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  1. The client requested it be small enough to stand in for an ISD
  2. Guess I should have a generic thread for this type of thing. Just finished up the vengeance and taking input about what I should do next
  3. It's reasonable to assume the emperor is a bigot, based on his actions in the source material. Learn to take a joke
  4. Excuse me, we all know needa would be the third wheel
  5. Honestly I'd like to see swarm squadrons. 6 hull, two attacks, double flak damage, when it reaches half health one attack. Counts as two for deployment Would let you do squad heavy cheap fighters without the headache
  6. Now that worlds are over, I'd like to run one of these. The basic idea is that you have two teams, one rebel, one imperial, which players are assigned to. For each player, they get to pitch three commanders, one of which must be rebel, one of which must be imperial, and everyone votes on how much each should cost. We use the median to determine point cost. Anything lower than 18 or higher than 40 is eliminated. After points are decided on, players are distributed between each team, on a first come first come first serve basis.
  7. Iden is an investment- going from 51 points to 57 is a big difference, but the amount of damage she can soak up- more than adding the admo title- combined with that nice edge case utility really lets her raider stay in the fight. I'm not sure if it is better to run a lean and mean ord experts + external racks, or how much sprucing up she wants. All I know is that she is going to be a part of my raider lists from now on.
  8. So, I think the reason they did a campaign was due to a limited production capacity for miniatures, not sure if that's been said or not
  9. So, if there is a victory upgrade, could there be a neb b upgrade?
  10. Yav MSU is the way to go cracken carriers. The assault frig is just not suited for speed 3 without navigate commands
  11. You print things out. You can go to a public library, look up the rules, and print them out for pocket change bam. You have all of the point costs and available upgrade slots in a more condensed source.
  12. So, like, if it was available for free online, it would be complete. I know internet isnt reliable everywhere but jesus public libraries exist
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