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  1. Han was not present in any top lists at LVO or any tourney for that matter. I would not use that medic on Chewie as bad dice save units are the worst possible medic target as they will just simply take another damage. Also running Z6 and medic in one squad plus other Z6 squads just makes your opponent focus the medic Z6 squad.
  2. I mean... Rogue One was great, but the characters lacked appeal. Mimban had the grittiest fight scene despite being too short. Mark my words, OT will always be held to a higher movie caliber. It's kinda a shame KP came up for the last invader game, but at least we heard of some new strategies to deal with this plague
  3. I am really surprised they already dipped into Rogue One content. We don't have Lando and he is absolutely huge to the story, he is a part of the main crew (Luke, Han, Chewie, R2 3PO), and we also see him use a blaster in V, VI, and Solo. I hope they have not completely moved on from OT and in the future revisit past areas of the lore. Old Ben would be nice and Yoda, but I could see them being saved for Clone Wars.
  4. I have painted over 150 legion minis for my own army. Unpainted is fine. I've seen these self proclaimed "miniature games veterans" stating they wouldn't play someone that doesn't have a painted army. They act like they're somehow gracing the table with the presence of their lovely painted army. Now I love the hobby aspect of the game and I especially like to see custom mods. But refusing to play someone because their army is not painted is so childish and ridiculous. Other than creating a toxic elitist environment, it has other bad consequences such as excluding casual players. Not everyone is lucky enough to have several nights a week to paint. Placing a painting rule will very likely exclude a player or two. It's also unnecessary. The highest levels of play tends to attract the try-hard type of player anyway. They will have the most meta list with a very nicely painted army and immense knowledge. I will not hold myself to arbitrary definitions of what is or is not wargamming. The rules make the game good and worth playing, not the painted plastic.
  5. Terrain at the first 2 maximum firepower events were not sufficient as evidenced by the outrage so even competitive events might not be the best place to look. The problem with the 25% rule is a board can still be empty of full depending on what you use. If you had a bunch of thin height 2 walls and filled up a board with 25% of that, it would create the most cluttered board you'd ever see. When building a board, you have to be conscious of how cluttered or empty things are despite the 25% rule. You can see having 30 small barrels can create tons of clutter but is still technically 25%. There needs to be both long range and midfield cover or anything with range 2 will suffer. There needs to be some area light terrain and a few buildings. Having too much or too little is what hurts boards along with the actual placement.
  6. That one is ok, but the barricades are mostly near the edges and the areas around that center building look like a no mans zone
  7. Barricades are necessary for moving up. If there's nothing but open space, no one can move. If it's all LOS blocking terrain, no one can move, and barely anyone can fire. Also, the barricades in the core have the additional rule of providing cover to all troopers. Moving and attacking on any of those 4 tables is harder than it should be.
  8. The solution to playing KP is to take 6 or 7 objects for terrain and make sure a portion of them is sticking in the deployment zone so they cannot be used. Then put nothing else on the table. Problem solved.
  9. Yes. Boards are not supposed to be only area terrain and LOS blocking cover. There are supposed to be scatter terrain of which blue player will obviously use for KP. Your board only has large objects so it ends up playing more empty than it should with entire squads having to hide around corners since there are 0 barricade objects.
  10. You should follow the suggested terrain guidelines listed in the rules thread as 25% is not the only suggested rule. It states there should be a good mix of terrain including barricades and scatter terrain. This board you posted has a lot more than 1 or 2 LOS blocking terrain, has no barricades, and a ton of light area. It doesn't look like it's meant for Legion. I'm not going to bother posting any of dozens of boards if you seriously think that board is conducive to a competitive legion experience.
  11. My point was you should've won based on objective, not needing to go to points. By hearing where you placed the objectives, being that they are across the map from each other, it's all wrong. Firstly, that table is lacking terrain. It's just a few huge objects. This doesn't give blue the proper advantage they should have. However, you could've still placed both objectives in the top right near your deployment on the rock formations. Then deploy near it as much as possible. It's fundamentally imbalanced when one player gets to essentially take a free action whereas the other player has to move.
  12. No offense, but you wouldve won your first game easily if you placed the objectives and deployed better. Kp is broken. If you do not win you misplayed something drastic. The fact of the matter is on a proper board you can sit there taking aim/dodge and fire all game while red has to move and fire. That's parity is the problem
  13. Vehicles were really only meta for a few months because there was nothing else to use. Many rebel players even played naked atrt just to soak points for activations. Atrt die very easily without dealing worthwhile damage, the atst is too expensive for its damage output so it can be completely ignored, and the t47 is flat out garbage as it dies so easily and is very expensive. Bikes were great but now having triple strike teams raining reliable 2 dmg each shot and Leias bombardment, they die so quickly too. Hopefully there are some more tanky vehicles that are not as expensive as the atst so players have to bring at least some impact.
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