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  1. I would totally join you guys but thats over an hour drive for me. It definitely varies area to area/store to store, Im in central CT, ive been playing since launch weekly with a buddy but we have only seen one other pair of people playing legion once in that time. I did go to a tourney at the newington table top shop, i was the only local guy and luckily 7-8 others drove up from long island to come to the tournament. my area is just jam packed with MTG and 40k sadly, every store in my area has a huge following of that, some x wing but hardly any legion (based on my observations)
  2. Thanks for the photo! is this from Swtor?
  3. Really excited for the new units! I wonder how a forest tauntaun would look? I have an Endor table, maybe brown fur with black horns/claws?
  4. you can only have a max cover of 2 when applying dodge and cover. Boba has pierce 1 through his carbine if I remember correctly and Han does have uncanny luck (reroll 3 defense dice) but they are still white dice. He is quite squishy, melee being a huge weakness.
  5. I have to disagree, han does have awesome tools up his sleeve and he can definitely kill 4 stormtroopers a round easily but hes not the best commander imo. melee/pierce is his one true weakness (ive been one shotted by vader before as han) white dice are garbage. Luke might still be in the running for most valuable commander in the game and I believe every rebel list needs leia, for her 90 points, you are getting a lot to bring to the table. I did play jyn on friday with two pathfinders and I had a blast, she is alot of fun to play and her kit is amazing. she will not disappoint any rogue one fans haha
  6. awesome battle report! looks like a really solid damage dealing list I played my first game with jyn and two pathfinder squads on friday, went down to the wire and it was decided by points (lost sadly, vader was still alive).
  7. im in a similar boat, picking up jyn and two pathfinders tonight for a game. I believe infiltrate is going to be huge, jyn and the pathfinders can meddle with objectives and shoot away at your opponent while the rest of your army marches forward. I like both of your lists, these are the two im torn between: http://tabletopadmiral.com/legion/rebel/p1buEMu21u2bu45p0buEMuEMuEMp06u10u0cuEMuEMp06u10u0cuEMuEMp06u10uEMuEMuEMp06u10uEMuEMuEMp1cu4bu21u29u0fu49uEMp0eu2fuEMuEMuEMuEMp0eu2fuEMuEMuEMuEMp01uEMu04c08 or http://tabletopadmiral.com/legion/rebel/p1buEMuEMu2buEMp06u10u31uEMuEMp06u10uEMuEMuEMp06u10uEMuEMuEMp1cu4buEMuEMu3au3cuEMp1cu4auEMuEMu3au3cuEMp01uEMu04p01uEMu04p01uEMu14c08
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    ty for answering, I literally just found the answer and was going to post or remove my original one haha "For example, if Darth Vader performs a move action, he cannot then use the free card action on his equipped Force Push upgrade card before triggering his relentless ability. He must either use the free card action before moving or after the relentless ability resolves." copied from the rules reference
  9. Zeph01


    Probably already answered/silly question: Can Luke double move, use force push to pull stormtroopers into melee then use his charge ability? or does charge have to happen after he moves before free actions takes place
  10. targeting scopes and duck and cover seem like great choices for these guys. they seem super versatile, that ion will be sick once more vehicles are out
  11. it says "When adding that weapon to an attack pool, only half its dice can be added (of any color, rounding up)." so i assume say my laser canon on the atrt gets disrupted, I can chose 1 b 1 R
  12. can repair be used on the airspeeder? I cant seem to find a ruling on that (not sure since its flying haha)
  13. booo you cant saber throw out the window of the tank! haha transport rules are up
  14. I am gonna run a similar list tomorrow with two flame AtRts, I normally dont use grenades, they are tough to use and are very situational.
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