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  1. Kenshin then tilts his head. I might have heard something... He said softly. Would you be interested? (rolled one skill, one ring, got one super success and one strife)
  2. Kenshin shook his head. I’m sorry to say, but I have not. The male replied politely.
  3. Nope. U guys were shot down by pirates. The ship is an sort of “excursion” ship, with the master and a robot guardian bringing you all to a outer rim planet. The ship however was shot down by pirates who had recently arrived on a planet on the way. The jedi master has been captured and the droid destroyed, and the ship raided. Thus, now it is up to you all on how you wish to proceed. @Tramp Graphics, @oneeyedmatt87, r u 2 ready to start?
  4. Tch. Zalen mutters a mandalorian curse word as he lands, looking around. Want me to grab him...? He turns to the jedi and asks.
  5. Zalen can fly after them. His jetpack makes him faster i wld assume
  6. Hmmm... already have 4 conflict this session XD. Not sure if i wanna take more...
  7. @Edgehawk, can i say V went into a nearby cantina for info? Can i also make a perception check? To notice things?
  8. V sits down at one of the tables, looking around as she put on her best flirtatious smile. She casually observes the surroundings, looking for anything to note.
  9. Kenshin, having realised something from the story, then tilts his head. Yoshi-san, is this story made by you...? Or did you hear of it from someone? Maybe it was... inspired? (This check was done with one black and one white die, rerolled thru the ally skill. Got one super success, one strife and one opportunity)
  10. Kenshin blinked at the sudden coldness, before shrugging it off. Might I suggest that these emissaries become their own faction? Maybe they trick the Old Cicada into thinking they are working for them, and trick the Ants too, into thinking that they are helping them by spying on the Old Cicada. But in actual fact, they are secretly amassing information and money to surpass both...?
  11. Hi! I really love the L5R setting and how the game is played. Thus, I’m wondering if anyone knows some good online platforms where i can play this system?
  12. Aiming, Zalen once again fires, his shot burying itself into the fleeing enemies. Then turned to his next target, ready to fire again as he watched the battle from his vantage point up above.
  13. @Tramp Graphics, @Rabobankrider, @oneeyedmatt87, here is the ooc if you havn’t seen it.
  14. @Edgehawk. Sorry for not clarifying, but she is in the same cantina as everyoe, just in a different area
  15. Akua closes her eyes and tries to sense her surroundings, but it is as if something is covering her senses, muddling and blocking them. I can’t sense anything... She murmured.
  16. Kenshin shook his head. Please, call me Kenshin... I am... no longer one of the Kakita. The male explained. Uimi Mura? What is that?
  17. Sorry to bother everyone, but can you all send your sheets here again? So i can make the list of players in the ooc chat.
  18. Player characters: @Edgehawk: http://swsheets.com/c/id07bqnww-an-djana-(An-Djana, cerean consular) @Tramp Graphics: http://swsheets.com/c/r2phkpdn1-elarondtiovata- (Elarond, Squib padawan) @Rabobankrider: http://swsheets.com/c/pwg3lddxq-dhac-grasalb (Dhac Grasalb, Rodian Warrior) @oneeyedmatt87: http://swsheets.com/c/cfz0djutc-senla-karo (Senla Karo, Togruta Sentinel) Destiny: 4ls 4ds
  19. Might use pheromones to get some info in abit, if they dont fall for V’s natural charms
  20. Veitra smiles as she saunters into the room. Looking around, she then sets her eyes on a group of males drinking together. Hello boys... mind if I join you~?
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