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  1. I would say both yes and no. I have been collecting singles of most the imperial expansions, and I can say that it is really great to have the extreme versatility of all the ships. But if you are playing against someone who has multiples of something, even just 2 nebulons. You can be out done pretty easily with fleet construction. Especially with the imperials because a single ship can cost so much more than rebel ships. So my final answer would be maybe 1 or 2 of each ship, but probably never more than that. Maybe 3 imperials total counting Chimaera for the occasional super battle. Other than that no more than 2 of one ship in my opinion.
  2. This is a really well put together expansion. I think you did a really good job designing the providence and the acclamator. They both seem pretty close to the way they are described in books and other source material. The providence in particular. the venator is pretty good as well. Like the arcs and the general firepower balance. Some of the upgrades are a little powerful but other than that this is a very well done set. Thank you very much for all your hard work.
  3. I just noticed that the main picture of the spread out has a new victory title behind Iden. I don't know what it says but I am hoping for a navigation keyword.
  4. I didn't think about that, and I agree with you on the ship card part. However, I still think that having a giant home one model would peak interest in armada from outside the fan base. The eclipse would definitely do that, especially since it is supposed to have a lot less firepower than an executor not counting the superlaser. That does explain the lack of truly ludicrous dice counts.
  5. That would be awesome. But what if they made a exclusive double size home one model. New art and a new ship card with more hull and an isd1 broadside. And different defense tokens. i would love if they made a deal eclipse model though.
  6. While we are twiddling our thumbs on the ssd release, I was brainstorming on how the venator could be incorporated into the current game. Without adding clone wars or even if they do, would the venator be more thematically accurate as a front arcer, or a broadsider? I was kind of thinking they could make both, where one is : Venator class star destroyer Republic era. This ship could be a front arc ship with a 6 dice front arc of 4 red and 2 blue. You usually see the venators front arcing in the clone wars tv show. The other alternative is: Venator class star destroyer Rise of the Empire refit. This would be the ships that fought in the battle of corrusant and are seen brawling broadside. They could have 5 dice on the side with 3 red and 1 blue and a black. Its front arc could consist of 2 black and 2 blue. With a ordnance upgrade to make it even more of a brawler. I would like this mix of style that would enforce versatility of the venator class. Any thoughts are appreciated. May the patience be with you.
  7. Has anyone else noticed the art on the final page? Look what is bombarding the isd. An Assault frigate mk1! I hope they announce the rest of the sec expansion and then wave eight soon.
  8. Yes, I think that it has gone on long enough. I don't know exactly why they are doing it, maybe they are reworking the squadrons, or more likely they found some big problems with the ssd and are trying to fix it. That still doesn't explain why they can't just say "sorry everyone we are having some problems with ssd development, please be patient and stand by for the release and for wave 8"( as a suspension thing). Actually, I would rather like there to be a squadron rework. Mainly that they would update the bombers and make them more effective. I especially hope that they keep their anti squadron armament within 3 dice be it 2 blue or a blue and a black. And maybe to even add offensive retrofits to effect squadrons such as: ion torpedo before rolling attack dice against enemy ships roll 2 blue dice( the amount may vary) if you roll a blue critical, treat the defending hull zone as not having shields. Anyway FFG please release an article on armada and announce something anything good.
  9. My brother and I caught the nebulon (for my brother) and the interdictor (for me) at these prices and bought them. Thank you
  10. Just because fantasy flight games hasn't released any news on their website for 6 months thankfully doesn't mean that we the players have dropped it. yes we are still playing, in fact I just ordered a new set of armada expansions.
  11. A few days ago I posted on where to go with the rebels and would like a follow-up with the imperials. Right now I have the core set victory the imperial expansion the arquitens expansion the raider and the gladiator, where should I go from here? I like the interdictor but am not sure if that would be best. In general what is the go to expansion for the imperials after the ones I have listed? Any responses are appreciated, thank you.
  12. I would say that a single round in armada would total about 10 minutes, my logic is that naval battles take a very long time in atmosphere and in space and it would make sense that after one hour of fighting ( or six rounds ) would decide the battle which is why after the end of the sixth round commanders would retreat. All of this takes place simultaneously so that is why star destroyers are able to lose half their shields to a cr90, because they focus on the large ships. And they can't waste 5 minutes destroying a dinky little corvette while being blasted by a mon cal cruiser.
  13. Hello, My brother has been playing as the rebels in armada for a while and has collected most of the "vital" expansions and would like to know where to go from there, he has the Liberty expansion, Home one expansion, and the mc30 expansion. including the rebel ships in the core set and the fighters. What other expansions should he get that would be viewed as "essential" for a rebel player. Is the nebulon or the cr90 valuable just for the cards? And is the ASFMKII worth it as a fleet/ filler ship? Any replies would be welcomed, thank you.
  14. My thoughts on the titles are maybe 4 points and would only link with say the katana fleet variant, and would help with command. If you read anything about the dreadnought class( not the support ship nonsense) you will learn that they had terrible command issues. Imagine a medium with 4 command value! The katana fleet used special full slave circuitry that made the ship 8 times more crew efficient cutting the manpower from 16,000 to a manageable 2,000. Furthermore all the them were linked together so ships with a fully killed off crew could still be controlled remotely if only to a minimal degree. Taking that into account, I imagine there being a solid variant but it has 4 command probably styled after the faction. More support oriented for the rebels and a more battle oriented imperial, maybe with an ordinance upgrade. And then a katana fleet variant that would have 3 command and a title such as the option for something like: exhaust this card and target a friendly katana ship within medium range, that ship may discard its top command dile, or that ship may rearrange its commands in any order.
  15. Not with my kind of budget😁, In all seriousness, I see your point, that's why I also want them to add say the venator and the dp20 frigate or the Carrick class or the dornean gunship, or the cr92 assassin class corvette or the marauder or the broadside class. as you can see, I have high hopes for wave 8.
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