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  1. Wouldn't the airspeeder be a good support for the turn 1 engage of the pathfinders?
  2. I noticed it says this in her preview How is this possible, I get that the tonfa is suppressive, but melee does not hand out suppression so can somebody please explain this to me?
  3. The sniper holds a sniper, while the saboteur is holding what looks like to be a proton charge. You can pair either one of them with a normal commando squad trooper (which model does not matter)
  4. I guess this means they are pretty much the same?
  5. Hello, Just wondering wich faction is easier to play? I've read somewhere that it was the imperials but I wanted to be sure and get some opinions
  6. Makes me wonder why they are not falling off
  7. Maybe, but it the x34 is more iconic and really fit with the faction. Space terrorists dont care about the law after all.
  8. I'm surprised everyone is talking about how OP the tank seems to be but almost nobody ever mention the fact that the the speeder can literally do a drive-by with a rocket launcher. How crazy is that?!
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