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  1. The "in your face strategy" usually works for me about 1/2 of the time. Either I remove important pieces ans suppress enough troops to let the rest of the army catch up, or they die really quickly, because I made a stupid mistake. Also, everyone say that you will blank out with Jyn, but I almost never had that problem. As long as you use Jyn for objective control and hide her well you shouldbe fine.
  2. I'm pretty sure Cassian tell Jyn a bout his multiple assassinations and sabotage missions. It might not be definitive terrorism, but they clearly are not the good guys.
  3. I think it is 90, because with jyn it makes 200 points. Also, the generic officer costs 50 so I doubt they would make a better unit the same cost.
  4. I'm quite happy with the infiltrate and sniper combo. Now rebels will truly feel like space terrorists.
  5. That table is HUGE. Really liked it, usually I prefer the text battle reports, but this was something different.
  6. Found the new meta: Missile Dewbacks.
  7. Would the pathfinders still be effective? With scout you can cover a lot of ground on a 3x3 table and it is way less expensive than infiltrate. However it would be quite easy for them to get early support so they don't get wiped out in the first turn of the game and the short range config would help too.
  8. Yes she is, in the core set of the 2nd edition as a tie fighter pilot if I recall correctly...
  9. I know I'm really late, but some people play at L'Abyss, it is located right beside the station St-Michel.
  10. While watching the FFG live, I realized that I liked the Felucia terrain a lot, so me and my SO decided to make some terrain today, thinking it would help motivate us to finish painting our armies. Anyway, here are the pics: https://imgur.com/gallery/VKR8rBZ
  11. Isn't Chewbacca 95 points now? Unless you use the old unit cost.
  12. Maybe, but they would also cover ground ridiculously fast, probably traveling across the map in a single turn. I've always found them really easy to maneuver, even with lots of terrain so it might make them more fun to play.
  13. You are right, it is only the 4 cards in the rules. Sorry.
  14. The battle plan cards are still the ones for the 800-points format.
  15. I am, but i'm having lots of trouble with canada post where I live, considering it is not the most... accessible location.
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