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    Strengths vs weaknesses

    Bit on the fence about this one. I'm torn between Transformers TCG (big TF fan) and this one. I like that this game is cheap and accessible. And without 'rares' and all that nonsense. But I hate the lack of 'theming' and adapting. Most reviewers seem at least moderately pleased with the game and system. But one guy made an interesting remark. They had 2 decks. One was clearly a bit better than the other. Winning distinctly more often. While his own due to the randomness for instance had a card that played off artifacts. But there was only one artifact in the deck. ...that does seem like it risks having a good middle ground but also sometimes a bizarrely awful or bizarrely strong deck. It seems on one hand good for tournies and casual play. Get a deck and play with it. At the same end it seems bad for tournies and casual play. As premade decks may randomly be much stronger than the other one. It partially circumvents the 'guy with 10 boosterboxes' has a cardpool advantage over the guy who can but afford one. But on the other hand it seems to advantage the guy who can buy a lot of decks 'en masse'. Has FFG released any more info on the spread of card balance etc?