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  1. Is there a way to increase hp on armour? Wanna get some more attatchments...
  2. Zalen looks at the wookie, the tilt of his head expressing a “Are you serious?” look. No. He said simply, before turning to the Jed Master. You can ignore me. I’d like to head on my way. Don’t bother me and I won’t bother you.
  3. Just wondering who here would be interested if a pbp l5r game was made here?
  4. Kenshin smiled. It is fine. I do not wish to burden you all... Kenshin said, looking at Yoshi. Thank you for the offer though, Yoshi-san.
  5. The ship is kind of wrecked, and the pirates lugged it away, to use as spare parts. You guys snuck off the ship and hid, while the master confronted the pirates, making them think only the master and the droid were on the ship. However, the pirates are slightly skeptical, so they are slightly more wary of there being more jedi around. As to how far from their base you guys are, you guys are maybe a day’s walk away, the smoke from the base being visible in the sky. as to important points, you can make a average vigilance/perception check to notice something. And that will be an average knowledge check @Edgehawk
  6. Thanks. here is the ic! Sorry for the not so gd opening crawl... anyway, you have all your equipment, but the ship has been confiscated, so you can’t have long range communications. How you proceed is up to you to decide. The pirates have frequent patrols around the area to defend their stronghold, which is visible as it is quite big. You can choose to contact the temple for backup(meaning you have to find communications equipment), save the master(means either fighting pirates or sneaking past them) or do something else entirely. Feel free to discuss it in ic!
  7. Misfortune! The jedi exploration ship, the Silverwing has been shot down by pirates! The ship’s original mission was to bring several jedi initiates on a journey to a friendly planet, to help enchance their learning experience and knowledge of the force. As they flew over the planet of Florrum however, the ship had been shot down by pirates. The guardian of the ship, K-36, in an attempt to defend the younglings has been destroyed. The jedi master, Master Jen Gerin has also been captured. It is now left to these younglings to survive in the harsh jungles of Florrum, and find a way to head back to the Temple...
  8. (How do i do the note thingy? Like hidden content)
  9. Its alright will get the ic up tonite! Srry fr all the delay
  10. Kenshin’s eyes widened ever so slightly at the mention of the Daidoji trading company. Is that so....? That is... interesting... He noted gently. For me, I have heard that the Crane and the Lion recently fought over Toshi Ranbo. Doji-ue also killed the champion of the lion, Akodo Arasou. I’m afraid this might cause a war... How about you and your companions Yoshi-san? Have you heard anything? The male then asked politely.
  11. Still, be careful... I have a bad feeling about this... Akua said, looking around warily.
  12. : 1eA+1eP+1eB+2eD+1eS 2 successes, 1 Triumph oooo~ this looks good
  13. Kenshin then tilts his head. I might have heard something... He said softly. Would you be interested? (rolled one skill, one ring, got one super success and one strife)
  14. Kenshin shook his head. I’m sorry to say, but I have not. The male replied politely.
  15. Nope. U guys were shot down by pirates. The ship is an sort of “excursion” ship, with the master and a robot guardian bringing you all to a outer rim planet. The ship however was shot down by pirates who had recently arrived on a planet on the way. The jedi master has been captured and the droid destroyed, and the ship raided. Thus, now it is up to you all on how you wish to proceed. @Tramp Graphics, @oneeyedmatt87, r u 2 ready to start?
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