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  1. @Cuz05, you’re right. If they are Barons with passive and concussion missiles, then Duchess with 5th bro fits with a 3 pt bid.
  2. With the addition of some interceptor and TIE/v1 pilots into hyperspace, how does this affect Empire? Here’s one concept list I’m trying to theory out. Force and three defense dice are strong, plus an agile blocker. But mainly, I’m interested in any perspectives out there. Do you think the changes will create entirely new angles of strength for the faction? Or are we going to see just slight to no alterations of what is strong/efficient for Empire in hyperspace? (67) Darth Vader [TIE Advanced x1] (2) Fire-Control System Points: 69 (43) Seventh Sister [TIE Advanced v1] Points: 43 (42) Fifth Brother [TIE Advanced v1] (3) Ion Missiles (2) Passive Sensors Points: 47 (31) Alpha Squadron Pilot [TIE/in Interceptor] Points: 31 Total points: 190
  3. Looks like Hondo in a Republic ARC with C1-10P (erratic side) can allow jamming two enemies in a single turn.
  4. In addition to this, Crack Shot and Passive Sensors are still behaving the old way in the app: 1 point, and 3 points on All initiatives.
  5. Just keep in mind that Tiin’s ability requires selecting a maneuver of the same difficulty. So, your example above works, but you can’t do it in the other order: reveal blue 2 straight R2-A6 changes it to 3 blue straight Tiin cannot change 3 blue straight to 3 white bank. Edit: but it is amazing that you can set a 2 blue straight and end up doing ANY of 8 different maneuvers! 1-/2-/3-speed banks plus 2-/3-speed straight!
  6. Ah, I do agree that AO has more opportunity for use, certainly. If I am not going to include PA, I would probably just take the bid. And I also agree, AO Zetas can be super effective at times. They’re basically Torrents, which we’ve seen their success when coupled with certain aces, but better in every way, for 11 more points.
  7. If it’s reintroduced on the basis of it being Used by REBELS in canon, ehhh... as someone who started X-Wing as an Empire player, I don’t know how I feel about that.
  8. Muse is also there as a stress-eater for Holo, too. He passes stress after a red move to her, but if she’s also stressed, hopefully there’s an sf nearby so Holo passes his to it and Muse eats her own.
  9. @JBFancourt, what is the use case for considering Advanced Optics on Holo? Is it to be able to fine-tuned thrusters: barrel roll, then focus but still modify a blank?
  10. I like First Order lists and have been wanting to try out Holo with Pattern Analyzer and Proud Tradition. At this point, I just gave everyone else what I think is their most desirable upgrade, and it fits in the 200 points. Are there any improvements or changes that could make this list more competitive? The one soft requirement I offer is to try to keep Holo as-is. Would this be better to convert the sfs to fos and beef holo up? Should upgrades be removed for a bid? Etc. TIE/sf Fighter - Zeta Squadron Survivor - 36 Zeta Squadron Survivor - (32) Advanced Optics (4) TIE/sf Fighter - Zeta Squadron Survivor - 36 Zeta Squadron Survivor - (32) Advanced Optics (4) TIE/fo Fighter - •“Scorch” - 35 •“Scorch” - Zeta Leader (33) Fanatical (2) TIE/fo Fighter - •“Muse” - 32 •“Muse” - Epsilon Leader (30) Proud Tradition (2) TIE/ba Interceptor - •“Holo” - 61 •“Holo” - Trick of the Light (54) Proud Tradition (2) Pattern Analyzer (5) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
  11. PS Ryad doesn’t have a mod slot, so she can’t take shield upgrade.
  12. That’s a very clear way of putting it.
  13. About the other side of C1-10P, can aethersprite Anakin queue the droids evade action opportunity prior to his pilot ability, given that he doesn’t already have stress, the maneuver was a basic one, and it fully executed? The ultimate result being that all before the perform action step, Anakin has fully executed, queued C1 then pilot ability, resolves: taking red evade, gaining stress, then removing it through the pilot ability. Then he would be able to proceed with fine-tuned controls (given he still has force) and/or perform action step. So, is that all possible?
  14. @admat, did you happen to play against any high ship count lists? How should a four-ship FO squad be flown against something like that?
  15. Thanks, everyone! I was more speculating than arguing against the current design. I fully receive and understand the side of deplete affecting all attacks - it would make the ship ability consistently powerful and deplete the obvious choice for at least 2-3 turns. I like the expectation that it was taxing the pilot‘a ability to make a good shot/avoid a shot after they used the thrusters to maneuver/acquire a lock.
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