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  1. If I have a wing of Naboo starfighters, and the wing leader executes a speed 3 to get his full throttle free evade, do his wingmates also get the evade?
  2. I'm working on a separtist list to take to a hyperspace trial. Here's what I got currently: Passive Buff (28) Baktoid Prototype [Hyena-class Droid Bomber] (3) Passive Sensors (6) Concussion Missiles (5) Cluster Missiles (1) Munitions Failsafe (1) Landing Struts Points: 44 (28) Baktoid Prototype [Hyena-class Droid Bomber] (3) Passive Sensors (6) Concussion Missiles (5) Cluster Missiles (1) Munitions Failsafe (1) Landing Struts Points: 44 (21) Separatist Drone [Vulture-class Droid Fighter] (5) Energy-Shell Charges (1) Grappling Struts Points: 27 (21) Separatist Drone [Vulture-class Droid Fighter] (5) Energy-Shell Charges (1) Grappling Struts Points: 27 (21) Separatist Drone [Vulture-class Droid Fighter] (5) Energy-Shell Charges (1) Grappling Struts Points: 27 (21) Separatist Drone [Vulture-class Droid Fighter] (5) Energy-Shell Charges (1) Grappling Struts Points: 27 Total points: 196 I've only flown this once so far. I just have the Hyenas camp on a rock and make my apponent come to me. Any recommendations/changes?
  3. If my vulture droid is on a rock with a little extending in-front using grappling struts, would my shots be obstructed by it? Or does the "Ignore obstacles at range 0" mean that I ignore the effect while firing? And if so, are incoming shots at me obstructed by that rock?
  4. Because of his ability, I try to SLAM him every round if possible. Being able to SLAM 2 hard 2's or 3's keeps it fairly easy for me to stay behind my opponents. I like giving him an ion cannon rather than the missile/torp config because I have a hard time keeping my sights on whoever I have locked. I attached pics from the end of my most recent game that show a perfect example of this. (in the last picture he is missing his stress and disarm tokens) The reaper's main purpose in how I fly it is as a palp boat, bumping is just secondary. The idea was to give Sabacc 2 recharging force tokens per turn. That way I can take an evade action, have an evade re-roll with elusive and a force token pretty much assuring that I get mostly perfect evades. Then the 2nd force token to change a hit to a crit. I really built the list around Sabacc's ability. Feroph would probably survive longer than Vermeil, but I have a weird thing where I try to make all of my pilots the same initiative lol. Also, I was trying to use all 200 points because with this list I prefer to have my ships move last, so I didn't need an initiative bid. And going back to major Vynder, honestly he is just filler. I have been experimenting replacing him with tie phantoms and defenders, and they all do really good. Basically any third ship that can hold its own.
  5. This is hands down my favorite list that I've flown this year! I named it after its repositioning abilities. (They "scoot" across the table) "Scoot Scoot" TIE/sk Striker - •“Pure Sabacc” - 68 •“Pure Sabacc” - Confident Gambler (44) Elusive (3) Conner Nets (6) Shield Upgrade (6) •Fifth Brother (9) TIE Reaper - •Major Vermeil - 66 •Major Vermeil - Veteran of Scarif (49) Intimidation (3) •Emperor Palpatine (11) Hull Upgrade (3) Alpha-class Star Wing - •Major Vynder - 66 •Major Vynder - Pragmatic Survivor (39) Outmaneuver (6) Collision Detector (6) Proton Rockets (7) Advanced SLAM (3) Xg-1 Assault Configuration (0) Ion Cannon (5) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder The main idea is to keep Pure Sabacc alive and with his bonus as long as possible. The reaper is excellent at bumping, and Major Vynder is great at flanking from outside of arc. I've had massive success in my local group with this list. Is there anything you guys would change?
  6. This list looks really fun! I love the Alpha class, only issue is I only have one model, so I modified your list by replacing one of the Rhos with a striker. What do you think? TIE/sk Striker - •“Duchess” - 53 •“Duchess” - Urbane Ace (42) Outmaneuver (6) Proton Bombs (5) Alpha-class Star Wing - Rho Squadron Pilot - 53 Rho Squadron Pilot - (37) Ruthless (1) Fire-Control System (3) Proton Torpedoes (9) Advanced SLAM (3) Os-1 Arsenal Loadout (0) VT-49 Decimator - •Captain Oicunn - 94 •Captain Oicunn - Inspired Tactician (84) Intimidation (3) •Minister Tua (7) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
  7. I just got myself a decimator for Christmas, and I have no idea how to use it! I was thinking something along the lines of Oicunn paired with a high initiative pilot with swarm tactics, but the decimator is so expensive it's hard to find anything good to fly along with it. Suggestions?
  8. Thanks for trying it! That's kinda how things went for me too, my Alpha was always taking the most fire. But that was kinda by design, my opponents were afraid of getting ionized, and would usually underestimate my other ships. I thought grand inquisitor was way worth it! He dealt most of the damage in my games with him. I utilized his blue 1 speed hards and his 2 speed talons to arc doge in close. And if I could't quite make it out of arc, his ability to deny the range one bonus kept him alive. Thanks for the feedback! What would you change about the list?
  9. The ion cannon worked great for me. I only actually ionized someone once or twice, but that wasn't the point of it. I would usually get one hit in per attack, and that damage built up. I thought bout putting a torp or missile on him, but I wanted to be SLAMing him constantly, which meant I could only fire at ships I had locked. I've had a hard time in the past getting the one ship I have locked on my arc. With the ion cannon, I know I can always have a 3 dice attack.
  10. I personally love both the gunboat and the inquisitor's tie! Specifically, I really like using the arsenal load-out, ion cannon and advanced SLAM on he gunboat to create a zippy annoyance that usually draws fire away from my other ships. And I almost always fly my inquisitors as a nimble missile platform. With instinctive aim, and their really awesome dial, you can have tons of fun firing off unexpected rockets!
  11. The goal of this list was to have 3 ships that had similar base stats to the Tie Defender(3 defense and 3 attack). So I started with a generic Defender with juke, TIE/D Defender - Onyx Squadron Ace - 82 Onyx Squadron Ace - (78) Juke (4) And then I added the grand inquisitor, TIE Advanced v1 - •Grand Inquisitor - 66 •Grand Inquisitor - (58) Concussion Missiles (6) Instinctive Aim (2) I chose him because of his ability to spend a force token to add the range one bonus, thus he'll always have 3 attack dice along with his 3 defense. I gave him instinctive aim and concussion missiles so he could have a range 3 attack that would deny them the extra defense die. Finally I added Major Vynder Alpha-class Star Wing - •Major Vynder - 49 •Major Vynder - (41) Advanced SLAM (3) Xg-1 Assault Configuration (0) Ion Cannon (5) The ship has the same total health as the Defender, and with Vynder's ability to gain an extra defense die whenever he is disarmed, he'll almost always have 3 defense if I always SLAM him. And with the assault config and ion cannon, he will always have 3 attack dice, even if he can only dish out a maximum of one damage plus ion tokens. I played this at a local store tournament, and won 4 out of 4 games. I wanted to share this here and see if it is actually a good list, or if I was just lucky. Anything you would change?
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