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  1. But if say he goes first and attacks, doesn’t that make him lose his standbys? ty for all the responses!
  2. The Q&A is awesome! I really enjoy listening to this podcast! Question for you guys...what’s the best token pool to take with obi wants one pip? Is the standby even worth it?
  3. Are phase 2 clones were the cost? Haven’t picked them up yet, I’m having a hard time justifying them.
  4. History became legend, legend became myth...
  5. Just a heads up, Luke eddys voice is cranked up way higher than you, Mike and David’s. Not sure if it’s a recording issue or not but the voices are off.
  6. Zeph01

    Take That Clankers

    To add to this, it says face up token and an aim token, can that be an aim token within range 1 of the Unit? Or does the unit have to aim first in order to use the ability
  7. Doing the lord’s work! Thank you! now I’m curious how lists will change once the next wave of releases is out
  8. Amazing work! I’m building geonosis myself, what paint did you use for the color? In the album you linked, what is the big piece of terrain made out of? How did you make the stairs for it, looks amazing
  9. Thanks for clarifying good sir. I was thinking how sabine's shield card is exhaustible and in theory could get a shield token back if she recovers?
  10. question... say a droideka unit uses all their shield tokens. Does a recover action return all the shield tokens? questions aside, I cannot wait for clone wars to release!
  11. no official announcement on point changes, its all speculation and opinions on what should be changed
  12. I enjoyed the podcast, the content was enjoyable to listen to. My only constructive criticism was the background music choice during your news segment. It was a bit distracting and kinda gets in the way of what you are saying. Its a shame you couldnt use some awesome john williams tracks haha ; )
  13. Zeph01

    Lying in Wait

    Thank you for clarifying! Cant wait for Bossk
  14. Zeph01

    Lying in Wait

    Hello all just a quick question on Aim I keep seeing multiple posts and references on how Bossk (hypothetically) has the capability to get 6-7 aim tokens with Lying in Wait, and then keep rolling till he gets 5 crits I thought with an aim token you can reroll two dice but you are unable to reroll a reroll. So if bossk fires and rolls 5 blank, spends 3 aim tokens and rolls 5 blank again, he cant reroll those 5 dice am I correct?
  15. Ive been playing as rebels since launch, my buddy plays imps and we have tried so many lists and played every objective. I honestly am a terrible rebel player, i love taking the fight to the imperials and praying for good luck on dice rolls haha but from what ive seen over the course of the year, imperials are definitely a little easier to play and way more forgiving on mistakes. hence why i finally decided to just invest in imperials. I am a very brash player with an aggressive play style and it honestly just bites me back when I play rebels and I never learn haha. I have played in numerous games where it went down to the wire and we had to factor in points. To me, that shows that there is some state of balance and whether you factor in activations, upgrades etc. You definitely need a different train of thought and play style to be an effective rebel player. I hope for the future, rebels get more tools to get rid of suppression, Imps seem to be getting plenty of ways to add suppression (bossk, DT's, annihilation looms, shoretrooper mortars)
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