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  1. He doesn't. In the old comics he actually usually teams up against the Mandarin. But given that Tony is out might be interesting to tackle how WM tries both to walk his own path in the aftermath AND still honor the memory of his friend. And given that we never got the satisfaction of a true Mandarin vs Tony. This could be an interesting VS. Though I have little hope he'll get his own movie given the future lineups. Odds are he'll be totally sidelined. A shame. Anyway i'm curious if we'll see a Warmachine hero pack anytime soon. Or an Infamous Iron Man. (Doctor Doom hero) Eventually.
  2. Yeah was going to mention this one. Series restart so much from zero. But not really. But sometimes it is a real reboot. I'd rather have them all return to say 15 series. Well plotted out. Clear. Good art quality. And with good coordination between series. And your minor characters can still play a role in occassional minor arcs, teamups or team series. But atm 'settings' are a convoluted mess.
  3. This is kinda one of the main reasons I no longer follow main series. I just pick up the rare 2nd hand TPB or standalone storyline. Modern day antics and artquality issues asside I am kinda tired of the hodgepodge, reboots, resets and the feeling nothing matters. Nothing ever mattered but you know what I mean. Everything goes reset, apocalypse, crossover, total chaos way way waaaaay too much.
  4. I'll make the jump into the game depending on what chars appear in the lineup. As long as at least a few of my favourites aren't in the game like Doctor Doom, War Machine, Blade, Wolverine, Psylocke and Moon Knight i'll skip probably. Only Iron Man is currently playable among the core set that I really like. Hence to me it'll be important to see what they'll announce for next year. Judging by business common sense (but that is sometimes difficult to find) but also IP restrictions (who knows what the license stipulates), the safest bet for them is to start with heroes/villains and plots that entirely or partially popped up in the movies. Guardians of the Galaxy, Phase 1-2 Avengers, Loki, Ultron, Thanos, Red Skull... Not really my favourites with a few exceptions but the most logical ones. As the wider audience doesn't care about the comics unlike me. And I doubt many will find for example Moon Knight an instant sale reason. (they'll probably just say: what's this bizarre Batman knockoff).
  5. True although 2 companies will be doing miniature games. Heroclix and the new skirmish game. Will depend on what deal was made. I'm curious to the extent of the 'deal'. As Citizenkeen indicated the other company is of the Asmodee group perhaps other groupmembers got parts of the negociated IP. Or perhaps FFG will get to do more. There has been a demand for a newMarvel RPG for years now which would be a good fit for FFG as well. But given how expensive the Marvel license probably is... we'll just have to be patient. If it was a rather openended license they'll probably churn out a lot quickly like with Star Wars. If it was more limited they'll probably be far more deliberate and careful.
  6. Aah good to know. Thanks for the info! Hmm a shame it's not via FFG. Makes it more easy to obtain locally usually. I'm on the fence whether to go for the card game or the minis.
  7. I hope so. October or something has the release of the miniatures game https://www.bleedingcool.com/2019/08/02/atomic-mass-games-announces-marvel-crisis-protocol-miniatures-for-fall-2019/ which seems to be published/distributed by FFG or at least outsourced by them? A large board game would be quite nice. Perhaps something strategic where you need to recruit and sent out teams of heroes to fight baddies?
  8. If I understood it correctly the core set has: "Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Black Panther, or She-Hulk"
  9. Yes in this kind of game 'abilities' would make minor chars shine and still make sense. Kinda makes me wish they had the DC universe now that I think about it. The Justice League would make for an awesome core set.
  10. That would work very well actually. As long as they don't slip in too many 'must-haves' so the sets are quite standalone. That way you just pick up what factions/groups/themes you're interested in.
  11. (if you don't want to go into the political/economical/comics rabbit hole just skip to under the ---------) I agree Marvel currently is a woke disaster. No wonder sales are plummeting. While their epic diverse characters are more and more pushed to the wayside. I'd love to see more Blade. (but he seems to be seen by the company as too 'radical') ...hence i'm weary of the PG13 movie. Storm is awesome but in recent years she like all X-Men suffered through horribly storytelling. War Machine is underused. Night Trasher... everyone forgot about etc. I'd be fine with it if they'd stop reskinning beloved characters and just changing their look/sex/orientation. And also be a bit subtler at the minimum with their preaching. I'm a righty and I appreciate Judge Dredd despite it being very anti conservative in intent. But the parody/satire tended to usually be well written. Marvel nowadays just seems to lack good writers and the twitter war artists are mostly there due to the low wage strategy meets 'flood the market' strategy of Marvel. And that is the biggest problem. The market strategy and overall approach of Marvel Comics. The bizarre forced virtue signalling is just a result of an abusive relationship with their own workforce, the customer base and a lack of realisation that comics need to keep up with the times and become a more quality niche product. They no longer dominate due to alternate entertainment out there. It's all i'll say about it political/economical marvel side because apparently demanding quality makes me instantly a homophobe/racist/sexists/... Guess my colleagues unknowingly work with satan because i dislike modern comics... Weirdass internet... My annoyed rant asside. And it's the only one i'll make on the topic I promise! About the choices though see under here... ------------------------ In this case i suspect it has more to do with profit. Nothing more 'nefarious' than that. I fear a lot of their sets will slam together big popular names with some lesser known ones. Hence you might end up with a set that has fan favourite Daredevil with one my favourites the niche Moon Knight or Night Trasher. It forces you to pick up the big sets AND the little ones down the road. I do think the first core set should've gone with some staples though. Despite being no fan of modern Captain Marvel. I can see why she's in there. She had a movie. But She-Hulk? I like her more than Hulk. Well oldschool '4th wall breaking She Hulk' but they should have gone with Cap or another big name Movie Avenger for the core set. This would more easily draw in people. And then future sets a mixup. Still I hope that for the future the big sets tend to be stories/scenarios. So i just pick up little hero boxes of the ones I like. I don't feel like collecting 300 different heroes of which I only like 15. But we'll see how it turns out.
  12. Bit on the fence about this one. I'm torn between Transformers TCG (big TF fan) and this one. I like that this game is cheap and accessible. And without 'rares' and all that nonsense. But I hate the lack of 'theming' and adapting. Most reviewers seem at least moderately pleased with the game and system. But one guy made an interesting remark. They had 2 decks. One was clearly a bit better than the other. Winning distinctly more often. While his own due to the randomness for instance had a card that played off artifacts. But there was only one artifact in the deck. ...that does seem like it risks having a good middle ground but also sometimes a bizarrely awful or bizarrely strong deck. It seems on one hand good for tournies and casual play. Get a deck and play with it. At the same end it seems bad for tournies and casual play. As premade decks may randomly be much stronger than the other one. It partially circumvents the 'guy with 10 boosterboxes' has a cardpool advantage over the guy who can but afford one. But on the other hand it seems to advantage the guy who can buy a lot of decks 'en masse'. Has FFG released any more info on the spread of card balance etc?
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