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  1. Wow, been playing this game for almost a year now, watched a lot of videos on youtube of games, and I've just learned today that you have to pay to install ICE? How come I've never knew that before or realized it sooner from watching games? I don't recall ever seeing anyone pay to install ICE...I'm confused xD
  2. Well I don't know, maybe. I just can't picture myself bringing a 4 x gr75 + 1 x mc80 kinda list to a tourny if that was the case, I'd feel pretty vulnerable.
  3. I know I won't have a lot of support on my side, but i'd let go of the cap limits on flotillas. I think the table rule was more than enough. I think that if someone wants to risk craming 4-5 gr75 an a mc80, imo they're taking a high risk for the reward of having a lot of activation, which balances out the whole thing.
  4. How about they let squadron commands the way it is, but remove the "cannot move and shot" in the squadron phase, and give Rogue another ability. Then, if you really want to activate your squadrons in the ship phase you can, and eveyone get to move and shoot in the squadron phase.
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