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  1. Oh this is perfect, thanks man! Appreciate it.
  2. Makes sense, are there any changes you would make to your list?
  3. Do you feel like Uthuk is too strong? Is it something you see FFG addressing?
  4. Or know where I can find those lists? Thank you.
  5. I really would like to add him but, unfortunately I have very little room for upgrade as is.
  6. As @Willange mentioned the +1 is way more valuable on spearmen than on oathsworn. However I think lance corporal is better than shield wall here. I didn't notice that, as @Bhelliom pointed out it lets them get a "free" +1 defense on any action, as well as a hit, and a 4 charge or 3 turn if need be. My current tweaked list looks more like this. 3x2 Spearmen with Lance corporal 3x2 Cavalry with wind rune and piercing strike 4x1 Elvish archers with tempered steel 1x1 Kari wraithstalker 1x1 Lord hawthorne Not sure if I like not having dispatch runner, but it'll be interesting to test.
  7. Hello, this is a Karithorne list I've been tweaking for a while, still needs some testing, what are your thoughts? 3x2 Spearmen Shield wall Bread and butter unit, good at most things, shield wall is great with hawthorne as his special ability lets you get many uses out of this card. Will mostly be at the frontlines, deal decent damage, I've been thinking of making room for a citadel weapons master or lance corporal, but this is what I'm running for now. 3x2 Oathsworn Cavalry Wind Rune I've really enjoyed wind rune on these guys as it makes flanking much easier, with the increased damage hawthorne gives by letting us make them more wide than long, I find the extra mobility very useful, probably the no. 1 ideal target for: 4x1 Deepwood Archers Dispatch Runner The free rank discipline really helps here, along with being ranged meaning the bad mobility that comes from being 4 trays wide isn't really relevant here, all around excellent unit, and the main reason to play karithorne imo. The dispatch runner is also great, much better than fire rune, and helps take advantage of hawthrone giving out insp. like candy. Kari Wraithstalker Lord Hawthorne Both being run without upgrades as I have no room, I think they're both fine heroes on their own with very relevant abilities both during set up and in game.
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