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  1. So, for an EoE game, how would you build an investigator journalist? All books and lines are open. I had originally considered colonist_performer but that doesn't seem right.
  2. CT-7219 stands still long enough for the medic to check him over, though obviously uncomfortable with removing his helmet in this atmosphere. He tries his best to keep an eye out for more of the gungans or whatever else is out in the mist while that is going on. "I'm CT-7219, pod called me Trip. Thanks for the assist but I recommend we move as quick as we can. From the looks of things it is still pretty lively at the base." Even as he starts speaking CT-7219 is moving towards the base, pistols in hand, watching for movement and keeping an eye on where that repeater seems to be pointed. "This id CT-7219, I'm with CT-4077. We are inbound to the base, over!"
  3. destiny pool roll destiny point: 1eF 1 Light Side Should I assume you want me in with the group of Jedi under attack, or did you want to locate me elsewhere to start?
  4. Once Medic finishes checking me over I am going to encourage a return to the command center and linking up with the others. The mist is creepy and green slime clashes with our armor.
  5. "Baring any unexpected developments stealth will serve us better than speed in this situation. The desire to go fast is am illusion of safety. We have to trust in the Force, and in the engineers that built this ship. You have my faith Pilot." Despite his calm and reasoned words, Tirani is obviously holding onto the arms of his seat with unusual intensity and he might even give the illusion of fidgeting once or twice.
  6. One roll for initiative coming up! initiative check: 3eA 2 successes, 2 advantage
  7. Well, my vote would be for C. Several reasons. 1: As mentioned the stealth ship is currently a one of a ind prototype and not easily replaced. Letting into fall into the Separatists hands is not something we can take a chance on. Better it be destroyed than captured so parking it in the hanger is a big big risk. 2: If we fail and the stealth ship is captured, or destroyed, there is no way to get supplies or forces to Senator Organa or for that matter evacuate him if we cannot break the blockade. The stealth ship is needed for other jobs than just dropping us off on the flagship. 3: While the job is going to get loud eventually I think we have a better chance of getting on board unnoticed through the airlocks than the hanger which is going to be pretty busy rotating out flights of patrol craft and droid fighters. 4: I just think the airlocks are more of an Epic thing. Ultimatly I just think the stealth ship is too valuable to leave unguarded in the hanger. Even cloaked ia droid could bump into it.
  8. CT-7219 stood next to some sort of vegetation, the foggy atmosphere swirling around him as he slowly spun around trying to locate a landmark....any landmark. As he turned he started picking up bit's of comm chatter and finally picked up flashes of light, light that matched blaster fire. No blasters with the deaders, must be GAR. Making his way forward he started to move towards the fight. "CT-7219, reporting! Do you read?"
  9. "Not a Clone, but I think I remember the most important parts. Point it at the bad guys and don't use it inside a small room." Tinari shrugs, "I suppose I might be wrong about that but I seem to remember that from the occasional Holovid."
  10. As I understand it Tinari is going to Engineering with a squad of 6 clones.
  11. One genuine Initiative roll Initiative -Vigilance Check: 1eA+1eP 0 successes, 2 advantage
  12. I will get that updated ASAP. I was down and out most of this week and had trouble focusing on the screen to type. Should have it going shortly though. Here is the link for the Clone Pilot for the Cyclone Squad. http://swsheets.com/c/m6hmz5i7a-ct-7219--trip-
  13. "All right Axe, if everyone is ready we best load up. The admiral hates being kept waiting. And the longer we wait the more chance there s fore something to go wrong. " As the squad find their places on the stealth ship and settle into their seats a last thought goes through his mind. "I spent a lot of time listening to master Yoda as a youngling, we all did. One of his sayings seems right for now. 'Adventure, glory, a jedi craves not these things.' so lets all make it back, no knoble heros."
  14. My personal choice would be 4 or 3, in that order. If @Von3679 will be available in the future we can work around him for a bit. In fairness I have been down sick since Wednesday myself and have not focused on keeping it moving forward.
  15. Here is Slowen Lo, Mystic Healer, submitted for your review. I am still adding the descriptions of the talents and Force powers but it should be readable. http://swsheets.com/c/6mjwpfv5h-slowen-lo-the-h Roll for attachment Hard Perception for Lightsaber Attachment: 1eA+1eP+1eB+3eD 1 success, 1 threat Roll for lightsaber Hilt Build a lightsaber hilt: 4eA+2eD 4 successes The Clone Pilot for the Cyclone Squad will be arriving shortly.
  16. @Rabobankrider Thanks! For the Revan's War game I am considering a Healer/Alchemist type build. I haven't tried anything like that before and it wouldn't step on anyone else's limelight. Sort of a chance to try something different and stretch and learn. For the Cyclone Squad I am considering a Clone Pilot build to round out the squads abilities and because I haven't tried any vehicular combat/movement types so far. Not only do you get someone that can transport the squad and provide mobility when needed during missions but mixing in the hotshot pilot mindset with the clone focus seems interesting. If those sound workable I will get you some sheets roughed out.
  17. Tinari leads his squad into the ready room seeing that some of the others have already arrived. With a casual wave he greets them, "Well, Hello there." Taking in the scene, the clones with their armor and gear and the Jedi with theirs he sighs. "Hopefully this all goes smoothly, element of surprise and all. After all who would expect this kind of thing. Axe tells me he thinks our 'odds are good' so that counts for something, right?" Tinari gestures over at the clones doing their last minute checks on each others vacuum seals, "They seem to have a great deal of faith in their training and even more in Us."
  18. In preparation for their mission, Tinari goes over the extra equipment they will be carrying and its use with the clones, and then humbly makes note of their suggestions and correction on the use of the equipment. Gathering them together when it was done he addressed the squad. "All right, while boarding actions and infiltration may have been part of your training, boarding a ship like this will be tricky. I have total confidence in your abilities, I saw you in action on Geonosis and know you are up to this. We will be teaming up with another Jedi and their squad to form a team; with two others quads making up another team. Our goals are to disable and disrupt the bridge and the hyperdrive and then get out. No heros." With that he gathered the squad and headed out to meat up with the others. May the Force be with us.
  19. It is looking like you may be all full at this point, but if there is still an opening I have a couple of ideas for either or both games.
  20. How would one do that? I was under the impression the energy buckler didn't have mods?
  21. I would say that looks OK. Probably would be the ship's quartermaster, but I suppose there could be a seperate one got the legion, either way should work fine.
  22. A possible starting point might be my having gone and determined that the ascension gear was in fact in stock, but the QM needed some kind of authorization? I mean I guess we are Generals and all but QM are always protective of their stockpiles of gear. It they issue it someone would get it dirty or break it after all.
  23. Leadership, ascension attachments for clones: 2eA 0 successes, 1 advantage Add a boost to the next person rolling.
  24. After taking the time to go over the equipment he has selected for the upcoming mission and making sure he is familiar with their functions. Looking at his load out he shakes his head in amazement. "If I had told my old Master I would be armored up and carrying explosives while sneaking onto a ship in deep space he would have laughed. The Force leads us into unexpected paths sometimes." With a shrug he exits his quarters and goes to visit the others going on the mission in order to see if they wish to get together and discuss options. "Hopefully the others won't feel as out of their depths as I do. General, hmpf."
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