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  1. Thanks for the offer! I’ll check with my local group first, as suggested.
  2. It’s also in the new Modified YT-1300, which... wait for it... DOESN’T! have an illicit slot anymore. So, if you bought that ship, you just got “fang-burned” <- attempting to coin this as a term that means “the expansion includes an upgrade you cannot use except in quickbuilds”, like the fang fighter and afterburners.
  3. I hear what you’re saying. But (and I don’t meant to sound like yet another broken record - I’ve read what others have said in this subject) my Extended collection consists only of Empire, so I only have the one prox mine token from the imp vets expansion. I DO want another Decimator at some point, so buying the new one isn’t out of the question, but then I sill only have JUST enough tokens for any scenario involving just one prox mine upgrade. I’m unlikely to buy more tie bombers and punishers as I’m not interested in fielding more than what I have. So I might have to go in on slave I, or I’ll try and hit up the US x-wing sell/buy community. I’ve been hoping the card packs come with more than just new pilots. Seems like a cost-efficient way to give players new conditions, abilities, and upgrades, too, to keep things fresh for original-faction ships.
  4. I think slave I 2.0 has two of the same tokens (I don’t have that expansion). It’s just so annoying because, legally in game, what am I supposed to do if I drop the second prox mine (because it has two charges) after the opponent already avoided the first one and it’s still on the field?
  5. Does it really only come with one proximity mine token?
  6. iOS, iPhone, version 1.2.0 Modified YT-1300 TIE Silencer
  7. This feature should be an option to turn on or off the restriction to show only owned items.
  8. @theBitterFig 1st list: I like that you took 000 out. I remembered that any time it’s triggered for me, the opponent is happy to give me the calculate. Additionally, I realized that, while Seventh Sister is situational, it might be possible to block red moves with the deci unexpectedly, in which case she can become more useful or “easier” to proc. I think Jerjerrod can help with that. I wonder about moving him to RAC so that any other system phase things from the opponent’s list can be accounted for. 2nd list: ... that FITS??? That’s 43 points of health!
  9. I think it depends. I can see arc dodgers being a problem if they have a wide range of their maneuvers accessible in the situation. But alternatively, in one game I caught Fenn Rau a time or two by placing RAC squarely in front of him. I imagine that a strength of a lower init double Decimator list would be in constantly taking up a LOT of board space and bumping properly. They don’t have the tricks that RAC w/Vader do to strip tokens or ensure damage, so if they’re low on mods, they’re either reinforcing to mitigate damage from multiple shots, or they’re bumping in ways to take actions and shots away so that soontir can clean up. I imagine that the weaknesses are if you can’t trigger bumps and end up far away from enemy ships, turning around is a laborious process. Those are my thoughts anyway. I haven’t flown a double deci list yet but plan to try it out soon.
  10. @JBFancourt, SAME 😁😁😁! I usually switch up my main squad frequently - still experimenting with a variety of things to see what I like most - but I loved the look and potential of that list so much that I committed to using that list exclusively in all my extended games for the time being (at least until the points change). I had noticed Jerjerrod’s unusual ability some time ago, but didn’t understand where it might best fit. Seeing it here and the strategy explained, just felt like such an interesting way to use the Decimator!
  11. I see where Death Troopers could apply, but if the opposing ships decide to run, the Decimator can’t turn around fast enough to make the stress stick. Maybe just doesn’t suit my style. DT is very conditional on the kind of list across the table and I think they take more forethought to use effectively. Prox mines are interesting. I think they can be good if I made a plan to crash into their squad and force them to move through rather than to the side, but if it doesn’t work, that’s two more objects for decis to not run over, lol! If I did put prox mines in, I would be strongly drawn to put jerjerrod on CO in order to boost both ships in ways that dropping the mines right afterward would place them squarely on or in front of opponents ships. I do agree with the strength of both upgrades, though.
  12. @JBFancourt, can you see any room in strategy for Moff Jerjerrod? I’ve used him in a one-deci list and love the unpredictability. I understand the stress is also inevitable due to dauntless, etc., but boosting two Decimators has a major surprise factor, I think.
  13. Looking for help to make this list fit in 200 points. Lots of different ways it could go, but I’m interested in getting RAC built as the powerhouse and CO as an “in your face” bumper who can still threaten with shots. I’ve considered seismics on both to be able to open up the board a bit, so any slants or ways of optimizing it you think of, I’m interested in hearing. (76) Rear Admiral Chiraneau [VT-49 Decimator] (14) Darth Vader (8) Moff Jerjerrod (9) Fifth Brother Points: 107 (74) Captain Oicunn [VT-49 Decimator] (5) 0-0-0 (9) Seventh Sister (3) Intimidation (4) Dauntless Points: 95 Total points: 202
  14. @Carlospiceyweener, if you don’t mind me asking, which changes did you end up trying out?
  15. Synel

    Stele Beef

    Better yet, if Saba can work his way around into range 1 without losing too much health, 5 dice!
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