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  1. Matt Martin, sabine wren, proximity mines, adar tallon, yavaris. It is hilarious when an ackbar pickle dies before getting a shot off.
  2. Credit to Broba for this text Thanks everyone interested in the Vassal RITR campaign! After looking through the results of the skill, time, and faction requests we did the absolute best we could to put together a balanced and fun campaign. Because of our varied geographic locations, there was no way to make it so we could be in a group matched perfectly by time. RaptorRitter is the lone Euro in his group, and if after a quick comparison of times you are able to play it becomes very obvious these groups simply will not work then we will have to combine together into a 4 v 4 campaign which will require some house ruling and customization since the campaign only naturally supports up to 3 v 3. A final note - for those of you in group 2, ALL of you requested rebels. The teams are set to give the best possible skill balance, you need to agree among both teams who wants to play rebels and who wants to play imperials - or, if you really really want I guess you can play a Rebel civil war? Not sure if that breaks the game or not really. Either way, make your call quickly so we can start building fleets. We will give a few days to flesh that out, but please be ready to go ideally by this weekend so we can do the setup and first few steps hopefully by start of next week. If there's any questions, feel free to ask here so we can all be on the same page. @Green Knight @MandalorianMoose @Cael @ChavoGuerrero @RaptorRitter13 @KevinBakon Group 1: Player Name Faction Time Zone ExplosiveTooka Filthy Terrorists -5 Brobafett Filthy Terrorists -8 Mando moose Fascist Scum -8 Green Knight Fascist Scum +1 Group 2: Player Name Faction Time Zone Cael Filthy Terrorists -8 ChavoGuerrero Filthy Terrorists -5 RaptorRitter13 Filthy Terrorists 0 Kevinbakon Filthy Terrorists -5
  3. 200 to 250 but basically. Edit: I was wrong, it is a max of 300
  4. So here is the form, a little late https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdujXG3EQHWXlqj_KpaQJGLpOtFaF9GqmVAvaHGz1XlBI5J2Q/viewform?usp=sf_link @KevinBakon @BrobaFett @ChavoGuerrero @Ginkapo @l3ct3r @CommanderDave @Green Knight @jp82729 @Do I need a Username @Cael @MandalorianMoose @RaptorRitter13 So we will move up the time table a bit. Fill out da form and we will start assigning teams over the week. Sorry for the radio silence, moving troubles 2 electric boogaloo happened.
  5. @BrobaFett I figured we should wait until the end of the month? We can push it to earlier but I get regular access to wifi back on wednesday due to the move. @geek19tomorrow I will make a google form for preferred play times and preferred faction, as well as a question on which of the two is more important to the player.
  6. edit: if you are interested in joining please fill this form out:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdujXG3EQHWXlqj_KpaQJGLpOtFaF9GqmVAvaHGz1XlBI5J2Q/viewform?usp=sf_link Teams will be assigned at some time this week, and we will hopefully be doing a campaign round once a week. Some folks have expressed interest in an online campaign. We will accept sign ups until the end of January. After that, we will form groups and have a week to submit lists. There may be a small delay if the onager and Starhawk are not completely spoiled and only a few days from release. Then we will have one game cycle every two weeks until each campaign is finished. If both players agree, TTS can be used instead of Vassal. Please sign up below.
  7. Mod please Delete, posted in wrong section
  8. You are the reason I said "sorta pretty bad" instead of "unplayable"
  9. Sato and mon mothma are good, not great, but Leia is just kinda sorta pretty bad
  10. Generally commissioning custom ships costs in the hundreds of dollars. But 3d printing ships generally are like 15 dollars for a small and up to a hundred or more for larges
  11. Sorry, which red one lets you change a die to any face if you're second player? Because my sato list is in love with that one.
  12. I have it in a list with admo and lando to guarantee they take rift ambush or solar corona
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