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  1. I will be hosting an Armada Event at Inconceivable Toys and Games on the 5th of May. The event will be standard 400 points. No entry fee just come in and play. The event starts at noon with the doors opening at 11 am for set up. Please post here or message me for details.
  2. Depends on how long the rounds last. Their will be 3 rounds with an hour long lunch break inbetween the first and the second. I will be willing to bet somewhere around 5 or 6 pm. The entrance fee is $10 as the kit was a bit more expensive then thought before.
  3. I will be hosting a tournament on July 21st at Gamers Haven in Colorado Springs. The event starts at 10 am with the first round beginning at 1030 am. There will be a small entry fee ($5 most likely) to support the tournament kit and a prize pool. I am looking to have the first place prize be a ship painted by yours truely and the number of participants will dictate the ship and have some of the runner up prizes be some painted squadrons in addition to the normal prizes in the kit. Those interested please message me or respond here.
  4. Hey! I am looking at organizing a tournament in northern Colorado Springs. That may be a little far out of your hour drive time but hopefully not by more then 10-15 minutes. A lot of the local community is inactive and I would like to get some people together and play just to show that the game isn’t dead. Keep in mind however I have never hosted a tournament before but I am eager and willing to try. Just cut me some slack. I will have more information on Thursday when I meet with the board game store owner however if you are interested feel free to contact me.
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