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  1. Found my notes; turns out we only got Ruth Turner and The Masked Hunter. Still, sounds like that's not terrible, so yay. :)
  2. Me and my group are playing The Night Of The Zealot on Standard. We have co-op experience. We just finished The Midnight Masks. Mostly, it was fine, and I think we did OK overall, but clue collection was *brutal*. We played with Roland, Agnes, Wendy and Skids, so our highest Books was 3. The Miskatonic card had 8 (2 x # of players) clues on it, at a shroud of 4, and you could get a victory point if you cleared it!, and we were just like, *there's no way*. We didn't even try. By the end, we had only managed to draw 3 cards from the Cultist Deck, and one of the 3 was, like, one turn before we finished. So my questions: 1. Is it just absurdly stupid to play without Daisy? If so, why are the two suggested first characters Roland and Wendy? 2. Is it possible we're fundamentally missing something about clue collection? Thanks!
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