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  1. Strange things can happen even when items are supposed to be "on the boat" already, especially when dealing with Chinese (or other) manufacturers. Even now, Steve Jackson's having to deal with an issue that forced them to have an entire kickstarter (Ogre Miniatures 2) delayed for months. In SJG's case, they received the printing samples, and found MASSIVE printing errors, to where they had to call China and have the product's packaging and inserts redone - only to find that someone had jumped the gun, and had ALREADY printed and assembled the entire order, and was on the verge of shipping it. Now, all the corrected material is having to be printed, and the existing product unloaded, stripped from the errant packaging, and pretty much reassembled by hand. It was a really out of character error for GPI (who does much of the Paizo's and SJG's boxed set and board game stuff). I can only imagine the pitfalls when trying to recreate two hardback books from the pre-computer era, as opposed to the inserts from a box of minis. That said, I'm getting a bit impatient myself, having placed a preorder from an online store that contained $40 of other stuff, and the rest of the stuff has been sitting in a box ready to ship since January, waiting for the 30th Anny set to arrive.
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