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  1. ExplosiveTooka 505 - @Darkwrath 38 Darkwrath won the rolloff but gave first player to me. I picked their precision strike, and used dooku to win the squad fight, along with Sa Naloar and hyenas to kill the clone nav officer on the consular to prevent raid clearance(he managed it once, I didn't want him to manage it again) I tried to trade my ToP XII for his Implacable, however the dice gods smiled on me to a ridiculous degree (5 blanks rolled from 3 dice and two rerolls to deal one damage) and ToP survived. Concentrated fire and hyenas killed the flagship.
  2. RIP pegs. Wish they learned to use something besides those flimsy pegs, but at least this gives me an excuse to learn to magnetize
  3. I'm sorry, did you not see me earlier in this thread say that what stalin did to the ukrainians was completely unacceptable? You're continuing to misrepresent my point, which I've tried to abundantly make clear to you so it cannot be misinterpreted. a) Land redistribution reduced inequality, and it is generally a good thing to change agriculture away from fuedalism when you have the industrial capacity to do so b) Killing people alongside those programs is bad and should be opposed/criticized
  4. If you have access to the full source, send it to me and I'll read it. An abstract with information behind a paywall is unconvincing. Health is holistic. Obesity and diabetes are a factor of public health. If Obesity and diabetes are just "personal choices" than explain why they're so much higher in the US? Anti-vaxxing is also a matter of public health. You don't have that problem in most other countries, what's wrong with the US that encourages anti-vaxxing? Wow, the US is top when it comes to medical tourism? Hrmm, I wonder who can afford medical tourism? Yeah, we have a lot more medical infrastructure, and yet our health outcomes are pretty similar. That's probably an indication that there is something wrong with US healthcare. I'll ask again, have you done your reading? When you do, let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Also, I've noticed you've dropped your rhetoric about single mothers. I assume you've changed your mind?
  5. It is really quite amazing how you say such ignorant things with such confidence. 1) Chinese land reform started in the 40s and took off in 1950 2) Chinese collectivization efforts for farms started in 1953 Taken from the first google result, when searching "Chinese Land Reform" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_Land_Reform The Chinese Communists should have followed Korea's example, and not have killed the landlords, seizing their land was enough. But the principle of land reform was a good one, and did not hinge on Mao being a radical to landlords. As evidenced by land redistribution in North Korea, South Korea, and Taiwan.
  6. https://www.nationmaster.com/country-info/compare/Cuba/United-States/Health yeah, sure! You'll find the US and Cuba are comparable on a lot of things, with Cuba better at vaccinating, preventing infant mortality, and increasing literacy. Cuba does slightly worse on maternal deaths, although women in general have the same life expectancy as in the US. That the statistics are similar when Cuba is a small island nation under economic warfare the last 60 years, with no support for 40 of those, and the US is the wealthiest nation in the world, is revealing. You know you only have to @ me once right? Anywho, you're completely misunderstanding my point on single motherhood. Being a single mother is totally okay! And we shouldn't be opposed to people being single mothers! Single mothers increasing is a good thing, because it means less unhealthy relationships! The problem is that we do not provide enough support to people raising kids on a single income. You're arguing that single mothers existing/increasing is bad, and you haven't brought up arguments for that. You could make the economic argument, but the obvious counter to that is going to continue to be "then why aren't you living in a giant polycule, never having kids, and pooling your resources, if economics within capitalism are how we determine what is a good and what is a bad relationship?" By the way, have you read those two chapters on economics that I linked? Because your arguments are responded to within the first few chapters of kapital, and you can either read those, or you can read the wikipedia article on surplus value theory, which I will link again for maximum convenience https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surplus_value#:~:text=According to Marx's theory%2C surplus,profit when products are sold. Although Kapital really provides a point by point take down of why the capitalist class does not generate wealth in society, but merely extracts and concentrates it.
  7. Reread what I wrote. Not all land redistribution policies were part of collectivization. The policies that fairly distributed land are distinct from the policy of forced collectivization. Why would we talk about the purges, gulags, reeducation? Do I assume you support the genocides toward Indians under the British, the genocides of Africans by Belgium or the genocides toward indigenous peoples in the Americas, just because you support capitalism? No? Then why do you assume the inverse?
  8. I will point out that term limits were only added to prevent another FDR from happening, and have somehow been standardized all over the world because of US hegemony.If elections aren't free and fair, and you don't have the political capital to make them free and fair, you're screwed, with or without term limits. I think there is also propaganda on the nature of some socialist countries that do have legitimate democratic institutions, because western powers are very wedded to maintaining the concept that you can only have democracy within capitalism, and workers councils and municipal councils in Cuba or Bolivia or Venezuela poke holes in that.
  9. going to miss using spinals +ord experts + malee to trigger two ACMs at long range, it was cheaper than two hammerheads.
  10. Yeah, of course. Those governments all started out under feudalism and tried to jumpstart their way to socialism while being under constant threat by imperialist powers. As a result of that, they ****** up massively, some more so than others. Cuba looks like it is reforming itself into something more akin to other more recent twenty-first century latin american socialist/participatory democracy projects, which is where the really interesting stuff is happening, while China's become a state capitalist lovecraftian nightmare almost as terrible as the US or the former British empire.
  11. Did you see me, at any point, provide uncritical support for Cuba, China, or the USSR? All the **** that's been done by Cuba is small potatoes, let us be real for a moment. Yes, it should be criticized. But the US calling it authoritarian at the same time the US puts people in concentration camps, supports the extermination of Yemeni people, and has crackdowns on peaceful protests all over the country is ridiculous. And you still haven't addressed my point on their better health outcomes and environmental sustainability. Are you trying to spin Castro apologizing for discriminating against LGBT people in the early years as a bad thing? Cuba was implementing serious measures to protect the LGBT community when US politicians were laughing about the aides epidemic. You're equating disasters in planning and execution with genocide. If you want to talk about Stalin being a monster to Ukrainians, go ahead. **** Stalin, he's a massive PoS. If you want to criticize Mao for struggle sessions leading to dead landlords and landed peasants, that's also a fair criticism. But if we're criticizing famine, I have bad news for you about how many people die every year of starvation in capitalist countries. And let's not even get into intentional genocide. Also this entire thing is happening in the backdrop of the US suffering a massive pandemic because of incompetency. Are we going to chalk up the one million+ deaths that are about to happen in the US to capitalism? Because we should, and while we're at it, let's throw the 10 million starvation victims from capitalist countries every year onto the pile as well. It's funny you bring up Pol Pot. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allegations_of_United_States_support_for_the_Khmer_Rouge Who overthrew Pol Pot again? I think it was the Vietnamese Communists wasn't it? After they'd beaten back the US? Cuba's national government needs democratic reforms, but to suggest that it is a dictatorship is ridiculous. Especially at the municipal level. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_Cuban_constitutional_referendum
  12. I don't love Cuba dude. I think Cuba serves as a good example. Castro is a complicated figure. To my knowledge, the largest claim was 900 million dollars by Forbes, and there were no citations provided to those figures. Regardless, Cuba over the years have gone through several periods of democratic reform while maintaining a socialist economy with a limited private sector, Castro is dead, his brother is the leader of the party and no longer the president. As for Cuba being oppressive, yeah, the free press restrictions are bad. But their police, while they have problems, dont habitually kill black people. They don't have a blacksite on foreign soil where they keep political prisoners. Cuba's never really partaken in an ethnic genocide like the US government has. The government takes an active role in reducing violence based on bigotry, in a historically machismo heavy culture. They've sent troops to fight against Apartheid forces, while the US and Britain were still supporting the apartheid government. There is no evidence of systemic conversion torture in Cuba, a practice still used against many minors in a large part of the US. Sure, if you're a cishet white middle class man you might have a few less freedoms in Cuba. But pretending like Cuba is some human rights monster is hilarious when you live in the United States. No country can exist normally without external trade, regardless of the mode of production. Especially not a small island nation. Cuba isn't just not allowed to trade with the US, the US has organized an international embargo against Cuba. If the economic warfare does nothing, why is it there in the first place? And regardless of Cuba's poverty, they're still the worlds most sustainably developed nation, with life metrics similar to the United States, the richest country in the world. And you still have yet to address this, because you have no explanation. One of the problems with orthodox marxist-Leninist- socialism, not socialism in general, is that state actors enrich themselves to a greater or lesser extent. That's why modern socialist movements, including Latin american socialists, emphasize participatory democracy and low level democracy as a counterbalance to centralized democracy. We've seen examples of socialism reducing inequality. Despite the problems with Castro, he is no Batista. Despite all the failures of the USSR and China, their land redistribution policies actually did reduce economic inequality. The people who concentrated wealth did not do so through risk taking, innovation, or hard work. The risk of a capitalist is that he loses passive income and has to get a real job. The innovation of a capitalist is legally owning the intellectual property of others. The hard work of a capitalist is done by legions of wage laborers.
  13. Zek + Dcaps is only 53 points right? Add in IF when the republic inevitably gets access to a fleet command, and now you're cooking.
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