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  1. Also, have we heard anything more about when Seasonal play kits will be making their way to stores? It might help plug the gap a bit while we wait for the Championship kits.
  2. I am exceedingly lucky that my wife enjoys many of my geeky hobbies with me including Armada (again another Rebel player). I will also second that my wife too enjoys Rebellion and we have gotten a number of plays out of that game. We both enjoyed the firefly board game so I think it is a no brainer for us to check out the new Outrim game as well.
  3. I can certainly help if it would be useful. I'll send you a PM with my email.
  4. I've been running Victory based fleets for a while now and the biggest thing I can see is that you won't have a great way to command all of those Ties and do the other commands that a Victory needs so badly. Moff JJ is a great admiral choice for this fleet as it makes the need for navigate commands almost non-existent and frees you up do to other things such as push fighters or concentrate firepower. Next I would say that if you are running Vic II's and not taking disposable capacitors you are missing out on leveraging a powerful attack a full round early. Your Vics are lacking something to really bring the pain to other capital ships so capitalizing on that aspect will help, as will expanding your activations and trimming down your fighter ball a bit because as it stands it won't be able to stand up to a full fighter contingent nor do much against ships (you aren't flying Sloane after all). Similarly Warlord when not combined with the mentioned h9's is not really worthwhile, and neither is Dominator or enhanced armament. With a bit of rearranging: Advanced Gunnery or Most Wanted, Contested Outpost, Solar Corona Admiral Moff Jerjerrod Vic II - Flagship - Minister Tua / ECM / Gunnery Team / Disposable Capacitors - 104 pts Vic II - Gunnery Team / Disposable Capacitors - 95 pts Vic I - Warlord / Agent Kalus / Ordnance Pods / H9 Turbolasers - 95 pts Gozanti - Comms Net - 25 pts Gozanti - 23 pts 35 pts of Squadrons Cienna Ree - 17 Gamma Squadron - 10 Tie Fighter Squadron - 8 -or- Vic II - Flagship - Minister Tua / ECM / Gunnery Team / Disposable Capacitors - 104 pts Vic II - Gunnery Team / Disposable Capacitors - 95 pts Vic I - Warlord / Agent Kalus / Ordnance Pods / H9 Turbolasers - 95 pts Gozanti - 23 pts 60 pts of Squadrons 3x Tie Defender Squadrons 1x Tie Advanced Squadron Those squadron builds aren't quite dialed in but they should do well enough. If you find you need more teeth on your gunship Vics I would recommend looking at Heavy Ion Emplacements, SW-7's, Dual Turbolaser Turrets, or XI7's.
  5. Another round of CRRG updates is welcome as always Sadgit, but I'll admit I'm more excited to see the release of the Sands of the Past! Do we have any more spoilers to tide us over until the release in a couple of weeks?
  6. Now I do, just being dumb. I was looking for folder marked "Quests" or something like that.
  7. Again I agree that technology can span quite some time, heck look at how long the B-52 or KC-135 have served for. My point was more thematic where while it is perfectly viable for a ship to be used in a GCW scenario I was simply stating my preference to keep the two separate thematically much in the way that when I sit down for a historical game I would rather play a game in one setting (say WWII) instead of mixing similar settings which thematically have differences (aka WWI vs WWII or taken to an extreme Medieval Europe vs WWII, because while "Mad Jack" Churchill showed that a sword and longbow could still be used to great effect it doesn't mean that I want the two mixing as a rule. I also agree with the sentiment that they are my toys and I can do as I like and so I was simply expressing my opinion that if I were given the choice I would prefer to not have resources spent on CW era ships. In general though I'm just happy to have new products coming out and new cards for my current fleets regardless of source.
  8. I only currently see file folders for the extra material and no files for the quests. Am I just not seeing the quests or are they hosted on the quest vault?
  9. I'll be honest while I know that you will be able to mix generations of ships (aka Imperials fighting Separatist) and they will have rules that make it mechanically fine, I am thinking that thematically it will take a lot away from the game having different time periods. For me it is like just because you could make a game that balance WWI forces against WWII and have it be a fun game doesn't mean that thematically or aesthetically it looks as good when compared to sticking to one period. And yes I know that is a large generality purposefully ignoring the large amount of WWI tech used during WWII it just was the first example that popped into my head. Maybe I should have said WWI vs Korea?
  10. Do we know if there are any panels, etc scheduled during Celebration this weekend? I know they have a presence there and are running events but I didn't know what the likelihood of more info coming out over the weekend was.
  11. Just confirmed, it is buy one, get one 50% games & puzzles so you can mix and match products. I'm debating on picking up the second flotilla I need another of squadron pack II.
  12. And while I know that FFG isn't looking to old canon to make decisions there is better support for a rebel Quasar than the old Rebellion game. The first mention of the Quasar was the "Flurry" from the "Truce At Bakura" where it started life as a cargo hauler and then was modified into a carrier. Honestly always thought it was weird it got recast as an imperial ship.
  13. Still holding out hope for a Dreadnought. Dual faction would be excellent as both factions could use a new medium "gunship" focused ship, or for that matter more medium ships in general.
  14. I agree with codytx2. I don't really have any interest in CW or new trilogy stuff but if there was a good way to work out a "scum" faction that would be something I would buy into.
  15. Awesome news! I like this approach as others have stated because it lets FFG test market interest in Descent without tying up their plastic production lines in china which are currently filled up making legion & x-wing 2.0 stuff. Also it can be understated how much value classes add to collections that already have a wide depth of heroes. I agree I would like to see the remaining 1st ed heroes produced and a campaign or two still made but for now this is a welcome treat.
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