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  1. The new Hardcell class transports are vaguishly egg shaped so I'll go with one of those.
  2. I'm thinking that they may be thinking of doing something like they did for x-wing with special painted ships being available in specific packs. That would mean they wouldn't re-release THESE specific ships but they would put out the exact mini painted differently as individual releases. That was my thought at least from seeing the art of the Acclimator without the fleet markings on one of the cards.
  3. I'm going to guess Republic Squadron Pack 2. I think the N-1 fits in well with the idea of less common fighters that appeared in the Rebel & Imperial Ship pack 2. I agree it is too iconic to skip but I think FFG will want to use their first squadron pack to focus on the core fighters of the Republic fleet which will help to define its core a bit more clearly.
  4. Another Medium for both factions. The imperials could use something in points between a Vic & Arq and the rebels could use just another Medium. But as for changes rather than release, I would like to see Imperials get access to fleet command slots on something smaller than an Imp Star. Flag bridge definitely gives more options but is only single use. If the rebels can use a pelta how come I can't use my Vic to lead my task force? Also, I always love these threads Cubanboy, keep 'em coming. 😃
  5. @Arknur - Mel has minis in multiple scales and most (if not all) of his 1/47 minis are also now in IA scale after this awesome update. If you see a figure you like in the 1/47 scale if you copy its name and do a quick search you should be able to get results for each of the scales it is in, just select the one whose name includes (IA) in the title.
  6. Hi Mel, I'll second the call for any of your Mandalorian minis, but I also was looking at some of your EU minis. Specifically Kyle Katarn (what? no Jan?! 😉), Mara Jade, and Jaina Solo.
  7. Hello Everyone, I'm getting close to finishing out my Imperial Assault collection so now I'm turning my gaze towards third party miniatures. My favorites so far have been from the EU & Rogue One sculpts Skull Forge Studios & Mel Miniatures. Unfortunately most of the sculpts that I like fall under the "Legion" or "1/47" sections of their Shapeways stores. My question for the community then is, has anyone purchased any of the Legion or 1/47 scale miniatures from either studio and if so how do they compare to the IA sculpts? Thanks in advance!
  8. Sadly, I don't know if that is the case. We also have art of the Corellian Gunship in the slaved turrets alt art without it being released. Though I would love FFG to prove me wrong!
  9. Also check out the "Take the Station" scenario available on the Armada section of the FFG website. It sounds similar to what you are looking for or at least close enough if you wanted to tweak the points, etc. to use as a starting point.
  10. Keep us posted. East Windsor is north enough we may have a few people willing to drive down from NH.
  11. Going off that source I'm hoping for: DP20 Gunship - Already featured in an alt art Dreadnought-class Heavy Cruiser Marauder Assault Corvette MC40A Light Cruiser Rendili Stardrive Neutron Star - class Bulk Cruiser And for squadrons I'd love to see U-wings Sentinel Class Landing Craft Tie Punisher Imperial Gunboat
  12. That does sound good. Do they distribute outside of MI do you know?
  13. Personally I think it should be a craft beer thread. I enjoyed mixing two hobbies when my wife and visited Quebec City for the prime event. A fun day of Armada and getting to discover new brewaries (micro brasseries for our qc friends) from the area. No definitive findings yet if drinking a red ale pairs well with ships that focus on red dice, but Emporium Microbrasserie & Pub des Borgia are good places to "tap" for testing the hypothesis. 😊
  14. @Cubanboy congrats on the new job! Agree with @Darth Sanguis that your posts have been missed. I've worked enough thirds to understand what it does to your non-work interactions and schedule, but here is hoping that we see a few cameo Friday threads this year!
  15. Also it should be a new rule that all organized play threads from now on should include local recommendations of microbreweries in the area as a post tournament courtesy.
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