation’s continued hostile activities. He didn’t yet have a sense of the present state of things, but he worried that the problems were bad enough to merit investment into a peace force. "Oh, Elas Van Dez," he ventured as he realized introductions seemed to be happening in a somewhat official capacity.
  6. WIP Elas Van Dez (Mikkian): Spy (Slicer) http://swsheets.com/c/xwjtmcrp1-elas-van-dez
  7. I'd like to play Spy - Slicer or Mystic - Advisor, depending on which we need for getting the force sensitive vs non force sensitive balance right. Or for whatever works better in the party or story.
  8. I'd still be down! No worries, life happens. I'm kinda more pro starting at regular than knight level but I'm happy to come along either way.
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